Chapter 552 Major General Wang!

When Grandpa Wang finished speaking, Wang Teng added, “One more thing, the sea beasts have just been chased away.
Unless they’re really mad, they wouldn’t dare to attack us again for a long time.”

“That is true.
No one can guarantee that the star beasts won’t attack the other cities.
After all, the world is not peaceful!” Wang Shengjun exclaimed.

Zhao Huili turned pale after listening to their comments.
“Then… let’s stay at Donghai.”

Everyone laughed uncontrollably.
The steadfast Wang Shenghong couldn’t help but roll his eyes.
He was left speechless by his wife.

Wang Yanan was a little embarrassed and wanted to cover her face.
However, that was her mother, and as her daughter, she couldn’t just leave her alone.

“I agree with Little Teng’s decision to stay in Donghai.” Fang Junming spoke up.

Wang Shenghong and Wang Shengjun didn’t have any doubts.
They were fully convinced by Wang Teng.
Whether or not this home would still be around, it all depended on Wang Teng.

Wang Shengguo naturally didn’t have anything to say.
That was his son.
If he didn’t support him, no one would.

“All of you don’t have to worry so much.
After this riot, Donghai will certainly build up its defenses, and it will be safer for everyone.
When we rebuild the Wang family in the future, I suggest our families should live in the same place.
I’ll set up rune defense arrays.
It would be impossible for ordinary martial warriors and star beasts to break through.
Everyone will be safe.” Wang Teng comforted them.

The Wang family heaved a sigh of relief and felt a lot more at ease.

“Since everyone has no objections, it’s settled then.” Just as Grandpa Wang finished speaking, a group of people came over from a distance.

“Hey, it’s them!” Grandpa Wang smiled.
“I was just thinking when they would come.
Looks like they couldn’t wait past the second day.”

The others turned their heads and recognized them.

“In a situation like this, every family is overwrought.
Besides, they are close to our Wang family.
It wouldn’t be weird for them to come to us.” Wang Shenghong smiled.
“There are a few families that are close to our Wang family.
If it’s possible, let’s help them out.
As for the other families… Hehe, before our Wang family rose in power, they didn’t care about us.
We can return the favor now.” Grandpa Wang sneered.

Everyone knew it in their hearts.
None of the Wang family heads were people you could mess around with.

While they were talking, the people from the other families came closer.
“Mister… Wang Teng!” The leaders of the families greeted Wang Teng first, but they all felt weird.
Wang Teng was much younger than them.
In the past, he was considered as their nephew, but now, no one dared to treat him like a normal junior.

They were not related by blood, and they were not arrogant enough to be a general-stage martial warrior’s senior.

“Grandpa Wang!” The leaders then greeted Grandpa Wang

Wang Shengguo, Wang Shenghong, and the rest returned the greeting, paying attention to everything, just like how family leaders would carry themselves.

Wang Teng saw Xu Jie and Bai Wei beside them and smiled in his head.
They were trying to use his friends to curry favor!

But he didn’t seem to mind and called them out, “Xu Hui, Bai Wei, Yu Hao, and Sister Xu


“Brother Teng!” They cried out in embarrassment.
After all, they were too young.
Their families were making a fuss about their relationship, embarrassing them a little.

“Wang Teng!” Xu Hui was older and nodded at Wang Teng with a hint of restraint.

She was feeling complicated in her heart.
When they were young, they had a very good relationship.
But why did Wang Teng seem to have no interest in her after meeting at the auction the last time?

She really didn’t understand.

And now that Wang Teng’s strength had improved, she felt that they were drifting apart from each other.
She wanted to find a way to stop that, but he was always gone, and there was nothing she could do about it.
Now, there was a trace of sadness in her heart.

Wang Teng didn’t know about Xu Hui’s complicated thoughts.
He looked at the family leaders and stayed silent.

Grandpa Wang got his hint and understood at once.
He smiled, “Why are you here when you have family matters to deal with?”

The family leaders exchanged glances with one another and smiled awkwardly.

The leader of the Xu family was Xu Jie’s uncle.
He was a refined middle-aged man.
He glanced at Wang Teng before turning his head and speaking to Grandpa Wang directly, “Mr.
Wang, I won’t beat around the bush.
I do have something to ask from you today.”

The moment he finished speaking, a shout was heard from the sky.
A figure was floating in mid-air.
It was Fu Tiandao.
He went straight to the point.
“Wang Teng, Governor Jiang and the president are looking for you.
Please come with me quickly.”

Wang Teng knew what was going on, so he nodded and said, “Everyone, I’ll make a move first.”

He tapped the floor lightly with his feet and turned into a ray of light, following behind Fu Tiandao.

The leaders of the other families raised their heads and looked at him in envy.
This was the trump card of the Wang family!

Wang Teng followed Fu Tiandao to the center of Donghai.
Some of the buildings here had a better defense, so they weren’t completely destroyed.
Governor Jiang, Ye Jixin, and the other important people were having a meeting here.

When Wang Teng walked into the meeting room.
Governor Jiang smiled and said, “Everyone, the person you wanted to meet is here.”

The people in the meeting room turned their heads and saw a young man walking in.
They were astounded.

They had seen Wang Teng on the screen before so they knew that he was an extraordinary young man.
He was extremely powerful.
However, when they saw the real person, their feelings were different.

At first glance, he seemed like a normal and ordinary young man, but if they looked carefully, they could tell that he was suppressing his aura.
His gaze was deep like a dragon hiding in the abyss.

“Major General Wang, nice to meet you!”

These people’s aura wasn’t weak either.
They were all powerful people who were in high positions.
If not, they wouldn’t be here.
Right now, though, they all greeted him politely.

“Major general?!” Wang Teng was stunned when he heard this greeting.

When did he become a major general?

“The military awarded you this title after the Star Maple City war,” Dan Taixuan said calmly as if she had just remembered this matter.

Wang Teng was speechless.
Why didn’t they tell him earlier? This was such an important piece of news.
He wondered when he would have known about it if the others didn’t mention it.

This was outrageous!

He missed many chances to be arrogant because of this! Damn it!

Wang Teng was filled with bitterness.

The atmosphere turned a little strange.

The others had noticed his abnormality, so their expressions turned a bit weird.
As the receiver of the title, he only knew his identity now.
This was unheard of.

“Cough, since everyone is present, let’s discuss the defense array for Donghai,” Governor Jiang coughed and said.

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