Chapter 551 Wang Family’s Decision!

The next day, everyone’s emotions got better, and the exhaustion on their bodies subsided a little.

Early in the morning, sunlight scattered on the earth.
A thin mist floated above the ruins of Donghai.

Many people were already getting busy.

Governor Jiang and the higher authorities of Donghai had woken up at 4 am.
They were running everywhere and organizing all the work.

General Chen and the military patrolled around Donghai to maintain order.

This was a fragile moment.
It was possible that some people would snap under the pressure and commit illogical acts in this situation.

Yesterday at midnight, the reinforcements from the different cities had arrived.
They included medical staff, alchemists, runemasters, and many more.
They had already started working.

There were also architects, city planners, designers, railway engineers, and other top talents from various fields sent from all around the country.

It was hard to imagine that these many people had gathered in Donghai in a single night.
Besides, more talents would arrive continuously to contribute their effort in rebuilding Donghai.

Wang Teng had noticed the commotion yesterday night, but it had nothing to do with him, so he cultivated in peace.
He disregarded what was happening around him.

The people around him started waking up one by one.

The first thing Lin Chuhan did when she opened her eyes was to look at Wang Teng.
He was sitting on a huge rock and breathing in the Force from heaven and earth as he cultivated.
Thick Force had formed a faint mist around his body, making the morning glow look holy.

The other members of the Wang family woke up.
Soon, they also noticed Wang Teng.
They were astounded.

Was this the cultivation of a martial warrior?


They had a sudden thought.
From the looks of it, Wang Teng had been cultivating the entire night.

He was indeed hardworking!

Li Xiumei felt her heart hurting.
This was her son, so she couldn’t bear to see him suffer.

What if his legs turned numb after sitting the entire night?

On the other hand, Grandpa Wang and Wang Shengguo felt relieved.
Even with his achievements, Wang Teng wasn’t arrogant and conceited.
He continued to cultivate hard.
As expected of their child…

At the same time, Wang Teng sensed that everyone was awake.
He completed his last round of Force circulation before opening his eyes.
A sharp glint shot out of his eyes, but it disappeared instantly.

Everyone was surprised as they evaded his gaze.

Wang Teng’s gaze wasn’t scary.
They just couldn’t stare directly at the sharp light leftover from his cultivation.

“Everyone is awake.” Wang Teng smiled.

“We’ve been up for a long time.
We were waiting for you,” Lin Chuhan said.

Wang Teng was speechless.
He didn’t sleep the entire night, but he became the last person to wake up.
Who could he complain to? In his heart, he grumbled that ladies were hard to interact with…

Then, a tinge of helplessness appeared on his face.
Silence meant consent.
He agreed with Lin Chuhan silently.
He wasn’t stupid, so he wouldn’t reason with a lady.

After everyone finished their breakfast, Wang Teng and Grandpa Wang gathered together to discuss the future development of the Wang family and their future home.

“What does everyone think? Tell me your thoughts?” Grandpa Wang looked around and asked.

They all glanced at Wang Teng unconsciously.

“I feel that Donghai is very dangerous now, so we should relocate.
I can bring my family along.
They will definitely listen to the Wang family,” Wang Teng’s oldest aunt, Zhao Huili, suddenly said.
Everyone looked at her with a hint of helplessness on their faces.
Zhao Huili had no bad intentions, but her foresight was a little shallow.
If things were that simple, they wouldn’t need to gather and discuss.

“Shut up.
Don’t say anything if you don’t know anything.” Wang Shenghong glared at his wife.

Zhao Huili felt a little wronged.
She wanted to refute.

Grandpa Wang opened his mouth at this moment.
He waved his hand and said, “It’s alright.
Huili is just stating our last resort.”

“See, Father says I’m right.” Zhao Huili got proud in an instant.

“Alright, alright, stop talking,” Wang Shenghong said impatiently.
“You…” Zhao Huili was furious.
She still wanted to offer a retort.

“Mom, let’s listen to what Wang Teng has to say,” Wang Yanan pulled her hand and said.

Zhao Huili glanced at Wang Teng and turned quiet immediately.

When they were hiding in the underground shelter, she had personally witnessed how powerful Wang Teng was.
You could say that in the entire Wang family, the only person she was more fearful and had more respect for than Grandpa Wang was Wang Teng.
Wang Teng smiled.
“Actually, Aunt is right…”

Zhao Huili puffed up her chest when she heard Wang Teng agreeing with her viewpoint.
She snorted at Wang Shenghong.
Everyone was shocked.
“Little Teng…” Wang Shenghong asked curiously.
“Uncle, don’t worry.
I’m not done yet.
Moving away is a good choice, but that’s only for other people.
I feel that for the Wang family, staying in Donghai is the wisest option,” Wang Teng said confidently.
“Oh, why do you think so?” Grandpa Wang smiled and asked.

“Grandpa, you’re testing me, aren’t you?” Wang Teng laughed.
He didn’t probe further and continued, “Y’all are not martial warriors, so you don’t know some insider information…” The family was startled by his words.
They glanced at one another.

“Actually, the world isn’t as safe as what everyone thinks, whichever corner you’re at.
The star beasts riot is one, but there are other reasons too.
These reasons are worse than the star beasts,” Wang Teng said.

“What?!” Everyone was flabbergasted, their faces turning pale.
What reason was more terrifying than the sea beasts riot?

“Son, what are they? Can you tell us?” Wang Shengguo asked.

“I can talk about it, but there are many taboos…” Wang Teng hesitated.
In the end, he still acted on his own accord and briefly told his family about the dark apparitions.

However, he used voice transmission to transmit his voice into their ears.

The Wang family was appalled when they heard this.
Wang Teng didn’t explain in detail, but the tip of the iceberg he revealed was enough to frighten them.

How did the world become so dangerous?

They used to live in a peaceful environment, so these disasters were a bit hard to imagine.
“So, staying in Donghai is the best option.
My foundation is here.
I can protect you to the best of my ability here.
If anything happens in Donghai and I’m not around, the higher authorities of Donghai will offer protection to the Wang family immediately.
In other countries, we won’t be able to receive similar treatment,” Wang Teng said slowly.

Everyone turned silent.

After some time, Grandpa Wang heaved a long sigh and said, “Little Teng is right.
This is what I wanted to say to you.
Rather than finding an unfamiliar place and passing our safety to unfamiliar people, we should stay in our homeland and go through thick and thin with it.”

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