Chapter 573 Teaching Them A Lesson!

Queen Phoenix.

After they boarded, they took their seats.

The plane seemed flat and small from the outside, but it was very spacious internally.
There was enough space to house everyone, and it wasn’t squeezy.

There was a comfortable and extravagant resting room in the aircraft with a variety of facilities.
To the passengers, this was an enjoyment.

Besides the people who were going to participate in the event, there were a few logistics staff present.
Dan Taixuan tagged along too.

She had been to the event before and was more familiar with the situation there.
Thus, she accompanied them as their advisor.

Wang Teng finally knew her real purpose for coming to Capital Xia.
It wasn’t as simple as sending him off.

At this moment, everyone was sitting in the resting area.
The atmosphere was a little quiet.


A gathering of the young talented martial warriors wouldn’t be harmonious.
Instead, sparks of competitiveness flew in the air.
But if someone was way out of their territory, this competitiveness would be groundless.

Hence, the scene below took place.

Ren Qingcang, Ji Xiuming, Luo Cheng, and Zhao Yuanwu, the up-and-rising talented younger generations during the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, didn’t have any thought of comparing themselves with Wang Teng.

The other people were the formidable martial warriors hidden in the military.
They were all 25 years old.
They were considered the younger generations too, but they were a batch before Wang Teng and the other students.

These people were past talents.
After entering the military, they were specially groomed and had managed to reach the brigadier general stage before 25.
One of them had even reached the low-tier general stage.

Their cultivation levels were on par with Wang Teng, but they were five years older than him.
Based on his current progression rate, in one year, he would be able to surpass these people until they couldn’t catch up.
He didn’t need five years.

Hence, when they heard the commanders appointing Wang Teng as their leader, they didn’t voice their unhappiness even though they were unconvinced.

Dan Taixuan noticed the dull atmosphere and realized the reason immediately.
She glanced at Wang Teng helplessly.
But she was a lazy person and didn’t like to interfere in these affairs.
Hence, she didn’t say anything.

On the other hand, a female officer around 30 years old smiled and opened her mouth.
“Major General Wang, the talents from the various universities, let me introduce these people to you.”

“This is Yan Bo, Qu Fei, Zhu Yushao, and Mu Zhiguo.”

The female officer pointed at the four people and started introducing them.

When she pointed at the last man called Mu Zhiguo, Wang Teng stared at him for a moment longer.

Low-tier general-stage!

Wang Teng was astounded that there was a low-tier general-stage martial warrior in the team.

Mu Zhiguo sensed his gaze and raised his head, their eyes meeting.

The man was quiet and ordinary-looking.
His aura was reserved, and he looked extremely normal.
No one would believe that he was stronger than the other three people.

Then, the female officer introduced the students.
The two parties had a brief understanding of one another.

Zhu Yushao smiled and said to Ji Xiuming, “I’m from The First University too.
What a coincidence to meet my fellow schoolmate here.”

“Senior Sister Zh!” Ji Xiuming was surprised and nodded at her.

“Junior Brother Ji is extremely talented.
You earned the right to participate in this global event even before you graduated.
You are stronger than we were,” Zhu Yushao praised.

Ji Xiuming felt a little awkward when he heard this.
He glanced at Wang Teng secretly and replied, “You’re flattering me.
Y’all are the main force of our team.”

Zhu Yushao was slightly stunned.
But she quickly regained her senses and smiled in embarrassment, “Let’s all work hard together.”

On the other side, Qu Fei and Yan Bo exchanged glances before sniggering.
“Major General Wang, you are our leader this time.
If we meet powerful opponents from other nations, we will have to rely on you.
I heard that many talented martial warriors have appeared in other nations over the past few years.”

He was… picking a fight!

Ren Qingcang, Ji Xiuming, and many others looked at the ground silently.
Having experienced it before, they knew how hard Wang Teng was to deal with.
This fellow wasn’t an easygoing person.

If they dug a hole for him, they themselves might end up in it.

Wang Teng glanced at the dup and knew what they were thinking.
Although they seemed to be flattering him, they were actually making things difficult for him.
He scoffed in his heart but didn’t show it on his face.
“You are at the brigadier general stage.
Don’t you have enough confidence in yourselves?”

The two of them didn’t know how to reply to him.
At first, they thought that he would agree to them readily, but he shot the question back at them.

This question wasn’t easy to answer.
If they said they weren’t confident, they would appear extremely useless.
If they said they were, they would need to step out before Wang Teng to fight.
After all, as the leader, he should be the last.

Their plans went down the drain right away.

Their gaze flickered as they tried to think of a way to answer the question.

Yan Bo coughed awkwardly and replied, “We were just worried.
After all, our opponents are the talents of other nations.
We’re afraid we will embarrass the nation if we lose to them.
However, when we have to fight, we will give it our best.”

This affects the nation, so we won’t dare to belittle the challenge ahead of us,” Qu Fei agreed with a serious face.

“Your thoughts are not bad.
Work hard during the event and earn glory for the nation.
This is your way to repay the country.
If you can’t win against your opponent, I’ll do something,” Wang Teng smiled as he replied.

“Erm… definitely, definitely!”

When the glory of the country was mentioned, there was nothing they could say.
They could only nod and agree.
Wang Teng didn’t continue.
He had taught them a lesson, so this was enough.
He left some space for these two people to breathe.

Dan Taixuan prayed silently for these two martial warriors when she saw this scene.
These two didn’t have the capability to make Wang Teng suffer.
They were still far behind him.
Wang Teng had shown them mercy by not embarrassing them too much.

Zhu Yushao looked at Wang Teng’s smiling face and suddenly felt that anyone who thought that this fellow was easy to bully would suffer greatly.
Fortunately, she didn’t say anything just now.
Otherwise, she would be the one getting embarrassed.

Mu Zhiguo remained quiet.
There was no expression on his face.
He didn’t seem concerned about what happened.

After suffering a defeat, Qu Fei and Yan Bo realized that Wang Teng had side-stepped their trap perfectly.
Instead, they helped him to establish his position as their leader.
You could imagine how exasperated they felt.

The female officer came out to ease the situation again.
At the same time, she was secretly shocked.
Major General Wang was young, but he wasn’t easy to fool.
No wonder the commander asked him to be the leader.

“Senior Mu, you should be from the Capital Military Academy, right?” Luo Cheng, who had kept quiet so far, looked at Mu Zhiguo intently and asked.

“Huh? Yes.” Mu Zhiguo was stunned for a moment before he realized that Luo Cheng was talking to him.
He nodded his head absentmindedly.

“It’s really you.” Luo Cheng seemed to be confirming something.
A hint of happiness appeared on his face.
He continued, “I heard many things about you from the principal and the heads.”

A yearning look appeared in Mu Zhiguo’s eyes.
He seemed to be reminiscing about the past.
“How are they?”

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