Chapter 562 Alien!

“I don’t know!” Wang Teng replied directly.
He wasn’t afraid of the guy.

After the initial astonishment, he had already regained his composure.
The Leader of martial arts was worth respecting, but there was no need to be fearful of him.

In the past, Wang Teng might not have been so open-minded.
But now, he was at the general stage and was confident that he would be on par with the three great commanders or the Leader soon.
Hence, his fear towards them wasn’t that great.

This was the temperament of a formidable warrior.

The Leader didn’t mind his tone.
Instead, he gave a smile of approval and said, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you somewhere.”

He walked out of the door.
The three great commanders glanced at one another and followed him out of the room.

Can you finish what you have to say at once? Stop beating around the bush.
Wang Teng rolled his eyes and complained in his heart.

They took the elevator down.
This was a different elevator from the one Wang Teng took just now.

Very soon, the elevator stopped.
The door opened, and a bright underground space appeared in front.

There was a long corridor.
The Leader strode ahead.
Many figures wearing long white gowns were shuttling back and forth hurriedly.
Seeing the Leader and the three great commanders, they would bow and greet them.
They only straightened their backs after they walked far away.

Wang Teng looked at the white gowns and frowned.

F**k, are they going to cut him up for research?

Should he run or not?

The problem was, he couldn’t beat the Leader yet!

Wang Teng was in a dilemma.
He followed the Leader until they reached a huge room that looked like a laboratory in a science fiction movie.

The door of the room was extremely thick and sturdy.
Through the window, he noticed that the staff inside were all covered up.
Their white working uniform was like a spacesuit.

The view from the window was limited.
Besides the staff, he could only see some high-technology devices.
He couldn’t see anything else.

“Use your Force to cover yourself as protection,” the Leader opened his mouth and said.

Then, he opened the door.

There was a sterilization scanning area behind the door.
Everyone was scanned thoroughly to sterilize their bodies before they could pass through another door to enter the room.

Wang Teng was shocked.
Where was this? Why did they have to be so strict when entering?

He hesitated for a moment and decided to follow the Leader.
Covering himself with Force, he entered the room behind the man.

He couldn’t run away.
Since he had no chance of resisting, why not see what they wanted to do?

These people were all general-stage formidable warriors.
Hence, there was no need to cover themselves up tightly with the protective suit.

The instant Wang Teng entered, he scanned the surroundings.
Soon, his gaze was fixed on a huge enclosed cabin.
Bewilderment appeared in his eyes.

There was a human-shaped creature covered with scales locked up in the enclosed cabin.
It was approximately three meters tall, and even its face had scales on it.
There was a horn in its head giving off a gold glint.
It looked a little hideous because of it.

“What is that?” Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

He also noticed that the limbs of this creature were chained up by rune chains.
A huge thick metal chain tied up its body, while a few more chains penetrated its body to lock it up entirely.

At the same time, many tubes were stabbed into the creature.
They seemed to be sucking something from its body.

“It’s still alive?!” Wang Teng shuddered at this scene.

As expected, this was a laboratory researching living creatures.
How frightening!

But they were kind enough not to cut it up!

Suddenly, Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
As the tube sucked up something from the creature’s body, two attribute bubbles suddenly dropped out.

Huh? Wang Teng glanced at the Leader and the others silently.
If he used his spiritual power to sweep the attribute bubbles over, he would definitely get noticed.

But he couldn’t touch it without using his spiritual power either.

What should he do?

Should he pick them up?

Wang Teng hesitated.
If he was at another place with other people around him, he would do it.
Yet, this was an important research facility, and the Leader of martial arts and the three great commanders were beside him.

If he used his spiritual power recklessly, he would cause huge trouble.

Wang Teng contemplated and decided to give up.
He would pick them up when he had the chance.

Thereafter, he activated his Spiritual Sight and looked at the creature.

Huh? Wang Teng was given another shock.
He saw a special Force color from within the creature.
It was different from any other Force he had ever seen.

What Force is this? Wang Teng’s heart was itching.
His curiosity towards this scaled creature had increased to an all-time high.
He looked at the two attribute bubbles and wished that he could pick them up instantly.

This creature was neither a star beast nor a dark apparition.
If not, it wouldn’t have this Force.

He looked at the Leader of martial arts uncontrollably.
They probably brought him here to see this creature.

As expected, the Leader exchanged a few words with the person in charge of this laboratory.
Then, he turned and said to Wang Teng, “Do you know what this is?”

“I don’t know,” Wang Teng shook his head and replied.

“It’s… an alien!” the Leader paused for a moment before saying slowly.

“Alien?!” Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
He didn’t expect this creature to come from outer space.

“The world is bigger than we think,” the Leader exclaimed.

Wang Teng remained silent.

Xingwu Continent, Darkland, the outer space.

He felt that the more he knew, the more he couldn’t understand this world.
He had found the Ancient God’s corpse in the dimensional rift and always felt that it belonged to another world.

However, today, someone told him that there were powerful presences in their world too.

“How did this creature…” Wang Teng paused.
He didn’t know if he should ask.

“You want to know how we caught it and brought it to the laboratory?” The Leader smiled.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

“About 18 years ago, a spaceship from outer space fell onto a certain island in the ocean.
At that time, something went wrong with the spaceship, so it caused a huge commotion when it crashed onto land.
All the countries sent people out to search for it.
They found it and caught the badly injured creatures in the spaceship.
After a round of debate, some big countries gained ownership of these creatures.
Our country is one of them,” the Leader explained briefly.

Wang Teng was surprised.
He looked at the Leader’s expression and asked, “So we brought it back for research?”

“Cough, we didn’t plan to research at first, but these creatures don’t want to cooperate.
They were powerful too, so if they weren’t heavily injured at that time, they might have caused disasters on Earth,” the Leader coughed awkwardly as he replied.

Wang Teng glanced at him silently.
Was that the truth?

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