Chapter 590 Ice Cocoon Physique!

Zhu Yushao’s expression changed slightly, and the Force on her body exploded.

Fire Force!

This was the reason why she wasn’t afraid of the ice element.

Zhu Yushao wielded the long sword in her hand.
Flames engulfed the sword as it collided with the ice Force.

Ice and fire Force erupted like a volcano, while scorching heat and freezing chill swept through the entire colosseum.

Half of the colosseum was frozen.
The other half was burnt because of the flames.

Hilson disappeared on the spot when he noticed that his first attack didn’t work.
He attacked Zhu Yushao from the back.


Zhu Yushao snorted.
Moving her body and evading her opponent’s attack, she slashed her sword down violently.

Crimson red sword glow cut through the air.
Wherever it touched, the ice melted.
Hilson’s attacks were destroyed by her sword one after another.

Zhu Yushao’s gaze flickered.
Her opponent wasn’t receiving the attack directly.
Instead, he was sprinting around and started circling Zhu Yushao.

Boom, boom, boom!

The two of them clashed and separated again and again.
It was difficult to see who had the upper hand.
Explosions were heard continuously.

“The martial warrior from Country Snow is quite strong!” Zhao Yuanwu said seriously as he looked down.

“Don’t underestimate any of these martial warriors, even those from small counties.
They all have some extremely talented martial warriors,” Dan Taixuan glanced at everyone and said calmly.

People like Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang were 9-star soldier-level martial warriors who hadn’t reached the brigadier general stage.
But they were still the cream of the crop, so they would have some pride in them.

Hence, they looked down on small countries like Country Snow.
However, after witnessing Hilson’s ability, they stopped underestimating them.

“Can Zhu Yushao handle him?” Ji Xiuming said.

“It’s hard to say.” Mu Zhiguo shook his head.
This was a rare moment where he opened his mouth.
“Ice and fire restrict each other naturally.
Their ability is also on par with each other, so it’s hard to predict the winner.”

“It will indeed be a little hard.” Wang Teng’s expression turned grim as he opened his mouth and looked below.

Everyone was shocked.
Wang Teng had displayed his foresight many times, and he was always right.
Hence, when they heard his verdict, they were stunned.


At this moment, the battle situation below changed.
A powerful aura suddenly rose from Hilson’s body.
His ice Force surged as if it had received a huge stimulation.
Also, his hair had turned ice blue, dancing wildly in the air.

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Even his eyes became ice blue.
They gave off a cold aura, but at the same time, they looked magical and strange.
The next instant, a large amount of ice Force congregated into a layer of ice on the surface of Hilson’s body, forming an ice armor.

Zhu Yushao’s expression changed.
Fire Force surged out of her body without restraint.

However, Hilson wasn’t afraid.
He passed through the roaring flames.
The scorching flames weren’t able to melt the ice armor on his body at all.

He went straight for Zhu Yushao who was standing within the flames.

Zhu Yushao was flabbergasted.
She wanted to retreat, but it was too late.


Hilson’s punch landed on her body.

Zhu Yushao froze for a split second before she took a few steps back.
She gritted her teeth and forced herself to stop moving.
She was half-kneeling on the ground.


She vomited a mouthful of blood.

“You lost!” Hilson said in an indifferent voice.
His entire body was covered with ice while his gaze was extremely cold.

Zhu Yushao was unwilling to admit defeat, but she was at her wit’s end.
She stumbled as she stood up.
She didn’t have the ability to continue the battle.

The other martial warriors were stunned.
They looked at Hilson with a curious gaze, especially when they saw his current appearance.

Was this a special kind of physique?

To think that such a talent had appeared in this small country!

The leader from Country Snow was dumbfounded.
He didn’t know anything about Hilson’s physique.
This fellow hid it very well.

The martial warriors from Country Xia didn’t look good either.
At the same time, they were astounded.

Wang Teng was right again.

Could it be that he had noticed something?

“Hilson from Country Snow has won the battle.” The high priest glanced at Hilson with a meaningful gaze as he announced the result.

“Thank you!” Hilson smiled calmly, the ice around him disappearing.
He bowed elegantly at the high priest and turned to walk towards his country’s seats.

“Hilson, are you willing to become one of the holy knights?”The high priest suddenly asked.

Hilson stopped in his tracks.
He turned to look at the high priest with a look of disbelief.

This match was a specially planned act to make a name for himself.
The result was expected.
He had displayed his strength and won against a martial warrior from a large country.
He became famous through a single match.

However, he didn’t expect to gain the attention of the high priest, much less receive an invitation from him.

A holy knight of the Holy Temple!

Did you know what that means?

The Holy Temple was the most sacred place on the continent and was widely known in the entire world.
It wasn’t an easy feat to become a holy knight.

Yet the high priest was offering him a position!

Hilson felt as if he was dreaming.
Happiness came too suddenly, catching him off his guard.

He wasn’t the only one.
The other people were flabbergasted too.
The entire colosseum turned eerily silent before a commotion erupted.

“A holy knight? Hilson is going to prosper!”

“Hmph, all he did was defeat a martial warrior from Country Xia.
Why does the high priest have such high hopes for him?”

“This isn’t as simple as defeating a warrior from Country Xia.
The most important thing is, he showed off his special ice physique.”

“He’s so lucky!”

“Sigh, opportunities are given to people who are prepared.
If Hilson wasn’t bold enough to challenge Country Xia, he wouldn’t have this chance.”

Everyone was discussing loudly.
Some admired him while others were jealous.
All the martial warriors wished that they would have this opportunity too.

The high priest wasn’t surprised by the reaction.
Based on the status of the Holy Temple, everyone would react in a similar manner when they heard this piece of news.
Hilson was still able to maintain his composure, which was commendable.
He smiled and continued, “What do you think, Hilson? Have you made your decision?”

“Yes, I’m willing.” Hilson finally regained his senses.
He suppressed the happiness in his heart and nodded fervently.

“Very good.
However, you will only be a reserve when you enter the Holy Temple.
If you want to become a holy knight, you need to undergo challenges and tests,” the high priest said.

“Yes, I understand.” Hilson knocked his fist on his chest and gave a knight’s salute.
His expression was firm to show his fearless heart.

“You can leave.
Look for me after the duel,” the high priest nodded in satisfaction.

Hilson was elated.
He walked towards his country’s stands, welcoming the envious gazes from his fellow countrymen.

On the other hand, Zhu Yushao’s situation was a stark contrast.
Her defeat made Hilson’s victory seem even brighter.

“It’s alright,” Dan Taixuan went forward and comforted her.

Zhu Yushao’s expression was bitter.
She shook her head.
“I’m fine.
I’m just a little unwilling to accept defeat.”

“Hilson is stepping on us to attain his glory,” Qu Fei and the others said unhappily with a grim expression.

“I will find him during the next match,” Yan Bo said.

“Y’all might not be his match,” Mu Zhiguo shook his head and said.

“Let me do it.
I’m interested in ice-element martial warriors,” Wang Teng said.

Dan Taixuan was surprised.
Others might not be aware, but she knew that Wang Teng had ice Force.
However, this fellow’s ice Force wasn’t as powerful as Hilson’s.
Could he do it?

She shook her head again and chuckled.
She was thinking too much.
Wang Teng didn’t just possess ice Force.

Despite having a special physique, Hilson might have to suffer a defeat in front of Wang


“Are you confident?” Mu Zhiguo didn’t know anything, so he asked in concern.

“Don’t worry,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

While speaking, he had already released his spiritual power and picked up all the attribute bubbles in the arena.

Fire Force*225

Fire Sword Conscious*70

Ice Force*320

Ice Cocoon Physique*10

Ice Spear Conscious*45

A meaningful smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.

Ice Cocoon Physique!

This was a new physique.
Moreover, it was of the ice element.

After obtaining Hilson’s physique, he decided that he should let the guy be happy for a while longer.
He would be crying soon.

Ice Cocoon Physique:10/5000

Wang Teng scanned the explanation of the physique that had appeared on his attributes panel.
He was elated.

He sensed the changes in his body carefully and realized that his sensitivity towards ice Force had gotten sharper.
Memories of the characteristic changes of ice Force appeared in his mind.

This change was how Hilson had managed to execute the ice armor skill just now.

Now, Wang Teng knew everything Hilson knew.
Also, if he filled up the points of his Ice Cocoon Physique, Hilson might not be his match.

The feeling of using other people’s talent to surpass them was amazing.
Besides this, he received an ice spear conscious.
Wang Teng didn’t have this conscious before.

He was extremely satisfied.
Although he hadn’t fought with Hilson yet, he already had such a huge gain.
If he really started the fight, he might be able to get more things out of him.

He looked at Hilson in the distance and smiled uncontrollably.

Hilson, who was feeling happy, suddenly shuddered.
He felt an evil intention engulfing his body.

“Hilson, what’s wrong?” a martial warrior from Country Snow asked.

“It’s alright.
It might be my illusion,” Hilson shook his head and replied.

“You possess an ice element physique, but you have never executed it for so many years.
You hid it really well,” the leader of Country Snow said.

“I’m sorry.
It wasn’t on purpose.
My instructors were afraid that I will get pressurized, so they asked me not to use it.
In the country, there was no need for me to use my physique.
However, the situation is different now.
All the talented martial warriors in the world are gathered here.
There’s no point for me to hide it anymore,” Hilson explained.

The leader from Country Snow nodded.
He understood.
Country Snow was a small place.
If Hilson had displayed his physique too early, he might not have had a chance to grow up.

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