Chapter 561 The Leader Of Martial Arts

Old Han appeared in front of everyone.
He had recovered from his injuries.

Not only did Chen Ruifan couldn’t believe it, even the two master alchemists, Ji Xinshui and Xu Heyu, felt like they were dreaming.

Wang Teng actually healed him when the three of them weren’t able to.
This fellow was indeed exceptional!

At this moment, they started to believe that he was a master alchemist.
With his skills, he should be regarded as a master level.

Cui Heng believed it too.
He was embarrassed that he had tried to dissuade Wang Teng previously.
All this while, he was just embarrassing himself.
Wang Teng was already a master alchemist, and he might even be better than him.
There was nothing for him to worry about.

But it was a great thing that Wang Teng was still a student of the Huanghai Military Academy.
With him, they had two master alchemists in their ranks.

“Wang Teng, thank you very much!” Old Han put away his smile and said solemnly to Wang Teng.

He really thought that his time was up, but Wang Teng had managed to yank him out of the gates of hell.
He was indebted to him for saving his life.

“If you want to thank me, do it after I completely heal that injury of yours.
It’s just under control for now,” Wang Teng said.

“Two more years for me is good enough.” Old Han didn’t mind it and smiled

Wang Teng just laughed.
Old Han probably had an idea that only a grandmaster could save him and felt that it would be nothing short of a fantasy for Wang Teng to reach that level in two years.

He knew very well that even in the Xingwu Continent, there were not many grandmaster alchemists, and they were all at least a century old.
It was not easy for Wang Teng to even reach the master level at such a young age.

He had an inkling that Wang Teng would climb the next level but definitely not in two years.

Chen Ruifan was too ashamed to stay any longer.
He turned around to leave with his disciple.
He had heard that Wang Teng wasn’t unable to heal Old Han completely, but he at least managed to extend the old man’s life by two years.

Mind you, before this, none of the alchemists were able to do anything.
In his situation, five days was the most Old Han could live.

If he spoke now, he would be asking for humiliation.
His face was already on the floor.
There was no need to step on it anymore.
Ji Xinshui and Xu Heyu didn’t care when they saw Chen Ruifan leaving.
They even felt a little happy seeing him embarrassed.

They walked over and started chatting with Wang Teng.
The guy had reached the master level at an incredibly young age.
They would be idiots if they didn’t befriend him.

Wang Teng knew some methods they didn’t know, so they could interact and improve together.

The two of them came forward and called him Master Wang.
They viewed him as someone at their level and were extremely enthusiastic.

“Oh right, Master Wang, were you using a divine fire just now?” Ji Xinshui hesitated before asking.
He couldn’t control his curiosity anymore.

Wang Teng was slightly astonished.
Then, he nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s called the Emerald Glazed Flame.”

He raised his hand, and a green flame appeared on his palm.
It blossomed like a beautiful green flower, its intense heat spreading in an instant.
With his current ability, he wasn’t worried that others would snatch his things.

Dan Taixuan and Old Han were conversing at the side.
They felt the scorching heat from the Emerald Glazed Flame and walked over involuntarily.
“During the sea beasts’ riot, I sensed that you used a certain divine fire.
So this was it,” Old Han said in a thoughtful tone.
He sized up the green flame on Wang Teng’s palm curiously.

“I was just lucky enough to have it,” Wang Teng said.
“We want your luck too!” Ji Xinshui and Xu Heyu lamented in envy.

“It’s rare enough to find a divine fire, much less capture it.” Ji Xinshui shook his head.

Xu Heyu nodded in agreement.
Although they were envious, they were all master-level characters, so they were broadminded and didn’t lose their head.

They talked a little longer.
The two masters then invited Wang Teng to share his alchemy experience again when he was free before taking their leave.

The next day, Wang Teng informed his family members before stepping on the military plane heading to Capital Xia along with Dan Taixuan.

The sky was getting more and more dangerous, especially after the sea beasts’ riot.
The entire nation had raised its vigilance.

The military aircraft they were in was equipped with extremely powerful rune weapons.
If they met any flying star beasts, they would be able to strike it down.
Of course, not everyone had the right to sit in military aircraft.

The military plane traveled at high speed and traversed half the nation’s land in half an hour.
At the moment, it was crossing a mountain.


The cry of a bird was abruptly heard in the sky.
The sound penetrated through clouds and rocks, surging towards them like a huge wave.

The military plane vibrated and suddenly changed direction.
The two people on board felt the commotion.
Dan Taixuan asked calmly, “What happened?”

“Report, it’s an Ice Feather Vulture,” the soldier in front said.

“Strike it down!” Dan Taixuan ordered with a stern expression.


In the sky, a vulture covered with snow-white feathers spread out its wings.
It was one-third the length of the military plane, looking extremely majestic.
Its beak was as sharp as a hook, and a cold glint escaped from its eyes.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power shot out from his forehead.
It twirled in the air as he sensed the situation outside.


He sensed the level of this Ice Feather Vulture, but there was no change in his expression.

It was just a 6-star beast.
They could kill it easily.

However, the element of this Ice Feather Vulture caught his attention.

Ice element!

His ice element was only at the 7-star soldier level.
If there was a large number of ice element star beasts for him to collect attributes from, it would be easy for him to rise to the general stage.

He wondered if there were many Ice Feather Vultures?

Wang Teng touched his chin and pondered on the thought.

The Ice Feather Vulture outside suddenly shuddered for no reason as it felt an evil intention enveloping it.

A hint of curiosity flashed in its eyes.
What happened?

The strange feeling came and left quickly.
It disappeared in the blink of an eye.
The Ice Feather Vulture’s gaze turned cold again as it stared at the military plane in front.

The military aircraft hovered in the air.
The runes glowed brightly on the surface and congregated into a ray of golden light before discharging in a straight line.


The Ice Feather Vulture was given a shock.
It tilted its body and threw a look of contempt their way.

This is it?

Boom, boom, boom!

The next instant, multiple golden rays shot out one after another, piercing through its wings and body.

The Ice Feather Vulture cried in pain, plunging to the ground.
It couldn’t stand a fight in front of the military aircraft.

The vulture gifted Wang Teng a few attribute bubbles.
He swept them over with his spiritual power.

Ice Force*50

Ice Force*65

Ice Force*48

Indeed! Wang Teng had a sudden thought.
He opened his mouth and asked, “Can you open the cabin door?”

The soldier in front looked at Dan Taixuan, who nodded in approval.

The cabin door at the back of the military aircraft opened slowly.
Strong gusts of wind gushed into the aircraft.
Fortunately, there were no other items inside, or they would have been blown away by the strong wind.

The Ice Feather Vulture that hadn’t died flew over from afar under the control of an invisible force and entered the cabin.

The cabin door then closed.

Wang Teng walked over and looked at the Ice Feather Vulture in deep thought.
It was bound by his spiritual power, and its eyes were no longer cold.
Only fear was left in them.

“Why did you catch this Ice Feather Vulture?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“My ice Force is a little low in level, so the ice Force nucleus of this vulture should be able to help me,” Wang Teng said casually.

“What’s the level of your ice Force now?” Dan Taixuan was curious.

Wang Teng’s five basic elements were too outstanding, so she had neglected the ice element that he had displayed at the start.

“7-star soldier level,” Wang Teng replied.

Dan Taixuan: …

Was this what a normal person would say?

Others had to spend much time and effort to reach the 7-star soldier level, but Wang Teng said that it was too low.

“What?” Wang Teng asked involuntarily when he noticed her strange expression.

“Nothing.” Dan Taixuan coughed awkwardly.
She continued, “If you want an ice Force nucleus, you can go to Beijiang.
There are many ice element star beasts in the snow mountains.
This Ice Feather Vulture probably came from there.
I wonder what it’s doing


“Beijiang!” Wang Teng started pondering.
He suddenly thought of something and asked, “I heard that there’s a dimensional rift there.
How’s the current situation?”

“It… isn’t good!” Dan Taixuan shook her head with a serious expression.

Wang Teng noticed that she didn’t explain further, so he didn’t ask.
His gaze turned sharp as he invaded the Ice Feather Vulture with his spiritual power.
A Force nucleus broke out from its body while the Ice Feather Vulture died instantly.

Wang Teng held onto the 6-star ice Force nucleus and scanned it with his eyes.

Ice Force*120

Advanced Stage Ice Talent*45

Ice Force*105

Wang Teng already had advanced-stage ice talent, so this was the icing on the cake.
His advanced-stage ice talent increased slightly, as did his ice Force.

Ice Force: 708/5000 (7-star)

Wang Teng looked at the changes in his ice Force and nodded slightly.
It wasn’t much, but there was an increase.


He gazed in the northwest direction.
It looked like he had to visit there soon.

No other accidents happened for the rest of their journey.
The two of them quickly reached a military airport in the suburban district of Capital Xia.

“Lieutenant General Dan, Major General Wang, nice to meet you!”

The person who welcomed them was a middle-aged man dressed in a military uniform with two crimson stars on his shoulder.

“Lieutenant General Tang!” Dan Taixuan nodded at the other party.
Then, she introduced him to Wang Teng, “This is Lieutenant General Tang Qilue from the Capital Xia military.”

“Lieutenant General Tang, nice to meet you!” Wang Teng greeted.

“You’re indeed young and outstanding,” Tang Qilue sized up Wang Teng and exclaimed.

“You’re too polite,” Wang Teng replied humbly.

“Let’s go, the three commanders are waiting for you.” Tang Qilue didn’t say much and led the two of them onto a military pick-up truck.
They drove towards the military district.

There was a soldier driving the car.
Tang Qilue knew that it was Wang Teng’s first time here, so he took special care of him and briefly introduced the situation of the Capital Xia military.

Wang Teng glanced around him as he listened to the introduction.
Capital Xia army took up a large area of land, and all kinds of buildings and gunfires could be seen here, with many soldiers patrolling around.
This place was heavily guarded.

2 was

Wang Teng had been to a few military districts, but this was his first time seeing a district of this size.
As expected of the greatest military in the nation.

The military truck passed through layers and layers of guards.
Finally, they came to the center of the district and stopped in front of a large building.

“You can go in.
I’ll send you until here.” Tang Qilue smiled slightly and turned to leave.

The two of them sent Lieutenant General Tang off with their gazes.

“Let’s go.” Dan Taixuan was familiar with this place.
She brought Wang Teng into the large building

Inside, there were soldiers on duty leading the way.
They took the lift and went to the top floor of this huge building.

Wang Teng felt emotional.
It wasn’t easy to come to this place.
Without Tang Qilue leading them at the start, it would be a few times more troublesome for them to get in.

The military knew their background, so it was easier for them.
If it were others, they wouldn’t have been permitted access without undergoing layers of inspection.

“The three commanders are inside.
This way please,” a soldier’s voice pulled Wang Teng back to reality.

A huge door had appeared in front of him.
The soldier left without stopping.

Dan Taixuan wanted to knock, but an old voice came out from the room.
“Come in.”

Dan Taixuan wasn’t surprised.
Based on the cultivation levels of the three people inside, they would have noticed them when they arrived at the bottom of the building.
She pushed the door and entered.

Wang Teng looked inside.
The figure of three elders appeared.

The three great commanders!


These three commanders had different auras, but all of them had a formidable force of presence lurking around their bodies.
Wang Teng activated his Spiritual Sight and almost got blinded.

The light given off by the three elders was exceptionally glaring.
Although it wasn’t as intense as the Windstorm Giant Ape, they must have reached the upper levels of the general stage.

While Wang Teng was sizing up the three elders, they were looking at him too.

They were no strangers to Wang Teng, but this was their first time seeing him in real life.
Despite looking him up and down, they couldn’t see through him.
They were astounded.

“Come in.” They exchanged glances with one another before a skinny and small elder opened his mouth.

Dan Taixuan and Wang Teng walked into the main hall.

“Wang Teng!”

A voice suddenly came from the side.
Wang Teng was shocked as he glanced sideways.

A tall and lofty man with graying hair was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window not far away from the three commanders.
He was facing them with his back with his hands behind him.

How is this possible? Wang Teng was shocked.
He didn’t notice the presence of another person in this room.

“Leader of martial arts!” Dan Taixuan lost her composure when she saw this person.

At first, she thought they were here to see the three great commanders first before going to the imperial palace to visit the Leader.
Who knew that he would appear here?

He came to see Wang Teng personally?

Dan Taixuan was in disbelief.
She bowed slightly to greet the Leader.

This person was the most powerful martial warrior in the entire nation.
Even in the world, his ability was top-tier.
Without him, their country wouldn’t be able to remain so peaceful and harmonious.

He was the pillar supporting the entire nation!

Wang Teng immediately understood who this person was when he saw this scene.
Astonishment flashed past his eyes.

“Do you know why I came to look for you?” The Leader turned and smiled as he gazed at Wang Teng

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