Chapter 555 Little Yun, Are You Satisfied with Him?

Wang Teng didn’t care that they called him master.
He was already a master-level runemaster, so he didn’t need their acknowledgment.
His spirit was at the Imperial Realm, exceeding all the runemasters present.
He believed that it wouldn’t take too long for him to become the one and only grandmaster-level runemaster on Earth.

Even in the Xingwu Continent, there were only a few grandmaster-level runemasters.
This was the accumulation of many years of history.
Earth’s development was too short, so they couldn’t compare with the other side.
Once Wang Teng took one step forward, he would become the top runemaster on Earth.
After a round of discussion, everyone was finally convinced by Wang Teng.
They started deploying the Black Tortoise Sky-Lock Array.
The blacksmiths worked on the materials needed for the array and used them to make vessels that could carry runes on them.

The large-sized array would be hosted by Wang Teng, so he took the leading role and started commanding the advanced-stage and master-level runemasters without any hesitation.

In the end, he was the free one.
All he did was be an evil supervisor.


While everyone was working hard to build the array, explosions were suddenly heard in the distance.

Wang Teng looked into the sky and frowned slightly.
“Master Chu, please take a look over there.
I’ve told those people many times, but they must have made a mistake in the rune array again.
Their proficiency is so low,” Wang Teng said.

“Alright, I’ll go immediately!” Chu Yongnian was busy carving a rune, but when he heard Wang Teng’s words, he agreed and put down his work.
He hurriedly rushed in the direction of the explosion.

Wang Teng looked at his work and nodded silently.
Among all the runemasters, Chu Yongnian’s enlightenment was the highest.
He understood what he was saying instantly and was detailed in his work too.
He was indeed much better than the rest.

Talent was extremely important in both martial arts and runes.
Hard work could compensate a little, but without talent, the journey would be tiring.

Chu Yongnian had brought two disciples along this time.
They stayed beside him to assist him.
When they saw a young man ordering their master to do his bidding, they were infuriated.

One of them said, “Master, Wang Teng’s martial arts ability might be strong, but your rune mastery must be better than his.
Yet, he threw all the tiring work to you and is just resting over there.
This is a little outrageous.” “That’s right, he’s also a young man, but he doesn’t know how to respect his elders,” Chu Yongnian’s other disciple echoed.

Chu Yongnian stopped in his tracks.
He glanced at them and snorted.
“We have all seen his level of rune mastery and are convinced by him.
In any field, the best takes the lead.
If you’re weaker than him, you should accept it humbly and learn.

“What’s more, you don’t understand the worth of this array.
Rune studies have reached this level after many years of development.
However, some high-level rune arrays are still kept a secret by the Xingwu Continent.
We can’t get them at all.
However, Wang Teng passed it down to us without any reservation and didn’t ask for anything in return.
Why are you thinking that he’s boasting?” Chu Yongnian glanced at the two disciples.
They didn’t know what to reply to him, so he continued, “He’s the most familiar with this array.
If he did it personally, he’d be able to complete it within five days.
How much can we learn then? The best way to learn is through a combination of theory and experience.
You think he’s ordering me around?

“Rather than having such useless thoughts, why don’t you immerse yourself in the array.
I’m sure you’ll benefit greatly.”

His tone sounded a little disappointed.
After he finished speaking, he ignored the two youngsters and rushed to the area of the explosion.

Chu Yongnian’s disciples turned red and white in embarrassment.
At the same time, they were worried that Chu Yongnian would regard them as unpromising.
Their futures would be destroyed.

At the same time, a runemaster was sitting on the ground absent-mindedly with a dirty face.
There was a deep hole in front of him.

“Old Fang, what’s wrong?” Chu Yongnian went straight to the point without wasting any time.
“This isn’t right.
I followed his instructions clearly.
Why did it explode?” The runemaster called Old Fang muttered to himself, ignoring Chu Yongnian completely.
“Old Fang, Old Fang.” Chu Yongnian shook his head helplessly.
“Ah, what? Old Chu, aren’t you in charge of the center section? Why are you here?” Old Fang regained his senses.
He was puzzled.
“You caused an explosion.
Shouldn’t I come to take a look?” Chu Yongnian scolded.
“Alright, tell me what happened.
I don’t have time to waste on you.” Old Fang gave a bitter smile and explained his rune-carving process.
Chu Yongnian furrowed his brows tightly after hearing him.
“Based on what you said, there shouldn’t be a problem.
Why did it explode?” He leaned over and observed the rune Old Fang had carved.
He tried to guess the problem using the remains of the rune.
But the rune was damaged and incomplete, so he couldn’t see anything.

“Old Fang, did you hide some details because you’re embarrassed?” Chu Yongnian asked curiously.

Runemasters were egoistic people.
They would rather investigate their mistakes alone than say them out loud and ask for help.
This was why Chu Yongnian was suspicious.

“Bullshit, wrong means wrong.
What’s there to hide? Why would I do that?” Old Fang was infuriated.

Chu Yongnian smiled in embarrassment.
They had known each other for many years, so he knew that Old Fang wasn’t that kind of person.

The two of them could only carve the rune again at the same spot.
Half an hour later…


Another explosion resounded.
This time, Chu Yongnian’s face was injured too, but their strength wasn’t that weak.
A small rune explosion wouldn’t hurt them.
“So, what do you have to say now?” Old Fang smiled at this plight.
He found an avenue to vent his frustration.
Look, it’s not my fault.
You made a mistake too.

“What’s going on? I honestly don’t understand.” Chu Yongnian touched his head in confusion.
He frowned and racked his brain.

Old Fang didn’t laugh at him again.
He came over and joined him in studying the problem.
Occasionally, he would offer his suggestion.
They looked like two researchers.

Chu Yongnian and Old Fang’s disciples could only stay at the side silently.
They couldn’t offer any help.
After some time, they still couldn’t get it.
Old Fang said helplessly, “Why don’t we ask Wang Teng to take a look?”

“Alright, that’s the only option left.” Chu Yongnian gave up struggling and nodded.

“Let’s go together.” Old Fang got up.

“There’s no need to find me.
I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

A voice came from above their heads.
It was Wang Teng.
“Master Wang, please take a look.
What’s the problem here?” Chu Yongnian asked quickly.
He was elated.

Wang Teng floated in mid-air.
With a single glance, he noticed their problem.
He replied calmly, “Your perception is wrong.
These runes shouldn’t be carved from the first to the last.
Instead, you should start from the outside and slowly carved inwards to form an enclosed formation.
The core runes should be carved last and linked with the rest.”

The two people were enlightened.
Their eyes lit up with joy as they shouted, “I see.
So that was


“Alright, continue your carving.” Wang Teng left after solving their concern.

The two runemasters were full of compliments.
“Master Wang’s rune mastery is much higher than ours.”

“This is probably a rune construction method from the Xingwu Continent.
We have never seen this on Earth,” Old Fang said.
“This rune construction method is their core.
There’s nothing wrong in admitting it; if we were to do the research ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to realize it for many years.
Rune studies are too profound and complicated,” Chu Yongnian said.

Old Fang nodded in agreement.

Their disciples stared at them with their mouths agape before glancing in the direction where Wang Teng had left.
They had to admit that even though their age was around the same, they couldn’t hold a candle to him.

Wang Teng seemed free, and he really was.
Other people had similar problems like Chu Yongnian.
These were all secrets of the Xingwu Continent.
They had never encountered them before, so they were confused.

Wang Teng’s job was to solve their problems and enlighten them.
These people were the best batch of runemasters.
Their understanding of rune studies was no weaker than others, so they could grasp what Wang Teng was trying to say immediately.
He didn’t need to waste too much saliva.

As time passed, the Black Tortoise Sky-Lock Array was almost completed.
It was at the last stages now.
Today, Wang Teng went back to have breakfast with his family before teaching Doudou martial arts on an empty ground.

The little fellow practiced the basic fist skill very well.
She even made sounds when she punched out her fists as if this would increase her aura.

But to others, no matter how hard she screamed, her voice and appearance were always cute.

Grandpa Wang and everyone in the Wang family was looking at her with smiles on their faces.
They doted on this young girl and didn’t discriminate against her just because she didn’t have their blood.

This little girl had gradually merged into the Wang family.

The Xu family, the Bai family, and some other families made some cooperating deals with the Wang family.
In summary, they would rely on the Wang family for survival, and the Wang family would provide them with some protection Wang Teng had no qualms.
He was friends with Xu Jie and Bai Wei, so he would offer them help if they needed it.

Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and Yu Hao came to look for him too.
Wang Teng knew what they were thinking.
He didn’t say much and asked them not to read into it.
They should go back and cultivate properly.
He wasn’t that narrow-minded.
He wouldn’t object to some of the ways of the world.

Xu Jie and his friends felt relieved when they knew that he wasn’t angry.
They chatted with one another happily before leaving.

The elders of their families had placed high hopes on them.
They hoped that they could have some success on this path of martial arts.
Of course, they couldn’t be compared with Wang Teng, but they must become a martial warrior and play their part for the family.

They weren’t the only ones.
The other younger generations of the other families were in the same boat.
As long as they had talent, the families would spend all their resources on the youth to learn martial arts.
The sea beasts’ riot this time had stimulated everyone.

They finally understood that this era would be a martial warriors’ era.
If they weren’t martial warriors, they were nobodies.
They couldn’t even save themselves.

All the other families were thinking of ways to let their younger generation step on the martial arts path.
Unfortunately, they weren’t as lucky as the Xu or Bai families.
They were the top-tier families in Donghai and had a good relationship with the Wang family.
They were ahead of many other elite families.

Many top-tier families knew that Wang Teng was from the Wang family, so they wanted to ride on this big boat.
However, they had no avenues.

The Wang family weren’t charitable people either.
If they didn’t know them, they wouldn’t meet the families.

The Zhou family was one of the most powerful families in Donghai.
At this moment, they were having a family meeting.
The higher authorities of the Zhou family and some recognized young people were all present.

The third daughter of the Zhou family, Zhou Baiyun, who was at the gathering on Mount Bao’an, was sitting in the first seat on the right-hand side of the family head.
The atmosphere was stern.
The Zhou family had suffered many losses in this sea beasts’ riot.
All their fixed assets were destroyed.
Fortunately, they had many businesses in the country, so their foundation was still there.

Even so, the assets of the Zhou family had shrunk by a third.
This was a huge blow to them.

The grandfather of the Zhou family was sitting in the host seat.
He said with a stern face, “Martial warriors are the root of the martial arts era.
Although we have groomed some martial warriors over the years, we were still helpless during this sea beasts’ riot.
These younger generations are used to living in


Everyone felt awkward.
They didn’t know what to do either.
They had never experienced such a frightening sea beasts’ riot before.
The purpose of them practicing martial arts was to gain status and special benefits.
They weren’t going to fight for their lives.

By right, they weren’t wrong.
In the peaceful era, these family martial warriors wouldn’t need to risk their lives.
However, no one expected the riot to happen.

The current family head was Zhou Baiyun’s father, Zhou Weiqiang.
Grandpa Zhou had gone behind the scenes many years ago.
Zhou Weiqiang opened his mouth and said, “The martial warriors we groomed have never seen any blood.
It’s normal that they would get overpowered by the sea beasts.” “Hmph, don’t seek excuses for your incompetence.
If your foresight was far enough, the Zhou family wouldn’t be in this awkward situation.” Grandpa Zhou snorted.

Zhou Weiqiang: …

You didn’t think about this too, right?

Zhou Weiqiang felt frustrated.
He glanced at Grandpa Zhou, but he didn’t dare to voice out his thoughts.
“Look at the Wang family.
They have groomed a top-class martial warrior, a general stage! How many general-stage martial warriors are there in the country or the world? During normal times, we don’t see their advantage, but their capabilities were displayed during the sea beasts’ riot.
The Wang family is going to rise above all,” Grandpa Zhou said in envy.

The Wang family didn’t groom him; Wang Teng’s talent is just too powerful.
That’s why he had his achievements.
The Wang family is extremely fortunate to give birth to a phoenix in their chicken nest.
Zhou Weiqiang complained in his heart, but he didn’t speak out.

Grandpa Zhou was in a fit of anger, so he would calm down after venting a bit.
If anyone dared to refute, they would be dead.
Zhou Weiqiang had realized this over the years.
“Grandpa, don’t scold Dad.
Wang Teng’s talent is too high.
There’s only one Wang Teng in the country-no, the world.
The other nations might not have anyone who’s able to reach the general stage at his age.
The youngest general-stage martial warrior I’ve heard of is 30 years old.
There’s no point in comparing,” Zhou Baiyun opened her mouth and said.
Grandpa Zhou noticed that his favorite granddaughter had spoken, so his expression softened a little.
He sighed and nodded.
“I understand what you’re saying, but the Wang family is in the same city as us.
How can I not get jealous? All the elite families in Donghai will be envious when they talk of the Wang family.”

He paused for a moment to regain his composure.
Then, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “Oh right, Little Yun, I remember that you have had some interaction with Wang Teng before.
What do you know about him?”

Before Zhou Baiyun could speak, the young man sitting opposite her said, “Grandpa, Little Yun isn’t familiar with him.
She invited some peers for a gathering when she came back from overseas and Wang Teng happened to be in the group.
That’s all.’ “Oh, is that it?” Grandpa Zhou looked at Zhou Baiyun and asked.

Zhou Baiyun glanced at the young man opposite before replying, “Second Brother is right.
We’re not close.
However, I asked someone to investigate Wang Teng during that gathering, so I know a little about him.”

“Tell me,” Grandpa Zhou urged.

Zhou Shaohui pouted.
Zhou Baiyun nodded and continued, “There was an explosion on Mount Bao’an and the City Protection Bureau was activated.
Do you remember that incident?” “Are you saying…?” A glint flashed past Zhou Weiqiang’s eyes.

“That’s right, I suspect that this matter is related to him,” Zhou Baiyun said.

“What’s the link? Grandpa is asking you about Wang Teng.
You’re not answering the question,” Zhou Shaohui scoffed.
Zhou Baiyun ignored him and said, “From some evidence, I can conclude that there were martial warriors on the mountain, and they had a fight.
Wang Teng participated in the fight, so I think he was a martial warrior already at that time.” “He hadn’t taken his university entrance exam then,” Zhou Weiqiang exclaimed.
“That’s right.
His talent is scary,” Zhou Baiyun said.

“Isn’t that bullshit? How can he become a general-stage martial warrior at such a young age if he didn’t have talent?” Zhou Shaohui opened his mouth again.
Zhou Baiyun looked at him in disdain.
Her second brother was still as stupid as ever.

“Shut up.” Grandpa Zhou glared at him.
Everyone looked at him as if he was an idiot.
Zhou Shaohui felt wronged.
He didn’t think he had made any mistakes.
Why were they looking at him like this?

“Not only does this show that he’s exceptionally talented, but we can also tell that he’s good at concealing his ability and is very thoughtful and detailed.
Even the City Protection Bureau couldn’t find proof that he was related to that case.
It’s hard for someone like him not to succeed.
However, I didn’t expect him to rise so quickly,” Zhou Baiyun exclaimed with a strange look in her eyes.
Grandpa Zhou nodded thoughtfully.
“One more thing.” Zhou Baiyun opened her mouth once again and attracted everyone’s attention.
“There was a gang of robbers who robbed a bank in the past.
They got killed by a secretive martial warrior.” “Are you saying that he did that too?” Zhou Shaohui clicked his tongue.
“That’s right, it was him.” Zhou Baiyun nodded firmly.
“I asked someone to look for information in the police station.
Do you know how the robbers died?”

She left them hanging.
“How did they die?” Zhou Shaohui frowned and hurried her.

Grandpa Zhou and the others looked at Zhou Baiyun with curiosity in their eyes.
“Someone broke their heads with brute force.” Zhou Baiyun’s words startled them.

“Broke their heads!” Gasps were heard in the hall.

“So, he’s a vicious fellow too.
Don’t provoke him for no reason,” Zhou Baiyun said.
She specially looked at Zhou Shaohui with a smile.

Zhou Shaohui shrunk his neck and replied hurriedly, “Why are you looking at me? He’s a general-stage martial warrior.
I still want to live.
I’m not that stupid to offend him.”

“This is unbelievable.
How old was he? 17? I’m convinced.
Without his temperament, he wouldn’t have walked this far.” Grandpa Zhou shook his head in astonishment.
A sharp glint flashed in his eyes, and he said with a smile, “Little Yun, are you satisfied with him?” “Huh?” Zhou Baiyun was shocked.

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