Chapter 567 A Very Serious Punch!

Dan Taixuan was still thinking if she should help Wang Teng.
However, when she saw him suddenly getting excited, she felt that her worry was for nothing.

Indeed, Wang Teng was able to punch this low-tier lord-level python into the air with a single punch.
Without any ultimate moves, he might still be able to defeat this star beast.

As a 10-star was brigadier general, he jumped a level and was fighting with an 11-star lord-level star beast.
He had gone further and further on the invincible path!

No, as his ex-master, how could she fall behind him!

Dan Taixuan gritted her teeth.
The motivation to become stronger instantly rose in her heart.
She was a top-tier talent too.
If not, she wouldn’t be able to become a general-stage martial warrior at 27.

Hence, it was understandable why she felt frustrated when Wang Teng caught up with her.

Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng who was fighting with the ice python.
The corners of her lips twitched.

What was he excited about?

The ice blue giant python moved its body slowly as it stared vigilantly at Wang Teng.
It felt a sense of danger from this human!

Especially that gaze.
He seemed like a maniac…

“Hiss!” It hissed at Wang Teng before it shrunk its head back…

Wang Teng didn’t move.
Although the ice python had shrunk its head back, it still didn’t launch an attack.

What’s this stupid python doing? Wang Teng was stunned, feeling confused.

Was that a fake move just now?

As a lord-level star beast, why are you making a fake move? Do you think we’re playing basketball? Fake move?!

This ice python seems like an idiot.
Did I hurt its head just now?

Wang Teng started to look at the python with compassion.
It was quite pitiful.
It wasn’t easy to become a lord-level star beast, but he had knocked it stupid.

Never mind, this star beast is stupid, so there’s no point in keeping it.
I will kill it and eat it.

I wonder if ice element star beasts’ meat is delicious?

Wang Teng had never tasted it before.

As these random thoughts flashed through his mind, Wang Teng suddenly disappeared on the spot.
He turned into a ray of light and shot towards the ice python.

He raised his fist, and metal Force gushed out, forming a powerful and firm force on his fist.

Sky-rank battle technique-Golden Star Fist!

Strength of Ultima!

This was a very serious punch!

In that instant, the ice python felt an extremely frightening power from Wang Teng’s fist.
The fist zoomed in continuously in its eyes like a huge mountain boring down on it.

“This is?” Dan Taixuan sensed something and widened her eyes in astonishment.

The ice python hissed fiercely.
An ice-blue ball of light quickly formed in its mouth, and it spurted it out.


The ice blue ball of light went straight for Wang Teng’s fist.
Force glow exploded, and the terrifying residual force of their attacks swept through the lake.

The center of this ball of light erupted.

Dan Taixuan squinted as she stared at the point of contact.

“Roar!” The ice python’s howl was heard from afar.
The pain in its voice was obvious.

Dan Taixuan’s expression changed.
The ice python seemed to have suffered miserably during their exchange just now.

The dust blown into the sky by the strong wind dissipated gradually.
The situation in front was finally revealed.

A deep hole had appeared on the ground.

ground and buried deep inside.
Its hard scales had cracked, and many parts of it were broken.
The scales were scattered everywhere.

A large pool of blood flowed down its head.
It looked tragic.

There was a figure standing above its head.
It was, of course, Wang Teng.
Is it dead? Dan Taixuan frowned.
This result was out of her expectations.
There was a difference in their level, so it was hard to believe that the ice python got so easily defeated by Wang Teng.

Did this ice python look fierce but was actually useless?

At this moment, the ice python suddenly opened its eyes and hissed.
It moved its body frantically.

Wang Teng stood on its head firmly without falling.
He grabbed one of the ice python’s horns, and his gaze turned cold.
“You’re putting up a stiff resistance.”

The ice python flung its head furiously, wanting to fling Wang Teng off.
At the same time, a chill surged out of its horn and spread to Wang Teng’s arm.

A thick layer of ice froze around Wang Teng’s arm.

“Are you trying to freeze me?” Wang Teng smirked.
He released his Emerald Glazed Flame, covering his arm internally and externally.

The fire was the bane of ice.
Moreover, the Emerald Glazed Flame was a divine fire, so there weren’t many ice Forces that could resist it.

The ice python’s ice Force hadn’t reached that stage.

The thick layer of ice melted instantly.

Wang Teng didn’t retract his Emerald Glazed Flame.
He allowed it to spread out until it reached the ice python.


The ice python’s eyes widened in surprise, and it hissed in agony.


Extremely hot!

What did this human do?

The ice element star beast wasn’t able to withstand the scorching heat of the Emerald Glazed Flame at all.
This heat was the worst torture for it.

Wang Teng’s gaze was cold.
He grabbed the other horn with his free hand, and the Emerald Glazed Flame seeped out of it, enveloping the hand.

The two ice blue horns of the python started turning red at a visible speed.
They seemed to be getting cooked… The ice python gave a loud hiss.
Its voice had changed.
It seemed to be suffering great pain.

Dan Taixuan looked at the scene from afar and suddenly started pitying the ice python.

It was tragic!

This giant python was extremely unlucky to have met Wang Teng, a person who possessed the divine fire.
It could only be tormented.

The green flame wrapped around the ice python’s horns.
The scorching heat flowed into its body through the sharp horns, and the ice mist was evaporated.
Steam appeared above its head.

No matter how hard the ice python struggled, it couldn’t break free from Wang Teng.

At this moment, it understood what despair felt like!


The next moment, the ice python stopped struggling.
Its huge body slammed on the ground forcefully, and it stopped moving.

Smoke rose from its head.
It seemed to be… cooked!

Wang Teng leaped down from the ice python’s head calmly.
He glanced at the attribute bubbles around him and swept them over with his spiritual power.

He picked them up.

Ice Force*230

Ice Force*560

Ice Force*360

Ice Force*420

Advanced Stage Ice Talent*156

Blank Attribute*640

Wang Teng counted his gains silently and was overjoyed.

There were 1570 points of ice Force.
Adding the 229 points from before, he had gained 1799 points in total.
This was not bad!

Ice Force: 2507/5000 (7-star)

Wang Teng looked at his ice Force.
The gains allowed his ice Force to reach the middle zone of the 7-star level.
He needed only 2500 points more to break through this level.

What did this mean?

All he needed to do was to kill another lord-level ice-element star beast!

At this moment, Wang Teng was full of motivation.
He hoped that he could find another lord-level star beast immediately and pick up another round of ice Force from it.
He wanted his ice Force to reach 8-star immediately.

Besides his ice Force, Wang Teng also received 156 points of advanced stage ice talent and 640 blank attributes.
The gains were not bad.

Virtual reality was a good place!

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