Chapter 572 Queen Phoenix Aircraft, Set Out!

The next day.

At the airport in Capital Xia military district.

A pitch-black rune aircraft was parked on the empty ground outside.
The body of the aircraft was sleek, and the edges were defined.
With a triangular overall shape, its wings looked like two sharp blades.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up when he saw this aircraft.

A man liked cars.
But he loved aircraft more!

This black aircraft was noticeably more advanced and high-class than the one he took in the past.
Comparing it to cars, the one he took to here was just a normal car while this aircraft was the Lamborghini and Ferrari among the sports cars.

“Do you like it?” A lighthearted voice sounded in his ears.

“Commander Hong!” Wang Teng saw the skinny elder walking towards him and greeted him hurriedly.

“Wang Teng!”

Commander Long and Commander Yong followed behind Commander Hong.

Wang Teng greeted them too.

“This is the newest rune aircraft-Queen Phoenix.
Its functions, speed, defense, and rune power are all tip-top.
You will need to fly over two continents before you reach Mount Saint.
Along the way, you might meet powerful star beasts, so this aircraft can help you solve many troubles,” Commander Yong saw Wang Teng was sizing up the aircraft with interest, so he smiled and explained to him.

“This is the newest aircraft model!” Wang Teng was amazed.

“Do you want it?” Commander Hong suddenly asked.

Wang Teng looked at him in astonishment.
He chuckled and replied, “Of course.
But, I only dare to think about it.”

“A young man should have some ambition.
There’s no need to control your desires so strictly,” Commander Hong said.

Commander Long and Commander Yong smiled silently.

Although Wang Teng was moved, he just stared at Commander Hong without saying anything.

“Haha, you little brat.” Commander Hong scolded him while laughing when he saw his expression.
He went directly to the point.
“I’m not going to beat around the bush.
If you defeat all the talents from the other countries from your generation, I’ll give you a Queen Phoenix aircraft!”

“Really?” Wang Teng asked in disbelief.

This aircraft could be a gift?

But since the words came from Commander Hong of the three great commanders, they were highly credible.

Dan Taixuan gave an envious look when she heard this.
This was the newest rune aircraft model, and only the top-level military troops had it currently.
Yet, Commander Hong wanted to give one to Wang Teng.

“Of course it’s true.” Commander Hong didn’t get angry because of Wang Teng’s suspicion.
Instead, he chuckled.

“Wang Teng, Commander Long and I have witnessed this together.
He can’t go back on his words.” Commander Yong glanced at Wang Teng and smiled.
“Haha, I just found it unbelievable!” Wang Teng scratched his head and laughed.

“What do you think? Are you confident that you can defeat the other talents?” Commander Hong asked.

“I have to try to know.” Wang Teng didn’t make any promises.

The three great commanders were instantly disappointed.
Their country had never achieved any glamorous results in international events over the years.
Hence, they hoped that Wang Teng could give it his all and earn glory.
That was why they were willing to throw in this expensive aircraft.

“But…” Wang Teng opened his mouth slowly.

The three great commanders looked at him.

Wang Teng felt his head turning numb from their gazes.
He continued hurriedly, “But I think you can start preparing the aircraft.”

The three great commanders exchanged glances with one another and burst out laughing

Commander Hong pointed at Wang Teng with his finger and said lightheartedly, “Alright, we will prepare it for you.
Don’t disappoint


“Of course, don’t worry!” Wang Teng had a sudden thought and asked, “If I get this aircraft, can I fly it in our country?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you with the necessary paperwork,” Commander Hong waved his hand and replied.

Elated, Wang Teng nodded and said, “Thank


“Small case!”

Wang Teng smiled and kept quiet.
To the three great commanders, with their status and position, this was indeed a small case.
However, if he had to do it himself, it wouldn’t be as simple.

Although he would still be able to finish all the paperwork himself with his current identity, he would have to go through many procedures and spend much time.

It would be great if Commander Hong could do it all for him.

As they spoke, a group of people came over from afar.

“They’re here!” Commander Long opened his mouth and said.

Wang Teng turned around and looked at the people who were walking over.
To his surprise, there were many familiar faces.

They were all his opponents during the martial arts competition.
He saw Ren Qingcang, Ji Xiuming, Luo Cheng, and many others…

They’re here too! Wang Teng wondered to himself.

Others looked a little older.
However, they should be less than 25.
They were hiding their aura so that normal people wouldn’t notice them.

Wang Teng activated his Spiritual Sight and immediately realized that three of them had reached the brigadier general stage.
One of them was at the low-tier general stage.

As powerful martial warriors, these people weren’t famous.
This was surprising.

They reached the three great commanders and saluted them.


“At ease!” the three great commanders nodded and said.

Ren Qingcang and the other students had noticed Wang Teng too.
Their gazes were complicated.

It had only been a while since they last saw this young man, but he had already gone far ahead of them.
They felt a little embarrassed.

Commander Hong saw everyone’s gazes.
He decided to liven up the atmosphere and introduced, “This is Wang Teng.
I’ve sure many of you have seen him before, so I won’t introduce him further.
You can interact with one another along the way.”

Everyone nodded.

“Wang Teng, you will be leading the team this time.
You’re the team leader,” Commander Hong continued.

“I’m the team leader?!” Wang Teng pointed at his nose and shook his head.
“Why don’t we let someone else be the leader? These people are more powerful than me.”

He pointed to the three brigadier-general-stage and the low-tier general-stage martial warriors.

The martial warriors were stunned.
Wang Teng didn’t point at them coincidentally.
He must have sensed their cultivation stage.
If not, why did he point at them among all the people present?

At first, when they heard that Commander Hong wanted Wang Teng to be the leader, they were unconvinced.
However, because of his unintentional display of power, they started to hesitate.

“What do you think?” Commander Hong looked at the four youths.

“We have no objections.” The four people looked at one another before shaking their heads.

Wang Teng was frustrated.
These people weren’t willing to accept him, so why weren’t they voicing out their thoughts? He didn’t want to be the leader.
It was an arduous but fruitless task that would waste his precious time.

If someone stepped out, he could push the role away.

Unfortunately, his wish didn’t come true.

Wang Teng felt a little regretful.

The others were speechless when they saw his expression.
We are giving you our acknowledgment by letting you be our leader.
Why do you seem so forced?

Commander Hong glared at Wang Teng before he said, “Since there are no objections, you can board the plane.”

Everyone started boarding the Queen Phoenix aircraft with Wang Teng taking the lead.

“We wish you success!”

The soldiers below suddenly saluted behind them as they shouted.

Wang Teng and the others turned around involuntarily.
Then, they stopped in their tracks and returned their salutes with a stern expression.

The cabin door closed slowly.
The Queen Phoenix aircraft turned into a black shadow as it shot into the air and disappeared over the horizon.

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