Chapter 591 Oh My, You Damaged My Head!

If anyone wanted to challenge Hilson, they would have to wait for another round.

This was a rule of the Global Exchange Conference.
After one round of duel, they would rest for a round to prevent people from challenging the same person to wear him down.

Of course, if the person was willing to fight, no one would stop him.

After Hilson, a martial warrior from Country Neon entered the colosseum.

Everyone’s gaze was attracted by him.
This was a pretty and cute young lady, but that wasn’t the main point.
The most important thing was, she was only 1.5 meters in height.
She looked petite.

Although she kept a straight face, it wasn’t stern.
Instead, it looked a little… cute and absentminded.

Along with her face that still had some baby fat, she gave people a cute and naive feeling.

This young lady from Country Neon looked very exquisite.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned strange.
The world was huge.
There were all kinds of strange people, including women.

At this moment, the lady below opened her mouth.
Her voice was a little hoarse and cute.
It was quite unique.

“Shennai Tongji will like to challenge a martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation!”

The moment she finished speaking, the martial warriors from the other nations were shocked.
They discussed in low voices.

This martial warrior from Country Neon wanted to challenge the White Eagle Nation?!

Country Neon had always been following the White Eagle Nation.
Everyone knew about this.
But this time, they wanted to challenge the White Eagle Nation during this exchange.
Were they crazy?

“Hmph, interesting.” A smile appeared at the edge of Gerald’s mouth.
His interest was ignited.

“Hmph, indeed.
There are many unexpected events during this year’s exchange.” Arnold laughed in a low voice.

He was happy to see someone creating trouble for the White Eagle Nation.

Yoke’s expression turned ugly once again.
He stared in the direction of Country Neon, his gaze suddenly turning dangerous.

Hmph, how bold!

When did Country Neon have the courage to bare their fangs at them?

The leader of Country Neon, Shanben Quan, was dumbfounded… Boss, this has nothing to do with me!

Challenging White Eagle Nation was Shennai Tongji’s own decision.

Tongji, you’re making things difficult for me!

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I thought we agreed to challenge Country Spade; why did it become the White Eagle Nation? You can’t do this! You’re killing me!

Just like Hilson, Shennai Tongji had made her own decision.

The people from the White Eagle Nation didn’t care about what he thought.
It was a fact that Shennai Tongji wanted to challenge their nation.

If they didn’t give Country Neon a good lesson, they would lose their reputation.

Yoke glanced at the people behind him.
Kune, Marsha, and the others immediately understood what he meant.

Kune stepped out, sniggered, and said, “I’ll go.
Let me play with the little girl from Country Neon.”

“Be careful.
Don’t fail this easy task.
She might have some trump cards since she has dared to challenge us,” Yoke nodded and said.

“Don’t worry.
Do you think a country following us like a dog can stir up any huge trouble?” Kune replied nonchalantly.

As he spoke, he walked down the spectators’ stand and entered the arena.

“Who gave you the courage to challenge us?” Kune sneered as he looked at Kune.

“Shennai Tongji, please!” Shennai Tongji said calmly without any expressions.

Kune suddenly felt as if he was punching a sack of cotton.
The veins on his forehead popped out, and he yelled, “Stop the bullshit.
I will make you understand the consequences of challenging us!”


He stomped his feet on the ground and charged towards Shennai Tongji.
A battle mace had appeared in his hand.
Laughing hideously, he raised his mace and smashed it towards Shennai Tongji’s head.

What a ruthless man!

Kune didn’t hold back just because she was a young girl.
If she was hit with that mace, no matter how beautiful her face was, it would turn into a pile of minced meat.

Wang Teng touched his chin and clicked his tongue.”This Kune must be single!”

Everyone: …

Dan Taixuan and the others were speechless.
They felt that Wang Teng’s thinking was extremely strange.
Was this a question of whether he was single?

He should be wondering if her head would break apart!

Although everyone was shocked by Kune’s viciousness, the situation in the arena caused them to widen their eyes.

Shennai Tongji stood on the spot absentmindedly.
Not caring about the battle mace above her head, she stared at Kune calmly.

The next moment…


A clear sound resounded.
Shennai Tongji’s small head exploded.

She really exploded!

Red and white particles splattered everywhere.

The scene was too gruesome, causing many people to retch.

Kune, who caused this scene, was shocked.
He looked at the battle mace in his hand before looking at the small figure whose head had disappeared.
His mind wasn’t working.

She… died?

He was in disbelief.
It was such a simple win.
He hadn’t used any strength at all!

The martial warriors from the other nations were dumbstruck.
This was the first time such a bloody scene had occurred during this event.
This situation had never happened in the past.

Zhu Yushao covered her mouth immediately.
She had lost her voice.

Ji Xiuming, Qu Fei, and the others jumped up from their seats, their expressions changing tremendously, “How’s that possible?”

“Did she go up to die?” Yan Bo asked.

“What on earth is happening? If she went up for a duel, why didn’t she resist? Is their difference so huge?” Zhao Yuanwu asked curiously.

“Don’t worry, the match has just started,” Wang Teng said with a chuckle.

They turned to Wang Teng.
The match had just started? Did Wang Teng hurt his brain? The lady was dead.
How could the match continue?

“What do you mean?” Zhu Yushao was puzzled.

“This is just an illusion.
You were fooled,” Wang Teng said.

“Illusion?!” Everyone’s expression changed slightly.
“That’s impossible.
Even if it’s an illusion, how can we not notice it?”

“The spiritual realm of this martial warrior is very high.
It’s normal that y’all were fooled,” Wang Teng said.
His gaze turned strange when he looked at Shennai Tongji below.

Spiritual power!

Shennai Tongji was a divine spirit master too.
She had learned some special skills.
Other people might not be able to see through it, but it was a piece of cake for Wang Teng.

Everyone looked down after hearing this.

At this moment, changes started to happen to Shennai Tongji’s body.
Her crushed head resumed its original form like a video rewinding itself.
The red and white particles splattered everywhere went back to their original position.
Then, Shennai Tongji’s baby face appeared in front of Kune once again.

Kune took a step back unconsciously when he saw this.
He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

“What are you!” he screamed in astonishment.

Shennai Tongji tilted her head and her head dropped to the ground with a slap.
It rolled a few times and landed beside Kune’s feet.
The eyes looked up at Kune, and the calm voice was heard again.

“Hey, you damaged my head!”

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