Chapter 585 Hurry Up And Mutate, Hurry…


He had embarrassed himself in front of the world!

This was an international exchange event, and all the talents from the various nations were gathered here.
It wasn’t just a simple competition.

They were fighting for their dignity!

Why couldn’t Wang Teng be more serious?

He could have acted cool or put on a show.
Anything was better than this.

Is he trying to promote our nation’s culture by using a brick as his weapon?

What’s more, it’s a golden brick.
Doesn’t he find it tacky?

Dan Taixuan covered her face.
She didn’t want to look at Wang Teng.
She wanted to cut ties with him.

Everyone’s gaze was so strange.
They were looking at Wang Teng as if he was a weirdo…

Actually, most of the martial warriors were in a daze.
They looked back and forth between Wang Teng and Fortes, especially at the large bump behind the latter’s head.
They shuddered.
Goosebumps appeared all over their bodies.

Even the high priest was speechless.
His calmness was at the edge of breaking down once again.
There seemed to be thunder roaring in his mind.

He was dumbstruck because of Wang Teng!

Zhu Yushao took a deep breath and asked, “That’s Wang Teng’s… weapon?”

Qu Fei, Yan Bo, and the others turned to Dan Taixuan.
They weren’t familiar with Wang Teng, so they didn’t know that he had this move.
They were filled with curiosity.
As a renowned talent, was it appropriate to use a brick as his weapon?

Didn’t he find it humiliating?

Even the quiet and dull Mu Zhiguo stared at Dan Taixuan, hoping to get some information from her mouth.

Ji Xiuming, Luo Cheng, and the other students had witnessed Wang Teng’s antics during the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, so they were extremely familiar with the brick.
When they saw the expressions of disbelief on other people’s faces, they gave them a ‘you’re like frogs in a well’ look.

They found it normal!


Everyone regained their senses and was dumbfounded.
They felt that they were being led in the wrong direction, so they hurriedly shook their heads to get rid of this frightening thought.
But why did it feel refreshing to see Fortes lying on the ground in a miserable state?

The people from the White Eagle Nation were eerily silent.
The talent from their nation was thrown onto the ground with a brick.
This might be the best joke for the year for the White Eagle Nation.

Yoke was shaking, with his vision going black.
He had a bad feeling.

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Although there wasn’t any live broadcast for this exchange event, no one could hide the things that happened here.
A big piece of news like this wouldn’t be forgotten.

When the exchange ended-no, when the day ended, this piece of news would spread to the entire world.

The headlines of all media outlets might be this: Oh my god! A contestant of the White Eagle Nation got smashed to the ground by a brick from Country Xia’s fighter.
Is the White Eagle Nation too weak or is Country Xia too pervert?

Yoke didn’t dare to continue thinking.
He grabbed the table beside him and yelled, “Fortes, get up! Use your gene ability! F**k, you idiot!”

He couldn’t care about his image at this juncture.
He even started cursing.

He had forgotten how he had warned the martial warriors against using their gene ability.
To hell with using it carefully.
They had been embarrassed in front of the world.
What was the point of using it cautiously?

The martial warriors from the other nations felt sorry for Yoke when they saw him jumping in anger.

It was tragic!

Yoke’s shout might have had some effect.
Fortes, who was on the ground, suddenly twitched.
A fierce aura gradually floated out from his body.

Wang Teng wasn’t shocked.
Instead, he felt elated, and his eyes lit up like bulbs.

Good riddance, he was mutating!

What did this mean? It meant that there would be Origin Of Life attributes!

Wang Teng looked at Fortes excitedly.
Hurry up and mutate, hurry…

Zhu Yushao and the others didn’t know what he was thinking.
When they saw Fortes climbing up and using his gene ability, their expressions changed.

“Make your move! What’s that fellow waiting for?” Zhu Yushao turned grave, feeling agitated.

Dan Taixuan frowned.
Looking at the situation in the arena, she was worried.

They weren’t the only ones.
The martial warriors from the other countries didn’t understand why Wang Teng didn’t attack when he had the chance.

“This young man is too confident.
He’s waiting for the other party to finish his mutation,” Gerald from the Large Eagle Nation commented.


“Overconfidence is arrogance.
I want to see how he will deal with it.” Arnold smiled.

The middle-aged man, Shanben Quan, from Country Neon said, “Wang Teng… is strange.
Yes, he’s strange.”

Tongji, who was beside him, didn’t say anything.
She looked at the arena below expressionlessly, but one could see the excitement in her gaze.

Wang Teng picked up the dropped attributes while watching Fortes mutating.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*35

Spiritual Realm Spirit*38

Metal Force*120

That beating was worth it.
Look, he had dropped many Spiritual Realm Enlightenment and Spirit attributes.
Although this was just an appetizer for him, it was still food.

He wasn’t picky!

Suddenly, Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

It dropped! It dropped! It dropped!

Origin Of Life*2

Origin Of Life*1

As expected, Origin Of Life attributes had dropped again.
There were three points in total, 2 more than the previous martial warrior.

Wang Teng almost screamed in joy.
This felt amazing!

He pulled an emergency brake on his emotions before looking at his attributes


Origin Of Life: 1354

After picking up the Origin Of Life, a new row had appeared on his attributes panel.

Originally, he had 1350 points of Origin Of Life.
With the additional 3 points and the 1 point from before, it became 1354.

Wang Teng didn’t know what this number meant.
But as the Origin Of Life increased, the comfortable feeling got stronger.

This was a direct benefit that others would die to have.

Wang Teng was satisfied.


Suddenly, a furious roar came from ahead of him.

Fortes’s mutation was finished within a few breaths.
He raised his head abruptly and glared at Wang Teng with his vertical pupils like that of a wild beast.

His appearance had changed entirely.
Black scales grew on his body, and his hands transformed into sharp claws.
They were giving off a metallic glow.

His gaze was ruthless, but when he met Wang Teng’s eyes, he was stunned.

Why did that guy look like he was chuckling?

“Why are you laughing?” Fortes said angrily.
His gaze was dangerous.
“Am I?” Wang Teng kept a straight face and denied it.
“You must be wrong.
I’m not laughing.
You’re not funny at all.”

Fortes: …

“Anyway, you look so ugly now!” Wang Teng sized up Fortes and commented.

The veins on Fortes’s head started jumping.

Damn it, this fellow had just sprinkled salt on his wound.

His mutated form was too ugly.
It was destroying his handsome image!

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