Chapter 574 Crossing The Posiriah Plains

Everyone’s attention was attracted to Luo Cheng and Mu Zhiguo’s conversation.

Mu Zhiguo seemed to have some stories about him.
Everyone felt curious.

“The principal and the heads are well.
They often talk about you,” Luo Cheng replied hurriedly when he noticed that Mu Zhiguo seemed a little emotional.

“I was too stubborn in the past.
I disappointed them,” Mu Zhiguo said after a moment of silence.

“They don’t blame you.
If they were in your shoes, they would have done the same thing,” Luo Cheng comforted him.

“Nevermind, it has been many years.
There’s no use talking about it.” Mu Zhiguo shook his head and turned silent again.

Luo Cheng opened his mouth.
Seeing that Mu Zhiguo didn’t want to speak anymore, he sighed in his heart.
It was inappropriate for him to speak further.

When the two of them stopped talking halfway through the story, the people around them felt frustrated.

Even Zhu Yushao and Yan Bo, who had been interacting with Mu Zhiguo for three years, didn’t know his past.

Wang Teng smiled and said, “Senior Mu, your cultivation is the highest among us.
We’ll need your help when we arrive.”

“You’re stronger than me,” Mu Zhiguo glanced at him and replied.

Yan Bo and Qu Fei knew how powerful Mu Zhiguo was.
So hearing his assessment of Wang Teng, they were shocked.

They did hear some rumors of Wang Teng, but since they didn’t witness him in action personally, they felt that they were exaggerated.
After hearing Mu Zhiguo’s words, they wondered if Wang Teng was honestly so powerful.


Just when everyone was having their thoughts, the plane vibrated slightly, and a loud sound was heard from outside.

“What happened?” everyone frowned and asked.

The female officer was wearing a headset.
She received a report and explained, “It’s alright.
We collided into a star beast.
It has been settled.”

No one was worried.
They weren’t weak themselves, so even if the aircraft was destroyed, they had the ability to protect themselves.

However, they were only halfway through.
If they got struck down by a star beast before they reached their destination, the other countries would laugh at them.

“Where are we?” Dan Taixuan opened her mouth and asked.

“We have entered Daxiong Country’s territory and are at the southeast of Posiriah Plains,” the female officer looked up their location before replying “Ask them to be careful.
The natural ecology in this zone is perfect for the star beasts.
It’s the heaven of star beasts,” Dan Taixuan said sternly with a sharp gaze.

“Understood!” The female officer nodded before turning to walk out of the resting room.

“Get some rest.
We will wake you up when we arrive,” Dan Taixuan said.

Their conversation was interrupted by the sudden star beast attack, so they didn’t continue anymore.
They closed their eyes and started resting.

Wang Teng followed others’ example and also closed his eyes, sitting cross-legged on the sofa.
He cultivated as he released his spiritual power to feel the outside world.

This was his first time traveling so far in this world.
He was extremely unfamiliar with the place, so it made him very curious.

Dan Taixuan was right.
The natural ecology of the plains they were flying above was blossoming.
There were many lives below, and the aura of star beasts could be felt everywhere.

Suddenly, his expression changed.
He had noticed something.

Wood Force*30

Metal Force*80

Blank Attribute*15

Wood Force*65

Blank Attribute*80

There were numerous small and big attribute bubbles floating in the plain.
Wang Teng’s expression turned weird.
He didn’t expect to pick up bubbles for free.

Why was he so lucky recently!

Wang Teng wondered to himself.
Then he swept the bubbles over quickly with his spiritual power and picked them up.

The plane’s speed was fast, so Wang Teng could only sweep the plains down below with his spiritual power once.
Nonetheless, he still managed to gain a large number of bubbles.

It was a windfall!

All his Forces grew.
Even his blank attributes rose by a few thousand points.

This was a huge earning for him!

Dan Taixuan felt Wang Teng’s spiritual power.
She opened her eyes to look at him and saw a smile at the corner of his lips.
He seemed to be thinking of something happy.
She felt puzzled.

What was there to be happy about?

She didn’t know that in this short moment, Wang Teng’s ability had improved by a sizable gap.

“Huh?” Wang Teng suddenly muttered to himself softly.

Ultimate Stage Wood Talent*5

An ultimate stage talent had appeared!

Wang Teng was surprised and overjoyed.
This gain was unexpected.
There seemed to be a star beast with ultimate stage wood talent living in this plain.

He knew clearly that these attribute bubbles were dropped by the countless star beast in the plain below.
Hence, there must be a star beast with ultimate-stage wood talent below.

Wang Teng silently marked the location where he picked up the ultimate-stage wood talent in his mind.
He planned to come back and take a look when he had the time.

Along the way, Wang Teng didn’t just pick up attribute bubbles.
He also discovered a few powerful auras from star beasts.

In half an hour, he sensed almost 30 star beasts that had reached the lord-level stage.
Some of their auras were on par with the three great commanders.
It was frightening.

Wang Teng turned more and more serious.
He started to feel that the outside world was very dangerous.

However, he didn’t know that when he swept the plains with his Imperial Realm Spirit, the star beasts below thought that it was a powerful flying animal soaring past them.
Although they were alarmed, they didn’t attack because they thought he was just passing by.

Thus, their journey was exceptionally smooth.
It was so smooth that the pilot of the aircraft found it unbelievable.

After some time, the plane vibrated gently.
Everyone opened their eyes, ending their rest.

The female officer walked over and said, “We have arrived!”


They were all a little tense during the journey.
Thus, when they heard they had arrived at their destination, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go.
The local military has already sent people to fetch us.” Dan Taixuan stood up and scanned the crowd.
Suddenly, she paused for a moment and said to Wang Teng, “Change into your military uniform.”

Wang Teng looked at himself before glancing at the others.
He realized that they were all in uniform.
He was the only one in casual attire.
Pouting, he went to the bathroom helplessly.
He quickly changed into his military uniform.

Fortunately, he had kept his major general uniform in his space ring.
If not, he wouldn’t have anything to wear.

A few moments later, Wang Teng came out of the bathroom.
He had already changed into a dark-green major general uniform.
He looked handsome and dignified with an exceptional aura.
As he walked, he gave off an outstanding vibe.

Dan Taixuan’s eyes lit up slightly.
She nodded in satisfaction and walked out of the plane.

“Major General Wang, you look handsome like this.” Zhu Yushao leaned over and chuckled.
She was walking behind Wang Teng.

Wang Teng glanced at her.
“Of course.”

Zhu Yushao was stunned.
Other people would have remained humble, but Wang Teng appeared as if he deserved the praise.
This person’s skin was really thick!



Zhu Yushao had a new understanding of Wang Teng.

Yan Bo, Ji Xiuming, and the others pretended that they didn’t hear anything.
They gave no comments regarding this person’s shamelessness, but their hearts were filled with contempt.

The cabin door opened.
A group of people was waiting below.

As Dan Taixuan and Wang Teng came down the stairs, the people came to greet them.
A man with a large beard and defined features said, “Welcome!”

He was speaking in Chinese.

“Parick, I didn’t expect you to welcome us,” Dan Taixuan said to the person who came.

“Dan Taixuan, long time no see.” The man with a large beard, Parick, knew Dan Taixuan.
He smiled and started chatting with her.
Although he was speaking Chinese, his accent was a little strange.
It sounded a bit inaudible.

Wang Teng didn’t find it weird.
This was how most foreigners spoke.

When they spoke other languages, the foreigners probably felt the same way too.

Parick led everyone onto a few cars.
Dan Taixuan, Wang Teng, and Parick were in the first car while the others were separated in the cars behind them.

They headed straight for Mount Saint.

This journey was considered diplomacy.
The process was more tedious than what Wang Teng expected.
Luckily, he didn’t have to worry about this.
The female officer followed them, so she was in charge of talking to Parick.

After a long car ride, they finally arrived on Mount Saint.

Mount Saint was a large snow mountain with a long history and many mythologies.
Throughout history, people endowed it with numerous legends and myths.
This place was worshiped by many, making it even more holy than it already was.

Especially after the era of martial arts started, the legends were given a new lease of life.
Mount Saint’s status rose to its peak.

When they got out of the cars, an ancient brownstone pavement appeared in front of them.

“Everyone, we have arrived below Mount Saint.
From here, we can only climb up on foot,” Parick said apologetically.

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