Chapter 586 Sorry, I Didn’t Stop In Time!

Fortes felt that he was very handsome.
The only regret he had for his mutated form was that it was too ugly.

At first, he had automatically forgotten about it.
He decided that he would immediately resume his normal form after this match.
He never expected to get exposed by this fellow in front of him.

Why did he have to talk about it?

Why was this brat so irritating?

“Humans took many years to evolve from wild beasts to a civilized species.
Why are y’all going backward? Is it fun to be wild beasts?” Wang Teng shook his head and continued as if he hadn’t noticed Fortes’s expression.

Fortes’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.
He was furious.

Wang Teng was too irritating!

They took pride in their gene ability, but Wang Teng treated them as wild beasts.
This was unbearable.

“Why do you have to be animals when you can be a human? Do you like that style more?” Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered aloud.

Fortes: …

The people from the White Eagle Nation: …

The martial warriors from around the world:

Dan Taixuan and the others: …

Like this style?!

What did he think the people from the White Eagle Nation were? Perverts?

Wang Teng’s voice wasn’t loud, but everyone could hear it clearly since they were all martial warriors.
They were speechless.

This fellow was evil.
He could anger someone to death with his words alone.

Everyone looked at the martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation.
They felt delighted at their plight.

“I heard that the White Eagle Nation…” Wang Teng still wanted to say something, but Fortes didn’t want to hear his nonsense anymore.

“Shut up!” Fortes exploded in anger.
With a bellow, his body disappeared on the spot.
He turned into lingering shadows as he charged towards Wang Teng.


At this moment, Fortes’s speed and strength both rose by a huge margin.
He was much stronger than before.

The Force in his body erupted.
The swords in his hands gave out a sharp sword aura as he slashed them out.

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Metal sword conscious, fifth level!

Fortes’s metal sword aura seemed to have received a boost, reaching the fifth level.
It was extremely sharp, so much so that it seemed to be able to cut the air.
Sword marks started to appear on the sturdy grounds of the colosseum.

Dust flew in the air!

Wang Teng stood under the powerful sword conscious like a weak and helpless little grass.

“Can he block it?”

The same question appeared in the hearts of all the martial warriors who were watching this scene.


They placed high importance on the gene ability of the White Eagle Nation’s martial warriors.
They wanted to see the difference between ordinary martial warriors and the White Eagle Nation’s martial warriors under the influence of their gene ability.

But unexpectedly, Wang Teng didn’t do anything.
He allowed the sword glow to crash down.


The sword glow engulfed Wang Teng’s entire body while Force explosions occurred in the area.
The residual force was frightening as it spread out.

“He’s… defeated!”

Luo Cheng and the others stared below in disbelief.
How could that person, who was so much stronger than them, get defeated so easily?

“In the sky!” Dan Taixuan looked up.

She wasn’t the only one.
Many other martial warriors noticed something amiss and looked up.

Astonishment appeared in the high priest’s eyes.
He looked at the sky and said, “This young man is interesting.”

A black figure soared down from the sky amid a golden light, creating a beautiful arc.

Fortes was astounded.
He leaned back and wanted to evade the attack.

Seeing through the opponent’s dodge, a cold smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.
He lowered his body and sent the brick to Fortes’s head.


The brick smashed onto Fortes directly, throwing him more than ten meters back.
He was slammed on the ground.

Fortes’s head had gotten harder after his mutation.
He shook his head and leaped up, roaring in anger as he dashed towards Wang Teng again.

“Your head is hard!”

Wang Teng was a little surprised before he vanished once again.

Fortes’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Wang Teng disappearing.
He had suffered terribly because of this strange footwork just now and got a beating in his head.
He could still feel the lingering fear.

This fellow was sly!

He loved a sneak attack.

This time, he had learned his lesson.
Since he couldn’t find Wang Teng, he waved his swords and blocked his body in all directions.

“I’m here.” Wang Teng’s figure suddenly appeared on Fortes’s left.
He chuckled.


Fortes was prepared as he slashed his long sword to the left.
Unfortunately, Wang Teng had disappeared again, leaving only his lingering shadow behind.

“Where are you hitting? Have you gone blind? I’m here.” Wang Teng’s voice was heard from behind him.

Fortes jumped up in fright.
He swung his long sword back without any time to think.

But he missed again…

Wang Teng continued to appear and disappear around Fortes, forming lingering shadows and keeping Fortes’s eyes fully occupied.
Fortes was getting dizzy.
He didn’t know where the real Wang Teng was.

“Fortes is going to lose.” Tongji shook her head.

Gerald from the Large Eagle Nation and Valeria from Country Boar shook their heads too.
They knew that Fortes was losing.

“This idiot!” Yoke’s expression was ugly.
He cursed in his heart.

Kune and the others wore grim expressions on their faces.
They felt furious.
This young man was playing with them!

The martial warrior from Country Xia was evil.

In the arena, Wang Teng noticed that Fortes had completely lost control.
His eyeballs were blood-red, and he was screaming and tossing around crazily.
Wang Teng knew that he had taken all the attributes he could, so he stepped out abruptly and entered the territory of his dancing sword glows.
He slammed his brick out.




Wang Teng didn’t hold back at all, smashing the brick again and again on Fortes’s face.

Fortes was stunned by the beating.
He spun on the spot with stars in his eyes.

A brigadier general-stage martial warrior was slapped in the face by a brick until he couldn’t make sense of his surroundings.
One could tell how ruthless Wang Teng was.

After a few seconds, Fortes’s face was swollen like a pig’s head.
There were many bumps on his head.
He looked tragic.

Anyone who saw him would praise his ‘dignified’ look now.


A shout suddenly came from the White Eagle Nation’s direction.

Wang Teng’s hand paused in the air, the metal brick stopping less than ten centimeters away from Fortes’s face.
He turned and looked at Yoke.

“We admit defeat!” Yoke said coldly.


The moment he finished, Wang Teng’s brick suddenly dropped.
Fortes was thrown off his feet.
He slammed onto the ground heavily and fainted.

“You!” Yoke was infuriated.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop in time.
I didn’t do it on purpose.” Wang Teng looked at him innocently.

“Bitch!” Yoke was so angry he wanted to vomit blood.
This bastard was a devil.
He was inhumane.


The battle ended, and everyone gasped in shock upon seeing Fortes’s appearance.

This young man was heartless!

Fortes was beaten so badly that one couldn’t see his face anymore.
His head was swollen to twice its original size.
It was miserable.

Even a brigadier general-stage martial warrior would have a concussion after this beating

They looked at Wang Teng in the arena.
He blew his brick as if he was blowing away the dust on it.
He seemed to treasure his brick dearly.


This fellow was definitely a weirdo!

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