Chapter 563 Constellation Force

The Leader remained calm without a change in his expression.

Wang Teng shrugged.
No matter what the answer was, they had already started the research.
What could he do?

Were they going to release the creature and say, “This is all a misunderstanding.
Let’s be good friends in the future.”


Wang Teng looked at the creature in front.
He remembered something and asked, “Did you say it’s very powerful?”

“Yes, more powerful than any human martial warriors.” The Leader was exceptionally serious.

Wang Teng was shocked.
An idea flashed into his mind, and he blurted out his thoughts, “So the countries on Earth want to decipher a path to become stronger from it?”

The Leader looked at him in admiration.
“You’re indeed smart.

“That’s right.
We want to find the secret to becoming stronger from it.
We have only reached the general stage.
If we don’t achieve a breakthrough, we will be at a disadvantage against star beasts, dark apparitions, and unknown aliens.”

“What have the other countries found out?” Wang Teng asked again.

“I don’t know.” The Leader shook his head.
“This is why I brought you here.”

“I don’t think you brought me here just to see this alien, right?” Wang Teng asked with bright eyes.

“There will be a global exchange event soon.
It will be held on Mount Saint, and only youths aged 25 and below will participate in this event.
I want you to represent our country for the event,” the Leader said directly

“A global exchange event?” Wang Teng was puzzled.
He had never heard of this event.

“It has been held many times, but normal people don’t know about it.”

“Do you want me to find out what the other countries have discovered?” Wang Teng asked.

“That is one reason.
I also hope that you can suppress the younger generations of the other nations to show the strength of our country.” The Leader said, “Our performance has always been average.
But with the current changes in the world and the restless star beasts and dark apparitions, we need to display more power to have more initiative.”

Wang Teng understood.
He was there to be a coolie.
They called him over from Donghai and went an entire round to tell him this.

He had reached the brigadier general stage and was close to becoming a low-tier general.
He had probably surpassed all the younger generation talents in the world.

“What benefits will I get if I agree?” Wang Teng smiled and asked.
He didn’t agree immediately.

“Indeed, you won’t commit yourself until you get what you want.” The Leader smiled and asked, “What do you want?”

Wang Teng hesitated before saying, “I took many treasures from the Darkland and want to turn them into cash.
Can you help me settle this?”

“You took treasures from the Darkland!” The Leader’s expression turned weird.
He was a little surprised.
“How much?”

“A few trillions,” Wang Teng said shyly.

“Pfft!” The three commanders who had been silent all this while widened their eyes in surprise and looked at Wang Teng as if he were a monster.

The Leader choked too.
He kept quiet for some time before he said, “I’ll ask someone to take care of them.
Just pass them to me later.”

Wang Teng nodded.
“Can I observe this alien?”

“Wang Teng, we have gathered the top talents in the nation, but no one managed to find anything.
Don’t waste your time,” the scrawny commander couldn’t help but open his mouth.

“I’ll just take a look,” Wang Teng sniggered.

I’ll ask someone to open the cabin,” the Leader said.
“No need, I’ll use my spiritual power,” Wang Teng said.

The Leader nodded his head.
It was recorded in his data that he was a divine spirit master.
Hence, he wasn’t surprised.

Wang Teng noticed that the two attribute bubbles were already disappearing, so he immediately sent his spiritual power out.

He picked it up.

Constellation Force (Fire)*10

Constellation Force (Fire)*12

This is? Wang Teng was flabbergasted.

Constellation Force!

And it was a fire element constellation Force.

As the constellation Force merged into his body, Wang Teng felt a certain change.

He pulled out his attributes panel and looked at his Force column.
There was a new Constellation Force (Fire) entry: 22

This constellation Force was different from his other fire Force.
It seemed strangely more powerful.

However, this wasn’t the time to look into it.
He pretended to use his spiritual power to scan the alien a few times before retracting it.

Suddenly, the alien opened its eyes.

“%&ï¿ ¥*#…” It struggled frantically and made strange and inaudible sounds with its throat.

“Quick, quick.
Give it a huge jab of anesthetic.
Don’t let it struggle,” the person-in-charge who was talking to the Leader just now shouted.

The staff around them started to get busy.
After a series of operations, the anesthetic was injected into the alien through one of the tubes.

The alien gave a frustrated and angry roar.
Its eyes popped out, and it went back to sleep again.

The Leader and the others seemed used to this scene.
They shook their heads helplessly.

Wang Teng glanced at the Leader and then at the alien.
Suddenly, he found this fellow a little pitiful.

It had been locked up for 18 years and was treated as an object of study.
Its life was dark.

“Did you discover anything?” The Leader asked.

“It’s Force seems powerful.” Wang Teng thought for a moment.
He didn’t want to say anything at first, but he figured it wasn’t good, so he gave an ambiguous answer in the end.

“That is the direction of our research.
Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to alter our Force,” the Leader said.

“You think that this Force is a mutation of our Force?” Wang Teng read between the lines.

“High possible,” the Leader said.

Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.

“Alright, you have taken a look at it.
Do you have any other requests?” the Leader asked.

“That’s all.
I agree to go for the global event.” Wang Teng didn’t make any requests and agreed to the Leader’s suggestion.

“Let’s leave.” The Leader walked out of the laboratory.

Wang Teng threw a sad look at the alien in the cabin.
He wished that he could gain more attributes bubbles from it, but this wasn’t a place he could enter whenever he wanted.

He didn’t make this request just now because it was too sudden, and he was asking for too much.

After they came up, the three great commanders arranged Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan’s lodging and let them rest.
Three days later, Wang Teng would board the military aircraft heading to Mount Saint.
As they watched him leave, the lofty commander asked curiously, “Why didn’t you ask him about the rock body? He seemed to have found the path forward.”

“We will know what we need to know.
He will tell us when he feels he can say it,” the Leader smiled and replied.

The three commanders were silent…

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