Chapter 549 The Ending Of The Three Lord-level Sea Beasts!

Grandpa Wang was more artistic in his words.
He wasn’t as direct as Wang Teng.
Instead, he mentioned the country.
No matter what, the country had to take the lead in this.

It didn’t make sense if Wang Teng was to act before the country.

Governor Jiang was forced into a corner by Grandpa Wang’s words.
He gave a bitter smile and said, “That makes sense, but relying on the country isn’t enough if we want Donghai to regain its glory.
We need help from everyone!”

“We can discuss that later.
You can gather people from all walks of life and hold a meeting to discuss this issue.
I think that everyone will be happy to help Donghai,” Grandpa Wang said calmly, pushing the responsibility away.
Governor Jiang felt his head hurt.
Both the old and young from the Wang family weren’t easy to deal with.
In the past, he hated talking to businessmen the most.
If he couldn’t win them in speech, he would force them to agree with his authority.

But the Wang family was different.
Wang Teng belonged to the military.
He had a military title and was powerful.
Governor Jiang felt that he couldn’t win against Wang Teng.
He was a monster!

He was a rock that was hard to bite—no, he was a diamond.
He would only break his teeth if he tried to bite him.

Wang Teng sniggered in his heart when he saw Governor Jiang’s helpless expression.
He secretly gave Grandpa Wang a thumbs up.

The older, the wiser.

Grandpa Wang raised his eyebrows.
However, his expression remained the same, not giving himself away.

“Alright, let’s put this on hold.
We’ll come up with a plan in the future.” Governor Jiang gave Wang Teng a meaningful look.
The brat must have taken countless treasures from the Darkland.
He had to get some from him.

In the end, Governor Jiang left unwillingly.

He would be back, though.

“Seriously.” Dan Taixuan pointed at Wang Teng and smiled as she shook her head.

Although she didn’t say anything just now, she had already shown her stand.
If possible, she hoped that Wang Teng would offer a helping hand.

Wang Teng smiled and didn’t reply to her.

“They won’t ask you to give the money for nothing.
You will be able to get some benefits too.
You can decide how you want to grasp the chance,” Dan Taixuan continued.
Wang Teng started considering it seriously.
He nodded.

He hadn’t thought of that possibility.
If there was an exchange, he might be able to accept it.

“I wonder how many people are still willing to stay in Donghai after this riot.” Ye Jixin sighed.

His words stunned everyone.
The sea beast riot had destroyed Donghai completely.
The consequences were too terrifying.
Despite the positive result, everyone probably still had lingering fears, so the normal citizens might leave the city and not stay here anymore.

“Inland might not be safe either.
Although the coast has sea beasts, the inland has star beasts,” Dan Taixuan said.

“To strengthen the defense of Donghai, we can carve rune arrays on the three mountains and make them our first line of defense.
Normal sea beasts won’t be able to pass through them,” Wang Teng said with a glint in his eyes.

“I forgot that you’re a runemaster too.” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and nodded.
“There will be runemasters coming to reinforce us very soon.
You can discuss it with them.
This is your forte.”

Wang Teng nodded.

Xu Wantong, Hou Pingliang, and the others were dumbfounded when they saw Wang Teng talking to all these important characters on equal footing.
They looked like they had seen a ghost.

We went through 9 years of compulsory education too.
Why are you able to calmly talk to the bosses while we are shivering at the side?

The difference was a bit too much.

Night arrived.
Everyone sat on the ground and took out dried goods.
They started eating their food.

Stars shone brightly in the night sky, casting a dim light on the wreck.
The people looked at the ruins in front with a heavy heart.

They were still alive, but many people had lost their families and friends.
After this sea beast riot, many people were unable to come back anymore.

Wang Teng’s eyes flickered.
He said, “Stop eating dried goods.
We have so much seafood.
What a waste if we don’t eat them!”

His words were accompanied by a loud bang.
The corpses of three huge sea beasts appeared on the empty ground in front.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

These were lord-level sea beasts.
Were they really going to eat them?

This was a little extravagant!

Hearing the commotion, Wang Dapao and Dan Taixuan hurried over.
They gathered in front and looked at Wang Teng with an intense gaze.
They seemed to be saying…

Hurry up and start cooking!

Lin Chuhan, Xu Wantong, Hou Pingliang, and the others went speechless when they saw this scene.

They were general-stage martial warriors.
Shouldn’t they take care of their images?

But they could finally confirm that they really planned to eat the lord-level sea beasts.
They were astounded, and their eyes also started shining

These sea beasts were huge.
A few more servings shouldn’t matter, right? They wouldn’t eat much; just a little was enough! After all, these were lord-level sea beasts.
They didn’t know if they would ever have the chance to taste such a delicacy again if they missed this chance.

The Wang family exchanged glances with one another and swallowed their saliva unconsciously.

Wang Teng smiled.
He immediately waved his hand, and a green flame emerged.

The three sea beasts were immediately engulfed by the flames.
Wang Teng controlled his spiritual power and lifted them in mid-air.
He started barbecuing them from all corners.

It was time for the Force chef master to come out again!

Wang Teng immediately started his amazing show.
There was no way he could do it normally.
The sea beasts were huge, so he had to fly up and down to scatter the seasonings evenly on them.

Keeping their size in mind, a large amount of seasoning was needed.
Wang Teng’s stash wasn’t enough, but fortunately, he received some from the other martial warriors.

After some time, a strong fragrance wafted out.
The three lord-level sea beasts had turned golden-brown.
One look was enough to whet one’s appetite.

The Windstorm Giant Ape would never have thought of this ending.

Even the people further away noticed the situation here.
They looked over and swallowed their saliva.

“Alright, free for all.
Eat as much as you can!”

Wang Teng waved his hand and cut a few pieces of meat.
He distributed them to the Wang family and Lin Chuhan’s family.

This was an obvious bias.
Everyone rolled their eyes uncontrollably.

However, Wang Teng caught these sea beasts.
Back then, everyone thought he would hand the three sea beasts over.
Yet, he killed them right in front of the Windstorm Giant Ape.

He was a little bold and reckless, but he managed to keep the three sea beasts.
If it was another person, they would have handed them over.
It was impossible for them to taste this lord-level seafood.

Lin Chuhan blushed slightly when she noticed everyone’s gaze.
This fellow favored her in front of everyone, making her a little shy.

Xu Wantong and Tian Xiaoxiao winked at her and teased her silently.
However, they were a little jealous too.

Hou Pingliang, Lu Shu, and the others chuckled and looked at them ambiguously.

Although they had injuries on their bodies, it was nothing serious.
They would recover after some rest.

With his thick skin, Wang Teng didn’t mind the attention.
He didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Mother Lin smiled when she saw his reaction.
She was starting to like Wang Teng more and more.

Lin Chuxia didn’t care about any of it.
She grabbed the seafood and took a huge bite.
It was freshly barbecued, so she got scalded, crying embarrassedly in pain.
The others were getting impatient.
They pounced on the seafood as if they hadn’t eaten for many days.

“Oh my god, as expected of lord-level sea beasts.
This lobster meat is tender and delicious.
It’s amazing!” Wang Dapao exclaimed.

“Look at you!” Sister Han slapped him on the shoulder.
She felt that he was embarrassing her.

Wang Dapao shrunk his neck and chuckled.
He was known for listening to his wife.
There was no chance of him getting rid of this title.
Sister Han was too lazy to bother about him.
She took a bite of the seafood, and her eyes lit up.
“This tastes good!”

“It’s delicious, right? See, I was right,” Wang Dapao said proudly.

“Why are you taking the credit? Without Little Brother Wang, we wouldn’t be able to eat this.” Sister Han glared at him from the corner of her eyes.

“It’s the same.
I did my part too,” Wang Dapao said softly.

Everyone laughed as they watched the couple quarreling as usual.

The Wang family didn’t get much.
A normal person wouldn’t be able to withstand the energy within.
But even with the small piece of meat, they savored it happily.
They were afraid of finishing it too quickly.

“I’m fortunate to be able to taste lord-level star beast meat at this age,” Grandpa Wang said with a smile.

“Grandpa, what are you saying? With me around, I promise that you will get to eat it in the future,” Wang Teng replied.
“Hahaha, good.” Grandpa Wang laughed heartily.

The Wang family looked at Wang Teng and smiled involuntarily.

“Little Brother Wang, have some liquor.” Wang Dapao took out a bottle of white liquor and threw it at him.
“How can you have seafood without alcohol?”

“Let’s drink mine.” Wang Teng took out the high-quality wine he received from the dwarves.
He poured the white liquor away and filled the bottle with the wine.
Then, he tossed it back to Wang Dapao.
Wang Dapao caught it and took a huge gulp.
He gave a satisfied burp.
His eyes were shining as he sighed and said, “Good wine! Why didn’t you take it out earlier?”

Wang Teng couldn’t be bothered with him.

Ye Jixin’s nose moved.
He seemed to have smelled the fragrance of the wine, and a smile formed on his lips.
“Pour me some.”

Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng.
She didn’t say anything, but she signaled with her eyes.

Wang Teng acted instantly.
He distributed some wine for everyone.
It wasn’t much since there wasn’t much wine left.
He needed to save


The next time he visited Xingwu Continent, he felt that he should visit the dwarves again.
His stock was running low.

“You’re having a comfortable time here eating good food.”

Governor Jiang and General Chen from the Donghai military walked over from afar.
They had been working the entire day and were famished.
They started eating without any invitation.

Then, Peng Yuanshan, Tong Hu, Fu Tiandao, and other general-stage martial warriors rushed over.
No one could resist the temptation of delicious food!

As more people gathered, with the accompaniment of good food and wine, the atmosphere turned lively.

Wang Teng didn’t plan to keep the food to himself.
He asked the soldiers beside him to distribute the seafood.
There was enough for everyone to eat.

Governor Jiang ordered the Force chefs of Donghai to cook some edible seafood and distribute it to everyone.

A strong fragrance floated over the entire Donghai.
With the help of delicious food, more smiles appeared on everyone’s faces.

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