Chapter 571 Dan Taixuan Had A Breakdown!

Virtual reality.

In a valley, Wang Teng was fighting with a giant poisonous toad.

The poisonous toad was entirely blackish purple.
There were numerous pustules on its skin, making it look frightening.

This toad was at a low-tier lord-level.
It was powerful, and its poison Force made it harder to deal with.
Even Wang Teng had a hard time taking this poisonous toad down.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Wang Teng floated in mid-air in the valley and dodged right and left, evading an extremely agile black shadow.

This black shadow came from the mouth of the poisonous toad.
It was like an elastic poisonous whip, stabbing and twining around Wang Teng.
It formed lingering shadows around Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s speed was amazing.
He left afterimages and disappeared.

The black shadow penetrated the afterimage of Wang Teng before slamming into the rock wall behind him, leaving a deep hole.
There were signs of corrosion at the edges.

The black shadow bounced back into the poisonous toad’s mouth.
It was its tongue.

This poisonous toad tongue skill was amazing!

Wang Teng found the poisonous toad’s tongue a little irritating.
It was gross.
There was a poisonous and sticky liquid on it that was extremely corrosive.
If it landed on him, he would be poisoned.

But Wang Teng was resolute.
He must kill this poisonous toad.
It had taken him a long time to find this poison element star beast.

He must defeat it!

Wang Teng shifted his gaze, and spiritual power flowed through his body.
The Emerald Glazed Flame formed a large net covering half the sky.
It fell towards the poisonous toad.

“Gulp, gulp!”

Malicious intent shone in the poisonous toad’s eyes.
It puffed up its cheeks and make gurgling sounds.
Then, it spat out a mouth of poisonous liquid.


When the poisonous liquid landed on the flaming net, a hissing sound escaped the point of contact.
The two objects corroded each other.
The poisonous liquid almost made an opening in the flaming net.
The Emerald Glazed Flame was a divine fire, but this poisonous toad was at the lord level.
With its strong poison, it could resist the Emerald Glazed Flame to a certain extent.

But, that was it.

Wang Teng controlled his spiritual power as he released the Emerald Glazed Flame continuously out from his body to maintain the form of the flaming net.

The next instant, the flaming net shrouded the poisonous toad.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The flaming net enveloped the poisonous toad and burned violently.
Burnt marks started to form on its body.

The lord-level poisonous toad croaked in pain.
It struggled furiously trying to break free from the flaming net.

“Tighten!” Wang Teng focused his gaze on the net and tightened it forcefully while controlling it with his spiritual power.
The poisonous toad made a frightening croaking sound.
A strange change was occurring to its body.

Poof, poof, poof…

The pustules on its body suddenly burst one by one.
A large amount of poisonous pus spurted out, attempting to corrode the flaming net.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.

The Emerald Glazed Flame burned even more violently.
It engulfed the poisonous toad completely.
At the same time, ice spears appeared in the air, aimed directly at the poisonous toad below.

During the two days in virtual reality, Wang Teng often used the skills of a divine spirit master.
Compared to the past, he was getting skilled at it.

The skills of a divine spirit master were essentially the use of their spiritual kinesis to fight for them.

Feeling a life-threatening danger, the poisonous toad struggled even more furiously.

Wang Teng remained indifferent, though, as he controlled the ice spears.
They shot towards the poisonous toad.

The air was compressed, and cracking sounds were heard.
The spears seemed to have cut through the air, forming a white line where they passed.
A chill spread out in the surroundings.

Instantly, the ice spears pierced through the huge body of the poisonous toad.


The lord-level poisonous toad gave its last cry of agony.
Then, its huge body collapsed, and it died.

A few attribute bubbles dropped.

Wang Teng kept his Emerald Glazed Flame and swept the bubbles over with his spiritual power.

Poison Force*550

Poison Force*630

Advanced Stage Poison Talent 175

Blank Attribute*860

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel.
He was satisfied with the gains this time.

Poison Force: 3580/5000 (7-star)

Wang Teng had stayed in virtual reality for two days.
Most of the time, he was searching for poison element, ice element, and wind element star beasts to kill.

Now, his poison Force had reached the 7-star soldier level while his wind Force was at the 8-star soldier level.
They were finally catching up to the rest of his Forces.

His ice Force was still at the 9-star soldier level.
After all, there weren’t many ice element star beasts that existed in a huge group like the nest of ice ants.
He was extremely lucky to have found them.

Also, the size of the ant colony wasn’t as huge as a normal ant colony.

Normally, there were hundreds and thousands of ants in a nest.
Some even had a few tens of thousands.

If the ice ants existed in such large numbers, the entire snow mountain would be destroyed.

The stronger the animals, the lesser the number.

Even so, Wang Teng still killed a few ice element star beast these two days.
His ice Force rose a little, and he was much closer to reaching the brigadier general stage.

Ice Force: 4330/9000(9-star)

At the same time, Wang Teng’s blank attribute increased tremendously, exceeding 20 thousand points.

Blank Attribute: 21100

Wang Teng kept his attributes panel.
He was satisfied.

It had been three days, and his gains were already amazing.
Wang Teng almost couldn’t believe it.

“I should go back.” Wang Teng looked at the time.
He rose into the air and flew towards the city.

In the real world, Wang Teng climbed out from the virtual reality cabin.

Dan Taixuan had been waiting for some time.
When she saw him coming out, she said, “You will be heading to Mount Saint tomorrow, so have an early rest today.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He looked at her happy face and smiled.
“It looks like you have made good progress in the past two days.”

“Not bad.
My cultivation rose a little.” A pretty smile appeared at the edge of her mouth uncontrollably.
it was obvious that she was in a good mood.

Although Dan Taixuan wasn’t as incredible as the bug, Wang Teng, she was able to make good progress in the short time she spent in virtual reality.
This proved that her talent was extremely high.

“Not bad, as expected of Sister Xuan!” Wang Teng nodded and praised her.

Dan Taixuan felt even better.
There was a strong sense of achievement when this ultimate talent praised her.

Hmph, do you think you’re the only talent in this world? I’m not bad either!

Dan Taixuan raised her head and revealed her fair neck.
She felt proud of herself.

“I made progress too.
My ice Force has reached the 9-star soldier level!” Wang Teng suddenly said.

Dan Taixuan: …

The good mood that just appeared was destroyed immediately.
Dan Taixuan had a breakdown.

[o • I •o]

A few days ago, when they came to Capital Xia, Wang Teng said that his ice Force was lacking.
In less than three days, he had reached the 9-star soldier level?!!

Are you kidding me? This is a joke, right?

Dan Taixuan stared at Wang Teng for a long time, trying to detect a hint of guilt on it.
In the end, she was disappointed.

Wang Teng remained shameless.
He seemed to know what she was thinking, so a wist of ice Force surged out of his body…

9-star soldier level!

Dan Taixuan turned and left.
Her face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

This fellow was evil!

Wang Teng sniggered behind her.
He was tormented by Dan Taixuan in the past, so he wanted to get his revenge slowly…

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