Chapter 569 A Fat Queen Ant!

When Wang Teng released the poisonous smoke at the entrance, his expression was extremely calm.

It would be better off dead than be an emotionless reproductive tool.
Wang Teng felt that he was doing a good deed!

Ding! He received a good man card!

He successfully gave himself a good man card!

At this moment, faint crawling sounds could be heard inside the nest.
It didn’t sound like one or two ants.
Instead, there seemed to be four to five ice ants crawling inside.

A sharp glint flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes.
He raised his large fist…

The instant an ice ant popped its head out, Wang Teng smashed it with his fist.

Bang! The ice ant’s shell collapsed in a single blow, and its head exploded.

Ice Force*88

Blank Attribute*56

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles.
88 points… this was a lucky start!

The second this ice ant died, the one behind crawled out hurriedly.
Then, the third and the fourth one came out.

Wang Teng was feeling over the moon.
He sent an ice ant to hell with every single punch he made.

Ice Force*50

Blank Attribute*38

Intermediate Stage Ice Talent*10

Ice Force*70

Blank Attribute*46

Ice Force*66

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles.
His ice Force rose continuously, and his blank attributes increased steadily too.

The ice ants in front weren’t strong.
They were at most at the 4-star or 5-star level.
The intermediate stage ice talent some of them dropped was useless to Wang Teng.

As time passed, more and more ice ants crawled out.
Wang Teng was overjoyed.
These were all moving attributes!

He got increasingly excited as he killed the ants.
Soon, a small pile of ant corpses was formed at the entrance of the nest.

This virtual reality was extremely life-like.
The corpses of the dead star beasts wouldn’t disappear instantly.
They remained here and merged into the natural environment.

Hence, Wang Teng had no choice but to add a movement.
Whenever he killed an ant, he would kick the corpse to the side.
If not, the entrance would be blocked.

Suddenly, Wang Teng’s expression changed.
He felt a few stronger auras coming closer.

The lord-level soldier ants!

Wang Teng knew that the main highlight of the show was here.
After so many unimportant ants died, the bosses inside couldn’t sit still anymore.


A figure suddenly rushed out and charged towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng squinted and slammed his fist out.

Mirage Mountain Fist!


The ice ant that charged out stopped abruptly as if it was frozen.

Everyone knew that ants were extremely strong.
They were able to lift an item 400 times their body weight and drag an item 1700 times their body weight.
If a normal ant was so strong, think about how much strength these ice ants possessed.

Wang Teng didn’t exert his entire force in this move, but he already felt the powerful strength coming from the body of the ice ant in front of him.
They were at a standstill.

At the same time, a cold stream flowed over from the ice ant’s body.
If he wasn’t a fire element martial warrior, he would have gotten hurt by the coldness.
If his body was frozen, how could he resist the ice ant?

Hence, normal martial warriors wouldn’t have any advantages against these ice ants.

Unfortunately, the ice ants met the bug in this world, Wang Teng.
He possessed multiple elements, and his brigadier-general-level fire Force was powerful enough to tackle his opponent’s ice Force.

The fire Force flowed through his body, turning it into a furnace.
All the coldness was dispelled.

The ice ant opposite felt the scorching heat.
It turned a little anxious and wanted to stay away from the heat source.

At the same time, two more lord-level ice ants dashed out from the cave and hurled themselves at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng stared intently at them and caught the antenna of the ice ant in front of him.
He tapped his feet on the ground and landed on top of the ice ant’s head.

The other two ice ants rushed out from the side and collided with each other.
Their heads were spinning.

Wang Teng burst out laughing.
He slammed his fist down on the ice ant below him.
The Emerald Glazed Flame covered up his fist as it pierced through the ice ant’s body with its scorching heat.

The ice ant raised its head frantically and wanted to throw Wang Teng down.

But as the Emerald Glazed Flame invaded its body, the crystal-clear shell of the ice ant gradually turned red, and hot air rose from its body.
The ice ant was cooked!

The other two ice ants saw the tragic state of their comrade and naturally felt fearful.
They kept retreating

Wang Teng leaped down from the ice ant’s head and landed in front of the two ice ants.
He released both his fists at once.



The green flame exploded, enveloping the two ice ants.
They burned furiously.

The two ice ants rolled on the ground, wanting to extinguish the fire.
Unfortunately, the Emerald Glazed Flame wasn’t a normal flame, so it couldn’t be put out so easily.

Very soon, the two ice ants turned into ashes within the green flames.
A few attribute bubbles were dropped.

Ice Force*560

Ice Force*380

Blank Attribute*720

Advanced Stage Ice Talent*186

Ice Force*450

Blank Attribute*640

Advanced Stage Ice Talent*222

Good riddance, these lord-level ice ant were the main course.
This was a great harvest!

Wang Teng’s ice Force had jumped from the 7-star to the 8-star soldier level.

Ice Force: 2250/7000 (8-star)

Within a few hours, his ice Force rose from 7-star to 8-star.
A normal person would feel that this was a dream.

At the same time, he accumulated 6300 points of blank attributes.

He felt more at ease with his savings.

Once again, Wang Teng was a rich man with savings.

However, seeing the last advanced stage ice talent bubble, his good mood was gone.
222 points… System, are you serious?[1]

I have already collected this bubble, so I have to take it.
If not, I won’t accept this atrocious number!

I have my dignity!

Wang Teng accepted the bubble in frustration.
Suddenly, he looked towards the entrance.

Under the influence of the poison smoke, a bloated body was slowly moving out of the nest.

It was the queen ant!

Wang Teng turned vigilant.
This queen ant was at mid-tier lord-level.
He wondered how powerful it was.
He should be careful.

Soon, he discovered that the queen ant didn’t crawl out by itself.
More than ten ice ants were carrying it out step by step.

It was like a fatty that couldn’t move by itself!

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.
He didn’t know how this queen ant was going to fight.

Was it going to smash him with its bloated body?

His imagination ran wild.
With the help of the ice ants, the queen ant finally arrived at the entrance.

A large number of ice ants scurried out from the nest after it.
They surrounded the queen ant and looked at Wang Teng vigilantly.

Without any warning, a strange airwave came out of the queen ant’s mouth.
It spread out in circles.

What is it doing? Wang Teng didn’t feel any attack.
He frowned in confusion.

But the next instant, the ground shook suddenly, and loud noises came from the sky above him.

Large patches of snow fell on him.

Wang Teng raised his head and squinted his eyes.

“What the f**k!


Wang Teng couldn’t help but curse.
He stared at the queen ant in disbelief.
Was this phenomenon created by the airwaves just now?

[1] In Chinese, the number two can mean stupid.

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