Chapter 565 Wang-Wikipedia-Teng!

When Wang Teng was cultivating the Ancient God’s Body, the three great commanders walked out of their lodgings and looked up at the sky.

“Did you sense that?” the lofty Commander Long asked in a stern voice.

“The fluctuation was violent, but it disappeared too quickly.
I can’t find the location.” Commander Hong was scrawny, but his voice was loud and clear.

The last refined-looking elder was Commander Yong.
His gaze flickered as he said, “I wonder who can cause such a huge commotion?”

“Do you think it’s Old Wu-” Before Commander Long could finish his sentence, he was interrupted.

“Old Long, be careful of what you say,” Commander Hong and Commander Yong said simultaneously.

“I know, I know.” Commander Long was frustrated.
He muttered, “If they found any results during their research, they can be direct.
What’s the point of hiding?”

Commander Hong and Commander Yong ignored him.

The three of them investigated the commotion again but discovered nothing.
They went back to their lodgings dejectedly.

Wang Teng didn’t know that the commotion caused by his Ancient God’s Body cultivation had attracted the attention of the three great commanders.
Honestly, what happened just now was out of his expectations.

In the past, he used his blank attributes to raise the level of his Ancient God’s Body, so he didn’t need any external Force.
Hence, no one detected anything.

But now, he cultivated the Ancient God’s Body properly using the standard cultivation method, so a large amount of Force was needed.
This would definitely attract others’ attention, and they would realize that his cultivation method was different.

Wang Teng didn’t mind releasing this cultivation method to the public when the right time came.
But, it wasn’t now.

He hadn’t experienced it yet, so why should he let others do it first?

He had his selfish thoughts too.
The Ancient God’s Body was exceptionally powerful.
He wouldn’t tell everyone about it.

He would tell them after he found a normal Force skill scripture to cultivate constellation Force.
That way, his heart wouldn’t hurt.

It looks like the Leader’s guess is right.
Wang Teng wondered to himself.

The constellation arose from normal Force.
The next stage of human cultivation was to learn how to evolve Force into constellation Force so that they could move to a higher realm.

Wang Teng pondered to himself silently.
All sorts of ideas went through his mind.
He had already experienced the process of the transformation of Forces, so he had some understanding of it.

If he could merge this skill into the sky-rank scriptures he possessed, would he be able to come up with a new way of cultivating constellation Force?

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up at the thought.
He immediately put his idea into motion.
He possessed many advanced-rank scriptures from yellow-rank to sky-rank.

No one had more scriptures than him.

In the future, he could be called Wang-Wikipedia-Teng!

A smile appeared at the edge of his lips.
He closed his eyes and focused on going through the constellation Force skill scripture in his mind.

The night passed quickly.

The next morning, Dan Taixuan called Wang Teng up for breakfast.

Wang Teng opened the door with panda eyes.
He had underestimated the difficulty of creating a scripture.
This wasn’t something a normal human could do.
He felt that his head was going to explode after thinking the entire night.
However, his efforts weren’t useless.
He did have some new enlightenment, but he was still a vast distance away from creating a new constellation Force skill scripture.

“What’s the matter with you?” Dan Taixuan asked in surprise.

I didn’t sleep well,” Wang Teng replied casually.

“Didn’t sleep well?” Dan Taixuan looked at him curiously.
Then, she thought of something, and her expression turned strange.
“Young man, you need to curb yourself.”


Wang Teng almost vomited blood.
“Curb your head! What are you thinking?”

“Am I wrong?” Dan Taixuan glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

I’m so handsome.
Why will I do that?” Wang Teng was speechless.
“What are you referring to? I don’t understand.
I just hope that you will stop staying up late.”

Wang Teng: …

Dan Taixuan smirked in her heart when she saw his frustrated expression.
How dare you be cheeky around me!

She was taking revenge for what happened yesterday night.

After their breakfast, they prepared to go back to their lodging.

“What do you plan to do for the next few days?” Dan Taixuan asked.

I’m going back to cultivate.” Wang Teng hadn’t given up.
He decided to go back and try it out again.

“Since we’re here, let me bring you to a good place,” Dan Taixuan said with a mysterious smile.

“Oh? What place?” Wang Teng got interested when he saw her expression.

“You’ll know once you get there.” Dan Taixuan said, “But that place needs some contribution points.”

“Contribution points!” Wang Teng knew what contribution points were.
The military would reward people with contribution points after they completed a mission or made great achievements.
These contribution points could be used in the military or exchanged for other resources in official stores.

Honestly, he had quite some contribution points on his hands.

Without him knowing, he had made many contributions to the human race.
He caught the spy for dark apparitions, helped in the Star Maple City war and the sea beasts’ riot… He made great contributions during these events, so the higher authorities gave him his due contribution points.

However, Wang Teng didn’t need any other resources, so he never used them.

They walked deep into the military district and stopped outside a heavily guarded building

“Please show your identity.” The guard walked up and stopped them.
Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan took out their identity certificates.
The three guards present saluted and said indifferently, “Lieutenant General Dan, Major General Wang, please enter!”

The two of them entered the building and took the elevator to the underground level.

The underground space was extremely similar to the space Wang Teng visited yesterday.
A silver-white corridor appeared in front of him.
They walked forward.

On the way, Dan Taixuan explained, “The place I’m bringing you to is called virtual reality!”

“Virtual reality!” Wang Teng remembered something.
“Isn’t it the same as the virtual combat chambers we have in school?”

“If it were the same, why would I bring you here?” Dan Taixuan smiled and asked.

“Huh?” Wang Teng looked at her curiously.

“The virtual combat chamber here is more advanced than the virtual combat chambers at the academy.
You will know the details later,” Dan Taixuan said secretively.

The two of them came to an underground room.
There were enclosed cabins that looked like coffins placed all around the room.
Many people were lying inside.

“Swipe some contribution points and enter,” Dan Taixuan said.
She swiped her contribution points and laid in one cabin.

Wang Teng looked around him and shook his head.
Why did she have to be so secretive about this?

He followed Dan Taixuan’s actions and swiped his contribution points.
A lovely sound suddenly rang inside the cabin.

“Respected Major General Wang, welcome to the virtual reality system.
You need 1000 contribution points to enter for ten hours.
Do you wish to enter?”

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