Chapter 578 Gathering Of The Nations!

The hotel had already prepared their breakfast.
When they reached the restaurant, the attendants served them their food.
The service was considerate and swift.

“Where are the people from the other countries?” Wang Teng looked around him and asked.

“They are at the other hotels.
Every country has its own hotel.
This hotel only serves people Country Xia,” Dan Taixuan said calmly as she ate her food.
She didn’t even raise her head.

“Are there many people who came?” Wang Teng nodded and asked again.

“Any country that has ambition and wants to display their power will not miss this chance.
What do you think?” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and asked him back.

“It looks like the exchange will be fun,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Fun?” Everyone glanced at Wang Teng speechlessly.
This fellow was quite daring.
How could he treat this important event as a game?

“Wang Teng, don’t be reckless.
No one knows what trump cards the other nations have.” Ji Xiuming frowned.
He hesitated a little, but he still decided to remind Wang Teng in the end.

Before Wang Teng could reply to him, another voice was heard from the other side.

“Tsk, some people become conceited just because they feel they are ahead of everyone.
Why do you care about him?”

The atmosphere on the dining table froze.
Everyone looked back and forth at Wang Teng and Ren Qingcang, who had opened his mouth just now.

“Hmph…” Wang Teng turned and glanced at Ren Qingcang.
A smile appeared at the corner of his lips.
He shook his head and remained quiet.

He was just joking earlier.
He wasn’t really treating the exchange as a game.
He just felt that the duel between the different countries would be exciting.

But some people wanted to reprimand him for such a small matter!

If Ji Xiuming was reminding him out of goodwill, Ren Qingcang was just asking for trouble.
He wanted to use this chance to mock Wang Teng

Wang Teng didn’t want to argue with him, though.
He continued eating.
He was too lazy to even bother.

The veins on Ren Qingcang’s forehead bulged out.
His gaze turned sinister, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

After everyone finished eating, Parick came.

“Hi, did you have a good rest yesterday?” he smiled and asked everyone.

“Not bad,” Dan Taixuan replied politely.

After exchanging some kind greetings, Parick said, “It’s almost time.
Please follow me.”

Everyone headed towards a certain place in the small town under Parick’s guidance.
“Where are we going?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“Just follow him.
Why are you asking so much?” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes.

“Did you have fun last night?” Parick suddenly leaned over and sniggered, his expression turning ambiguous.

“Well, it was alright,” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and replied indifferently.

“Are you sure?” Parick was slightly stunned.
This fellow was just acting.

“Of course.
The ladies here are too rough.
Their pores and their body frames are too big… They are not gentle enough.” Wang Teng found some random excuses to bluff Parick, leaving the guy stunned.

Everyone’s expression turned weird.
In the morning, Wang Teng told them that he had met a beautiful blonde lady.
Now, he was playing down the beauties here in front of Parick.
This fellow said different things to different people!

Parick started arguing with Wang Teng, but he was no match for this wily old fox.
In the end, even he started suspecting if the beauties in his country weren’t as good as the ones in Country Xia.

Wang Teng chuckled to himself.
He didn’t care about the doubt he had injected into Parick’s heart.
Let him figure it out himself.

Everyone soon arrived at the location.

They were in the deepest part of the small town.
The passers-by around them got fewer and fewer until there were almost none in sight.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He had noticed giant statues of immortals in the distance.
Against the mountain background, they appeared tall and lofty, seemingly looking down on the humans below.

The statues came in all shapes and sizes.
There were males and females.

The male immortals were mostly half-naked, revealing the muscles on their bodies.
They held weapons with their perfect figures.
They were the epitome of the golden ratio.

The ladies were covered in veils, and their postures were graceful.
They were holding bottles and jars with a peaceful expression as if showering their kindness to the people below.

In the middle of these statues, a stone staircase winding straight up was seen.

At this moment, many people had gathered below the statues and were talking in low voices.
When Wang Teng and his group arrived, the noises disappeared, and everyone looked at them.

“Country Xia!”

Many people sized them up sternly.

Country Xia had always been a strong country.
Their martial warriors were considered one of the best in the world and were a strong competitor for the top five positions.

Dan Taixuan brought everyone closer to the statues and found an empty corner to rest.
They didn’t greet anyone from the other countries.

While the other people were sizing them up, Wang Teng was observing them too.
He activated his Spiritual Sight and scanned the crowd curiously.
He saw the levels of these talented martial warriors.

Without any exception, the strongest martial warrior among the nations was at the low-tier general stage.
There weren’t many of them, at most one from every country.
The others were mostly at the brigadier general stage.

Deactivating his Spiritual Sight, his gaze shimmered slightly.
Every nation had its secrets.
To be able to reach the low-tier general stage in their twenties made them the cream of the crop.

But this was understandable.
There were a few billion people in the world.
It wasn’t strange that a super talented person was born in every nation.

However, the only person who was able to reach the brigadier general stage before 20 was Wang Teng.
Moreover, his ability wasn’t limited to the brigadier general stage.


You could say that he was the unique one in the entire world.

No one was able to see Wang Teng’s cultivation stage, but they knew Ji Xiuming and the others’ stages.

When they saw the young faces in this group, the talents from the other countries gave a look of disdain, especially after seeing Ji Xiuming and the students.
They hadn’t reached the brigadier general stage, so they possessed no threat in the exchange event.

However, Mu Zhiguo, Qu Fei, and the other soldiers caught their attention.
They were the main force of Country Xia’s team.

After Wang Teng and his group arrived, the martial warriors from the other countries gradually arrived too.

“It’s the martial warriors from Country Inka!” Zhu Yushao’s voice sounded beside him.

Wang Teng turned and looked ahead.

A group of people in red robes were walking over.
Their expressions were calm, and they gave off a solemn aura.

Wang Teng sized up this bunch of people.
He was astounded.

“They are monk martial warriors from Inka,” Dan Taixuan whispered into his ear.

“Monks!” Wang Teng was stunned.

“It’s not that strange.
In Country Inka, monks have a high position.
They possess the secret scriptures passed down from ancient times, so they have a natural advantage,” Zhu Yushao explained.

“Wow, I didn’t know that,” Wang Teng replied in surprise.

Then, the other martial warriors started arriving.
All the large countries in the world had sent their representatives.
In a blink of an eye, the empty ground turned extremely lively and noisy.

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