Chapter 558 A Huge Gift!

Master alchemist!

It could be said that it was the highest alchemist rank here on Earth, equivalent to a saint in the medical world.
These saints would study medicine for their whole lives before they could gradually attain perfection and be at the pinnacle of the medical world.
By then, they would be at least fifty years old.

It was the same for alchemists.
Even though the Force had entered Earth for thirty years, only around a dozen master alchemists had emerged, but they were not young.
Subsequently, there were no other alchemists that had reached the ranks of a master.
Even the prodigies who were well-known throughout the country could only become advanced-stage alchemists.
If they wanted to be a master, they would require much more experience.

A master alchemist was still much inferior to the master alchemists in the Xingwu Continent.
It was the same for a runemaster.
That was the gap between the two worlds!

And now Wang Teng claimed that he was a master alchemist.
Would anyone believe that he was a twenty-year-old master alchemist?

But Dan Taixuan knew that Wang Teng would not be fooling around.
He might be cheeky, but he knew his priorities.

All sorts of complicated thoughts were flowing through Dan Taixuan’s mind.
Wasn’t he a runemaster? Why was he now a master alchemist? Who taught him that?

She couldn’t help asking, “Did you get an alchemist grandmaster in the Xingwu Continent to teach you?”

“Why would you think that?” Wang Teng gave her a strange look and asked.

“Otherwise, how did you reach the master stage? Don’t tell me you learned it on your own.” Dan Taixuan didn’t believe he was that talented.

“Honestly speaking, I learned it on my own,” Wang Teng replied.

Dan Taixuan looked at Wang Teng as if he was teasing her.

Old Han heard their conversation and became anxious.
Could these two youngsters consider this old man’s feelings?

Was it the time to discuss how Wang Teng became an alchemist master?

His life and death was the most important thing now.

He cleared his throat and asked weakly, “Wang Teng, can you heal internal injuries?”

“Old Han, weren’t you reminiscing and preparing to die just now?” Wang Teng was amused.

“What do you young people know? No one would want to die if they had the choice.
I haven’t lived long enough!” Old Han’s pale face became red as he grunted in anger.

Wang Teng laughed out loud.
Old Han was an interesting person.
He didn’t have the attitude of a formidable warrior and was extremely easygoing.
Dan Taixuan wanted to laugh too but managed to hold it back.
She still had to have some respect for him.
After all, Wang Teng and she were different.

Wang Teng also got serious and nodded.
“Everything I said is true!”

“Alright, I will hand my life over to you then.” Old Han was decisive and didn’t question Wang Teng’s ability.
As long as he had something, he would let Wang Teng try it.
He was already in such a condition; he had to make a Hail Mary effort.

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel with a calm face.

Alchemist: 888/1000 (advanced stage)

Without a doubt, he was just a bit away from reaching the master stage.
But he didn’t back down and steeled his resolve!

He knew that there was some rare healing medicine that would have great healing effects when paired together.
It would be enough to stabilize Old Han’s injury.

As for solving Old Han’s problem from the roots, that would have to wait till he reached the grandmaster stage.
Only then could he cultivate better healing medicine and spiritual dan that could boost his vitality.

Even in the Xingwu Continent, not many people knew about a spiritual dan like that, and it would only be in the hands of a few people.
The alchemists on Earth would not have been able to obtain these healing medicine, but he could get them by picking up attribute bubbles.

He would have to wait till he reached the grandmaster stage and head to the Xingwu Continent to ‘learn’ from the alchemist grandmasters when in fact, he would be ‘farming’ them.
That was why Wang Teng wasn’t afraid.

As these thoughts flashed past his mind, he said calmly, “I need some ingredients.”

“Say it.
I’ll get someone to prepare them,” Dan Taixuan said with a serious expression.
“Purple figwort, silver leaf grass, nine-section worm embryos, black gastrodia…” Wang Teng didn’t hold back and listed all the ingredients for the ‘Primary Blood Recovery Dan’ and ‘Purple Jade Spirit Bone Cream.’

One for the internal injuries, while one for the outer.
With both of them working together, although there wouldn’t be instant results, it would at least be enough to control Old Han’s condition.

Dan Taixuan noted them down with a calm expression.
She didn’t know anything about these herbs, but it didn’t matter as she could just get someone else to buy them.
Both of them didn’t stay any longer and left.

Before leaving, Wang Teng glanced at Old Han’s residence and became a little emotional… He really was a hidden master!

Back at the temporary residence of the Wang family, Wang Teng thought about it and planned to find Lin Chuhan.

Lin Chuhan’s house was also wrecked by the sea beasts, and they were living in the temporary residences.
Furthermore, they were living just beside the Wang family.
Li Xiumei really treated Lin Chuhan as her daughter-in-law.
She also knew that her family situation wasn’t very good and took good care of her.

Many people knew that Wang Teng was from the Wang family, and they were very respectful in trivial matters.
Everyone would accommodate the Wang family even without his presence.
That was why having Lin Chuhan’s family arranged next to the Wang family was just a matter of saying one sentence.

Of course, it was different for other people.
For them to get better treatment, they might not even get it even if they went around begging for help.




Just as Wang Teng had reached Lin family’s place, he saw Lin Chuhan sending off a woman.
He showed a surprised face.

Why did she look familiar?

The woman also saw Wang Teng and turned to glance at him.
She then left after saying something to Lin Chuhan.
Wang Teng couldn’t remember who she was.
He never cared to remember people who he didn’t care too much about.

However, someone he wasn’t quite familiar with had suddenly appeared beside Lin Chuhan.
He walked up and asked her, “Who was that?”

“A new friend.
She helped me a lot,” Lin Chuhan explained.

Wang Teng didn’t probe further.
If she were a guy, he would have cared a lot more.

“Why is a busy man like you here?” Lin Chuhan asked.

“I think I hear some resentment from you.” Wang Teng chuckled.

“What resentment? No, not from me.” Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes.
Her pretty face still had a cold expression as she turned around and walked into the house.

Wang Teng smiled.
“Actually, I didn’t come here to see you.
I came here to see someone’s cultivation progress and give some pointers.
After all, someone’s too weak!”

Lin Chuhan’s face immediately turned black.

Too weak?

You’re the one who’s a monster.
You should blame yourself for leaving everyone else in the dust.

She stopped abruptly and turned to glare at Wang Teng.
However, in an instant, his face was in front of hers, and his breath puffed directly on her face.
The warm air heated her face rapidly, her cheeks turning red.

Lin Chuhan suddenly retreated like a frightened little rabbit.
However, she was too hasty and tripped and fell backward.

Such a familiar scene!

In the past, Wang Teng almost made her stumble along the corridor when she was in high school.
Wait, she did fall at that time.
The same thing was happening again.

This bastard!

These thoughts flashed past Lin Chuhan’s mind in an instant.
However, she wasn’t the helpless young lady anymore.
Her movements were faster and more agile.
This small accident wasn’t a problem at all.

She reacted quickly and tapped her feet on the ground, stabilizing herself.

However, someone was faster than her…

How could Wang Teng give up this great chance? The next instant, he stepped forward and hugged Lin Chuhan’s waist.
He leaned close to her and smiled.
“Why are you so clumsy? Fortunately, you have me, or you would have fallen to the ground.

“Of course, with our relationship, there’s no need to thank me.”

Lin Chuhan couldn’t stand his shamelessness.
She pushed him away and glared at him in anger and embarrassment.
“Can you be more decent?”

Wang Teng chuckled and stop teasing her.
He turned serious and said, “Come, let’s go to your room.”

“What do you want to do?” Lin Chuhan stared at him vigilantly.

Wang Teng: …

He swore that he wasn’t thinking about anything.

“To guide you in your cultivation,” Wang Teng said helplessly.
He stepped past her and walked into the room.

Lin Chuhan was a little puzzled, but she still followed him.

Mother Lin greeted him enthusiastically when she saw him.
“Wang Teng is here.
Have your lunch here.
I will make some delicious food for


It has been a while since I have had your cooking,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

The temporary lodging wasn’t big, so Lin Chuxia heard the commotion too.
She ran out of her room.
“Brother Wang Teng.” “Chuxia, how’s your cultivation recently?” Wang Teng rubbed her black hair and asked.

“I’m already at the 3-star soldier level.
I’m stronger than my older sister, haha.” Lin Chuxia smiled proudly.
“Also, my Gun Kungfu is better than before.
I heard my sister’s instructor saying that I’m already at the small achievement stage.”

“I noticed it from your performance during the war.
Your Gun Kungfu is indeed at the small achievement stage.” Wang Teng nodded.
He smiled and continued, “It looks like your talent is not bad.”

“Am I better than my sister?” Lin Chuxia asked happily.

“That’s right, you’re more powerful than your sister,” Wang Teng replied.
“Enough with you two.
Why are you talking to each other as if I’m not present?” Lin Chuhan was speechless.
She didn’t mind it when Wang Teng teased her, but even her younger sister had joined him now.
Who could bear this frustration?

Mother Lin was happy to see the three of them fooling around with one another.
She smiled and said, “You youngsters can chat among yourselves.
I’ll start cooking.”

She walked into the kitchen and left the space to these three kids.

“Let’s go.
I’ll talk to you about cultivation.
Chuxia, you can come along,” Wang Teng said.

“Alright, I have many questions too.” Lin Chuxia grabbed Wang Teng’s arm happily and pulled him into her room.
“Come to my room, come to my room.”

Lin Chuhan didn’t think that Lin Chuxia would be so direct.
However, when she saw them entering the room, she could only grit her teeth and follow them.

Wang Teng sat down cross-legged on the ground.
The two sisters sat down opposite him.
He contemplated for a moment before opening his mouth.
“Your situations are different, so I will explain one by one.
Chuhan, you’re a wood element martial warrior and cultivate wood Force.
What scripture are you learning now?”

“I used my school credits to exchange for a yellow-rank high-class scripture, the Green Spiritual Scripture.” Lin Chuhan didn’t hide it.
“Yellow-rank high-class!” Wang Teng was surprised.
“A normal student will at most be able to get a yellow-rank middle-class scripture.
How did you manage to exchange for a high-class one?”

Lin Chuhan stretched her fair neck and snorted.
“I have some talent in alchemy, and my memory is not bad.
When I go on missions, I help the instructors from the dan faculty to get some herbs and earn many school credits from this.
Those instructors from the dan faculty are rich, so they are more generous.”

“So you got a side hustle.” Wang Teng smiled.
At the same time, he was a little surprised.
Lin Chuhan was talented in alchemy.
This wasn’t something he was expecting.

Having a talent was a good thing.
He would see how strong her talent was before deciding how to groom her.

“I’m not stupid.
School credits are easier to earn.
It’s a benefit given to martial arts students by the country.
Once we go out of school, there won’t be another chance like this.
I have to grab it,” Lin Chuhan said.

Wang Teng agreed with her entirely.
She was right.
However, many people didn’t have this enlightenment.

Some students only knew how to cultivate in school and rarely spent time thinking about how to earn more school credits.
By the time they remembered that they had to do it, they were at a disadvantage.
Compared to the students who were already earning school credits, they needed to work extra hard.
Some of them might not even have realized this.

“Yellow-rank high-class is better than most ordinary students, but there are still people practicing dark-level and earth-level scriptures,” Wang Teng said.
“You make it sound so easy.
Dark-level! Earth-level! I might not be able to accumulate enough school credits to buy those scriptures in my four years in university,” Lin Chuhan replied angrily.
“This is what I wanted to tell you.” Wang Teng gave a mysterious smile.
He waved his hand and said, “Come closer.” “What?” Lin Chuhan looked at him in frustration.

“Come and you will know,” Wang Teng said.

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes at him and leaned over.

Wang Teng lifted his forefinger and tapped the middle of her forehead.

“This is?” Lin Chuhan was shocked.
“Focus and receive it!” Wang Teng ordered softly.

Lin Chuhan understood and hurriedly followed his instructions.
She felt a memory surging into her mind.

After some time, Wang Teng retracted his finger, and Lin Chuhan opened her eyes.
“Sky-rank scripture?!” She stared at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

“That’s right, I just passed a sky-rank wood element scripture to you,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“It’s too valuable!” Lin Chuhan took a deep breath.
She never expected Wang Teng to pass her such an invaluable sky-rank scripture.

“It might be valuable to you, but it’s just something I can obtain easily.
You don’t have to worry about taking it,” Wang Teng smiled gently and said.

Lin Chuhan didn’t believe him at all.

Was a sky-rank scripture something you could obtain easily? Wang Teng must be boasting again!

But she understood he was saying this to make her feel at ease about taking it.

Suddenly, Lin Chuhan felt a little touched.
He gave her such a precious item.
Who else would do this?

Her gaze turned extremely gentle as she looked at Wang Teng.

“Cough, don’t look at me like that.
It’s scary.” Wang Teng felt his hair standing because of her gaze.
Why did she suddenly look at him so gently for no reason?

The gentleness in Lin Chuhan’s eyes disappeared without a trace.
She took a deep breath, feeling as if she was ogling at a blind man.

No… she wasn’t ogling.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief when she resumed her cold aura.
He nodded and said, “That’s the right way.”

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes.

“Don’t think too much.
Take it as a present.
This is my first present to you, so it can’t be too lousy, right?” Wang Teng smiled.

Lin Chuhan gritted her teeth.
She didn’t reject him anymore.

“Practice this scripture and raise your ability quickly.” Wang Teng turned serious.
“Also, don’t tell others.
It will put you in danger.
You should understand that wealth can cause disasters.”

Lin Chuhan nodded firmly.

She knew that if others found out she possessed a sky-rank scripture, it would cause her unnecessary troubles.

“Brother Wang Teng, my older sister has a gift, so where’s mine?” Lin Chuxia asked.
She refused to be left out.

“Okay, okay, you have one too.” Wang Teng hesitated for a moment and took out an item from his space ring.
“This Black Snake Poisonous Ginseng is a rare poison element spiritual herb.
After refining, it will help in your cultivation and your poison Force.
However, it’s still better to make dans with it.
I’ll pass them to you after I make them, okay?”

Lin Chuxia had no objections.
She just wanted a present and didn’t care what it was.
She nodded happily and said, “Okay!” Then, Wang Teng pointed out the problems in their battle techniques and cultivation.

These two ladies were talented people, so they understood what Wang Teng was saying at once.
Not much time was needed to explain the details to them.

“As for your alchemy talent, I think there’s no need to hurry.
We’ll take it one step at a time.
Once we lay the foundations right, you will have an easy time afterward,” Wang Teng said to Lin Chuhan at the end.

Lin Chuhan nodded.
The instructors of the dan faculty said this frequently too.
But when Wang Teng said it, she found it a little strange.
Wang Teng also taught Lin Chuhan some ways to study alchemy.
She was still in the accumulating knowledge stage, so there was nothing much to say.

“Strength is the main thing.
We are in troubled times.
You need to raise your combat prowess quickly.
I can’t be with you all the time,” Wang Teng lamented.
“Don’t treat us like kids.” Lin Chuhan glanced at him.
“We might not be as outstanding as you, but we’re not bad either.” “Yes, yes, not bad.” Wang Teng smiled.
In the afternoon, Mother Lin called them for lunch.
Wang Teng left the Lin family afterward.

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