Chapter 568 What A Great Way To Kill All The Ants!

There must be some secrets in this virtual reality because he could pick up attributes.

Wang Teng thought to himself.
He was restless.

Dan Taixuan walked over with a strange expression.
“You cooked it?”

“Cough, I didn’t.
It’s not entirely cooked.
It’s probably half done.” Wang Teng kicked the ice python’s corpse as he coughed awkwardly.

“Is there a difference?” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes at him.

“Of course.
Half-cooked meant that I’m not so cruel,” Wang Teng said in a righteous tone.

Dan Taixuan: …

She was shocked by this person’s shamelessness.

“Don’t care about the details.
I learned many things from the fight just now.
I plan to look for other ice-element star beasts,” Wang Teng said.


You seem like a fish in water, so I don’t have to follow you anymore.
We’ll move separately and gather in the city when the time is up.”

Wang Teng had no objection.
He had already found a special cultivation method for himself in virtual reality.
Now, he just wanted to look for ice element star beasts quickly and hunt them.

Other people could only raise their battle ability through the experiences in virtual reality, but he could get attribute points.
If others knew about his cheat, they might turn green with envy.

Dan Taixuan turned and prepared to leave.
Suddenly, she stopped and turned back.
She asked, “Was there Ultima in your punch just


“You noticed it!” Wang Teng exclaimed in surprise.

“So it’s true! You have grasped the Ultima!” Dan Taixuan was flabbergasted.
She stared at Wang Teng as if he were a monster.

“I was lucky,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Hurry and leave.
I don’t want to see you.” Dan Taixuan felt her heart churning in pain.
This fellow was here to stimulate others.

After separating with Dan Taixuan, Wang Teng started roaming the mountains, searching for ice element star beasts seriously.
“Where are you? Come into my arms quickly,” Wang Teng muttered as he combed the area for ice element star beasts.

Wherever he went, the star beast around him scurried away as if they saw something terrifying


Wang Teng saw a high mountain in the distance.
The peak of the mountain was white, turning into a natural ice world.

His eyes lit up.
There must be ice-element star beasts up there.

The next instant, Wang Teng rose into the air and turned into a ray of light.
He flew straight for the peak.

He stopped in mid-air, ignoring the wind pressure in the sky.
He activated his Spiritual Sight and scanned the peak below.

His eyes were like a radar scanning the Force fluctuations below.

Suddenly, an icy blue ball of light entered his vision.

“I finally found it!” Wang Teng was elated.
He rushed towards the ball of light without any hesitation.

From the size of the ball of the light, it didn’t look like a lord-level star beast, but it was still an ice element star beast.

Ice element martial warriors were rare, so he could only gain ice Force from ice element star beasts.
He mustn’t let go of any chance.

Soon, Wang Teng saw the appearance of the ice element star beast.
This was a snow-white giant ice ant.
Its body was like an ice sculpture, crystal-clear.

There was a snow-white shell that looked like armor made of snow.
Its appearance was magical.

The ice ant was moving a corpse and crawling forward.

Wang Teng wanted to attack it, but when he saw this scene, he stopped abruptly.

The habits and living conditions of ants appeared in his mind.
Although ice ants were star beasts, they were similar to normal ants.
There must be a nest of them.

This ice ant was just carrying its prey back to its nest.
Wang Teng decided to follow it.

After making his decision, Wang Teng hid his aura entirely.
He tailed the ice ant.

Ants weren’t slow, but they were too small as compared to humans.
Hence, they needed more time to move the same distance as a human.

However, the ice ant in front of him was anything but small.
It was the size of a small Beetle car.
It traveled a few hundred meters in an instant.

After some time, a nest hidden under the rocks appeared in front of Wang Teng.

The ice ant arrived at the entrance of the nest.
Another ice ant crawled out, and they touched each other’s antenna.
Then, they crawled into the nest.

Wang Teng floated down from the sky.
This entrance was big enough for him to enter while standing straight.

Activating his dark talent, dark Force surged out.
He executed the Shadow Merging Secret Skill and hid in the dark as he moved into the nest.

As he went deeper, he realized that the nest extended in all directions, and the paths had many twists and turns.
The nest spanned a huge area.

Very soon, he saw an ice ant.

Wang Teng didn’t attack it immediately.
He wanted to understand the situation first.

He headed deeper into the nest and met more and more ice ants along the way.
The edge of his lips lifted into an arc.

There were so many ice ants, so there must be many attribute bubbles!

This was going to be a good harvest.

Wang Teng suppressed the excitement in his heart.
He took a few turns and finally came to a huge underground space.
A large queen ant was lying horizontally here.

Its entire body was white, and it was bloated and round.
Erm… if you took a bite of it, juice might spurt out!

Wang Teng scanned it with his Spiritual Sight and noticed that the intensity of the light in the queen ant’s body had reached mid-tier lord-level.

This queen ant was stronger than the ice python he met some time ago!


Wang Teng looked at the bloated body of the queen ant.
He wondered if it was still able to fight?

Could it be that it was just a reproductive tool like a normal queen ant?

It would be great if that was true!


He could kill a lord-level star beast with extreme ease!

Of course, Wang Teng knew that this might not be the case.
There were all kinds of star beasts.
He didn’t dare to treat this queen ant as a weakling

Furthermore… he looked around the queen ant.
There were a few soldier ants present.

Based on the intensity of the Forces in the soldier ants’ bodies, some of them were at the 9-star while a few had reached low-tier lord-level.

This ant nest was not bad!

Although Wang Teng was elated, he was a little afraid.
Ants were known for their numbers.
Even he would feel terrified if all the ice ants swarmed out of their nest at once.

I need to think of a way to settle it once and for all! Wang Teng touched his chin and pondered to himself as he hid in the dark.

This nest of ice ants was a little hard to swallow, but he wouldn’t give up.

Once he killed all of them, he would be able to gain a huge number of ice Force attribute bubbles.
His ice Force might leap all the way to the 9-star level because of this.

Wang Teng shuddered in excitement when he imagined that scene.
His mind worked furiously.

“That’s it!” Suddenly, an idea flashed past his mind.

With an evil smile at the edge of his lips, he retreated toward the entrance.

When he arrived at the entrance, his gaze flickered, and poison Force gushed out of his body.
Then, the Emerald Glazed Flame came out.

Once the poison Force touched the Emerald Glazed Flame, a thick black smoke erupted.

Wang Teng pushed his Force out and formed a strong gale.
He blew the black smoke into the nest.

What a great way to kill all the ants!

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