Chapter 564 Once A Master, Always A Mother

That night, Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan stayed in the Capital Xia military district.

Wang Teng was a major general now, so by right, he belonged to the military.
It was reasonable for him to live in the military district.

There were accommodations especially for outsiders in the military district.
The treatment was not bad.

Under the guidance of a soldier, they passed through a small cobblestone path and saw many simple buildings in front of them.
They looked exquisite.
It was hard to imagine that such accommodations existed in the military that was known for being frugal.

Noticing Wang Teng’s surprise, Dan Taixuan explained, “This area is normally used to welcome foreign guests.
Hence, it mustn’t look too shabby.”

Wang Teng was enlightened and nodded.
He discovered that Dan Taixuan seemed familiar with this place.
It wasn’t her first time here.

“Loft 03, 05, and 08 are empty.
Major General Wang, you can choose one,” the soldier leading the way said.

“I’ll take 08.
I came to Capital Xia to earn a fortune, so I’ll choose this lucky number,” Rubbing his chin, Wang Teng said seriously.

The soldier: …

Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes.
She was speechless.

“Alright, you can get going.
You don’t have to worry about us,” Dan Taixuan said to the soldier.


After the soldier left, Wang Teng asked Dan Taixuan curiously, “Master, where will you be staying?” Dan Taixuan frowned.
“Stop calling me Master.
You’re no weaker than me now.
In the martial arts world, your ability decides your status.
You can talk to me as a peer.”

Wang Teng didn’t expect her to talk about this.
He was shocked.
Then, he straightened his face and said, “Once a master, always a mother…”

Dan Taixuan was speechless.

To hell with always a mother!

What could you expect from a hog but a


“Cough, sorry I made a mistake.
That isn’t the main point.
The thing is, I always treated you as my master.” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and continued, “You taught me many things in the past.
When we went to the Crimson Tiger Troop, you stood up for me without any hesitation.
I’ll always remember


Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng.
This fellow had some conscience.
Her expression remained emotionless as she stretched her back and said lazily, “Alright, let’s not talk about the past.
If you really remember what I’ve done for you, call me sister from now


“Alright, I’ll call you Sister Xuan from now.” Wang Teng knew that as his status changed, it would be awkward to keep calling Dan Taixuan his master.
Hence, he agreed to her request.

Dan Taixuan nodded.
He pointed to the loft beside her and said, “That’s where I’ll be staying.
Call me if you need anything.”

Wang Teng finally saw the ‘Xuan’ doorplate on the loft.
She had a personal loft here.

“Why don’t I have this treatment?” He wasn’t convinced.

He was a major general who was going to represent the country soon.
Why couldn’t he enjoy a similar treatment?


He must talk to the three great commanders about this the next time he saw them.

“Wait until you’re a lieutenant general.” Dan Taixuan snorted and walked towards the loft.
She left Wang Teng with a heartless back view.

Wang Teng was stunned for a moment before regaining his senses.
She had mocked him.

Dan Taixuan was still the evil Dan Taixuan.

“Since you’re not my master anymore, I won’t give in to you! Hmph!” Wang Teng glared at Dan Taixuan’s amazing figure as he muttered to himself.

Dan Taixuan felt the furious gaze and froze.
She turned around abruptly and glared ruthlessly at Wang Teng.

She was welcomed with an innocent and pure gaze.

“If you look at me with that gaze again, I’ll dig your eyes out.” Dan Taixuan threatened him before slamming the door shut and disappearing from Wang Teng’s sight.

“Hmph, a paper tiger.” Wang Teng laughed and shook his head as if he had discovered something funny.

In the no.
08 loft, Wang Teng sat down cross-legged on the bed and focused on his attributes panel.

Constellation Force (Fire): 22

His mind was fixed on the constellation Force.
He felt it thoroughly and discovered that there were strands of special fire Force mixed in his normal fire Force.

The next instant, Wang Teng opened his eyes and lifted his hand.
Fire Force surged out from his body and congregated into a ball of flame on his palm.

At this moment, there was an even more scorching flame within this fiery red flame.

Wang Teng removed it from the normal flame carefully.
In the end, it formed a dark red flame.
Its color was darker, and its temperature was higher, possessing a stronger destructive power.

“Based on what the Leader said, this constellation Force is mutated from our normal Force.”

Wang Teng stared at the dark red flame in deep thought.

“In that case, there must be something connecting these two Forces.
This connection might be a profound Force skill scripture.
“The humans on Earth lack this advanced skill scripture, so they can only stop at the general stage.” Wang Teng frowned.
He had a sudden thought.

“The Ancient God’s Body also had a stronger and more profound Force skill scripture.
However, it cultivates the body and not Force…

“Wait, that isn’t right.
I remember that when I raised my Ancient God’s Body’s level, a certain Force merged into my body.
It was similar to the constellation Force.

“But… that Force was purer, and it didn’t possess any attributes.”

Wang Teng recalled the feeling as he activated his Ancient God’s Body.
He tried to sense the secret within.


His heart pounded forcefully.
The blood in his body churned and nourished his flesh and bones.
A powerful strength surged out of his body.

A magical golden mark appeared on his forehead.

Wang Teng followed the path on the Ancient God’s Body.
A loud explosion suddenly came from his body, and a large suction force surged out.

It was nighttime.
The stars hung high in the sky.

Suddenly, all the stars shimmered and blinked once.
Then, the Force within the area flowed toward him frantically.

These Forces weren’t limited to one type.
There were all kinds of attributes: metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, and ice.
All of them flowed over and turned into a purer form of energy using the Ancient God’s Body.
Finally, it merged into his body.

“As expected!” Wang Teng activated the scripture once and felt the tremendous changes outside.
He immediately stopped the cultivation of the Ancient God’s Body.

Bewilderment appeared in his eyes.
The Ancient God’s Body was exceptionally domineering.
It was able to absorb all Forces into his body.

No wonder the Ancient Gods’ tribe sucked the energy from the planets and stars to raise their cultivation.
Their path was too powerful.

“If I’m right, those Forces are the constellation Forces!” Wang Teng took a deep breath to calm down.
He made his guess.

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