Chapter 560 He… Healed Him!

Everyone looked over and saw a group of people walking towards them.
Amongst them was an old man who had just left a furnace room and had heard their conversation.
His gaze landed on Wang Teng.
“Master Chen,” Cui Heng greeted him.
“Young people are always more confident in themselves.
Wang Teng has the best of intentions.”

“Intentions are intentions but don’t fool around.
Old Han’s situation is not optimistic.
A little carelessness will aggravate his injury and might even shorten his remaining lifespan.” Master Chen said, “Besides, we have not given up.
We’ve been looking through books and records, trying to find a way to heal him.
He is just causing trouble by interfering now!”

Cui Heng looked a little uncomfortable.
Chen Ruifan’s words were too harsh.
Trouble? He didn’t even know whether Wang Teng would be able to heal him and decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater while chastising him.

Wang Teng sneered.
“Master Chen, you sound as though I can’t heal Old Han.”

“You’re young.
Have you memorized the thousands of medicinal herbs? How far is your progress in alchemy? You dare say you can heal Old Han? Didn’t your teacher tell you that alchemy requires the utmost caution?” Master Chen frowned and rebuked.

“Since when was alchemy based on age?” Wang Teng looked at him and responded indifferently.
“Forget about being a master alchemist, of all the alchemists in the country, not one has managed to reach the advanced stage without ten or twenty years of experience.
You sure talk big for someone your age.” Master Chen reprimanded him again.

“People like you haven’t learned enough, yet you blame others for being too good.
I think you have wasted your years of learning alchemy.
If you can’t heal him, then that’s it.
What’s your motive for coming up with a bunch of excuses and trying to obstruct someone when he says he can do it?” Wang Teng wasn’t going to back down either.

It wasn’t that he was looking down on the alchemists on Earth.
There was nothing to say about the disparity in abilities, but this Master Chen was just flaunting his seniority, acting as though he might be bullied and pushed around if he didn’t speak.

“You!” Chen Ruifan was so angry that his face turned green.

A young man standing beside him saw that his teacher was being humiliated and stood up for him after some hesitation.
“Wang Teng, I know that your strength has reached the general stage and that no one in the younger generation can match up to you.
But alchemy-wise, my teacher has spent many years reaching the master level and is already amongst the best on Earth.
He is still considered your senior.
You’re going too far by insulting him like this.”

“Your teacher ran over to scold me for no reason.
Is that what a senior should do?” Wang Teng glanced at him and questioned disdainfully.

“There’s no need to say more.
I do want to see what kind of healing medicine you can come up with.” Chen Ruifan’s expression was uncomfortable as he scoffed.

“You don’t know what you’re saying.” Wang Teng glanced at him calmly and stopped caring about him anymore.
He looked at Cui Heng.
“Head Cui, I can use the furnace room, right?”

There was nothing else Cui Heng could say now that things had turned out this way.
Sighing, he nodded his head.

Wang Teng then walked straight into the furnace room.

Chen Ruifan and the others didn’t leave and started waiting on one side.

Cui Heng approached Dan Taixuan and asked softly, “Principal, is Wang Teng really confident?”

“Do you think he is the kind of person who speaks without thinking?” Dan Taixuan was calm as she glanced at him and responded with a question.

“Well…” Cui Heng understood what Dan Taixuan meant, but he still felt incredible.
He couldn’t help but keep looking at the furnace room.

Inside the furnace room, Wang Teng didn’t take that Master Chen to heart.
His gaze swept across the room, and he murmured under his breath.

His spiritual power swept across the room, and a few attribute bubbles that were scattered in the furnace room flew towards him.

These attribute bubbles were dropped when Master Chen was making medicine.
That was going to help him.


Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*10



After picking up the attribute bubbles in the furnace room, there was a gleam in Wang Teng’s eyes.
His spiritual power swept through the surrounding furnace rooms.

Sure enough, a bunch of attribute bubbles passed through the walls and gathered in the furnace room where Wang Teng was at.





Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*10


Emperor Realm Spirit*16



Wang Teng smiled widely, the number of attribute bubbles in this wave was not small.
It was fortunate that he wasn’t in a hurry to use his blank attributes to increase his alchemy.

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, many related memories emerged in his mind, increasing his knowledge of alchemy and making up for his experience… His alchemy skills smoothly advanced to the next level.

Alchemist: 360/3000 (Master)

At this moment, his alchemy skills had truly reached the master level.

In just a short while, he had become a master alchemist from an advanced-stage alchemist.
If Master Chen knew about it, he would probably vomit blood in anger.

That was also why Wang Teng dared to challenge the master alchemist when he was just an advanced-stage alchemist.

Although he was young, he had a bug on his side!

You can hit me if you’re not satisfied!

Sneering, Wang Teng stepped forward, picked the furnace up, and threw it aside.
He then took out his Black Meteorite furnace and prepared to make the medicine.

With a thought in his mind, Emerald Glazed Flame erupted, wrapping the black meteorite furnace and raising the temperature inside the furnace room…

He took out the ingredients that Dan Taixuan had prepared, which started floating into the furnace under his spiritual power’s control.
Some turned into liquid, while others turned into powder…

Outside the furnace room, Cui Heng, Chen Ruifan, and the others suddenly felt a scorching heat from Wang Teng’s furnace room.
There was a look of surprise on their faces.

“Why is the temperature so high? The material and the runes of the furnace room should be able to withstand the heat.” Cui Heng muttered.
Suddenly, his body shuddered and he exclaimed.
“Is that flame made from the essence of the world?”

Chen Ruifan naturally thought about this possibility, and there was a vivid expression on his face.
Did that Wang Teng really get his hands on such a flame?”

At this time, many alchemists walked out of their furnace room and lambasted.

“Damn, what’s going on? I was at a critical stage of making dan.
Now it’s all ruined by the sudden rise in temperature!”

“What? You too?”

“That’s right.
Me too.
What’s going on?”

“I don’t know!”

“Master Xu, Master Ji!” As the head, Cui Heng naturally had to go up and explain, “Masters, please be patient.
This is probably caused by an alchemist in Donghai.
I didn’t expect him to disturb everyone.
Please excuse him!” “Oh, who’s able to disturb us when he’s making dan?” the two master alchemists asked curiously.

“It’s…” Cui Heng wasn’t sure how he should introduce Wang Teng.
He gave a forced smile and said, “Why don’t you wait for him to come out and take a look yourselves?” His words made the two master alchemists even more curious.
But they didn’t probe further.
They decided to wait outside.

“Huh, this temperature doesn’t feel like a normal flame,” Master Xu couldn’t help but say.

“If I’m right, it should be a special flame,” Master Ji touched his beard and said.
He wasn’t very young.

Master Xu looked at Chen Ruifan, who was beside him, and asked, “Master Chen, you came out first.
Do you know which Donghai master alchemist is making dan inside?”

Chen Ruifan’s face was a little black, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.
Hence, when he heard Master Xu’s question, he didn’t give him any good response.
“I don’t know.”

Master Xu was confused.
He pouted and stopped asking.

In the end, Chen Ruifan was the one who couldn’t control himself and opened his mouth.
“The person inside said he can treat Old Han.”

“Oh!” Master Xu and Master Ji were stunned.
“Are you sure?”

“He said it.
I don’t know.” Chen Ruifan gave a look of disbelief.

“Let’s wait and see,” Master Ji smiled and said in a nonchalant tone.

Time flew.
They had been waiting for half an hour.
A strange scene appeared outside the furnace room.
A group of people was standing outside the closed furnace room as if there was a stunning beauty inside.

“It has ended!” Master Ji suddenly said.

“Oh!” Master Xu was excited.
Smiling, he said, “I smell a dan fragrance.
It looks like this master had succeeded!”

Wang Teng had made the Primary Blood Recovery Dan and the Purple Jade Spirit Bone Cream in a single try.
A satisfied smile appeared at the edge of his lips.
He kept his Black Meteorite furnace and opened the door of the furnace room.

The next instant, he was stunned.

Why were there so many people surrounding the room?

What were these people doing? Gathering outside a market?

Master Xu, Master Ji, and many others were dumbfounded.
They stared at Wang Teng’s unbelievably young face for a long time as if trying to find some abnormality on it.

They were in disbelief.
Could this master be an old fellow who was good at retaining his youthful looks?

They had heard that in the Xingwu Continent, there was a way to maintain one’s youthful appearance.
There were even spiritual dans that could renew one’s youth.
Did he use such methods?

If there was a chance, they wanted to ask if he was willing to make an exchange.
They wanted to get dans to maintain their youths too.

“What are y’all doing?” Wang Teng glanced around him.
Seeing Cui Heng, he shot him the question.

“When you were making dan, the temperature went too high and affected everyone,” Cui Heng explained.
“Oh, I see.
I’m sorry about that.
I was being inconsiderate.” Wang Teng understood and cupped his fists at everyone.
“It’s alright.
We were affected even though we were a distance away so that means our alchemy mastery isn’t good enough.
You’re not to be blamed.” Master Ji chuckled.

“That’s right, we are not skilled enough.” Master Xu laughed too.
He showed no intention of blaming Wang Teng.

Chen Ruifan pouted.
His face was black.

It was inappropriate for the other master alchemists to say anything after hearing Master Xu and Master Ji.
They decided to act generous and let it slide.
That way, they could still gain the favor of these two masters.

“Wait, why do I find this master a little familiar?” Master Xu suddenly got puzzled.

“Let me introduce him.” Cui Heng secretly laughed.
He went forward and said, “This is Master Xu Heyu and Master Ji Xinshui.”

“And this is Wang Teng, a student from my Huanghai Military Academy.
But he’s already a general-stage martial warrior.”

“General-stage!” Xu Heyu and Ji Xinshui were shocked.
They immediately thought of something and cried in alarm, “You’re that Wang Teng!”

They knew Wang Teng, but they had never seen him in real life, so they didn’t recognize him at first.

“If there’s no other Wang Teng, I should be the one that you’re thinking of,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“What a promising young man!” Ji Xinshui sized up Wang Teng and exclaimed.

“May I know what level your alchemy is at?” Xu Heyu asked.

“Master level,” Wang Teng said calmly.
He didn’t hide.

Ji Xinshui and Xu Heyu gasped involuntarily.

“I didn’t smell wrong.
The dan fragrance just now came from high-class dans.
Only master-level alchemists can make high-class dans,” Xu Heyu said.

Cui Heng was stunned too.
Wang Teng had indeed reached the master level.
How did he practice?

“Hmph.” A cold snort came from the side.
Then, a sarcastic voice was heard.
“Although he made the dan, we don’t know if it can heal Old Han.
It might just look good on the surface without any effects.
Don’t make a joke of yourself later.”

Xu Heyu and Ji Xinshui noticed something amiss.
This Master Chen had some grudges against this Young Master Wang

They glanced at each other but didn’t say anything.
They wanted to watch a good show

Chen Ruifan’s wasn’t popular among them.
They wanted to see if Master Wang could shut him up.

Wang Teng didn’t care about the dog barking at the side.
He said to Dan Taixuan, “Let’s find Old Han now.”

“You succeeded?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

The two of them headed to Old Han’s house.
Xu Heyu and Ji Xinshui looked at each other before hurrying after them.

“I want to see how capable you are.” Chen Ruifan scoffed and followed them.

“Watch over this place.
I’ll go and take a look,” Cui Heng said to the other alchemists around him before rushing over.

After they left, the alchemists started chatting among themselves.

Deep in the instructor dormitory, in a little wooden house.

Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan knocked on the door and walked in.

“You’re here!” Old Han’s eyes lit up.

“Your spiritual dan is here.” Wang Teng lifted the two jade bottles in his hand and smiled at Old Han.

“Quick, I still want to live.
This body is frustrating me,” Old Han urged.

Wang Teng smiled and passed him the two jade bottles.
“One for internal consumption and one for external usage.
Give it a try yourself.”

Then, he walked out of the house with Dan Taixuan.

They waited outside for more than an hour before the door opened with a creak.
Old Han walked out slowly.

His back was still bent, but the color had returned to his face.
He wasn’t as weak as before where he looked as if he was on the brink of death.

“Old Han, how do you feel?” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“Hahaha, I can finally catch a breath,” Old Han laughed and said.

“He… healed him!” Chen Ruifan muttered to himself.
He was dumbstruck.

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