Chapter 546 It Was Worth The Hard Fight!

As the last sea beast disappeared into the deep sea, the water resumed its calmness.

The cheers of the humans resounded in the sky above the Donghai ruins.

Wang Teng stood erected on the surface of the sea.
Under the golden sunlight, his slender body seemed exceptionally tall and lofty at this moment.
It was even a little holy!

Respect appeared in everyone’s eyes.
It came from their hearts.
The brutal sea beast riot had been quashed with Wang Teng’s help!

Without him, many Donghai martial warriors, as well as the ordinary people, wouldn’t be able to survive the sea beasts’ slaughtering.
He had helped the human martial warriors kill a large number of sea beasts.

He also carried two mountains and built an almost indestructible defense on their coastline, blocking the majority of the sea beasts outside.
He fought to let the human martial warriors have a higher chance of survival.

It was also him who defeated the frightening Windstorm Giant Ape and forced it to retreat, protecting the homes of the Donghai citizens.

Who else had the ability to do this?

In the underground shelter, the Wang family felt extremely proud when they heard the cheers around them and the people calling out Wang Teng’s name.

They looked at the young figure on the screen.
There was only astonishment in their mind.

“It’s our family’s luck to have such a child!” Grandpa Wang clenched his cane tightly as he stuttered.

Wang Teng’s uncles and aunts felt the same way.
How fortunate they were to have such a formidable presence in their family.

Many families were unable to groom a martial warrior even after pumping in huge amounts of resources.
On the other hand, the Wang family didn’t do anything, yet Wang Teng had risen to such an astonishing level.
It was like a pie dropping from the sky.
Whenever the other families mentioned them, their eyes turned red in jealousy.

At the same time, the other citizens of the country finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Donghai was saved!

This was the best result.

Although the city itself was in ruins, the people had survived.
They could rebuild the city as long as the will was there.
Then, everyone’s gaze landed on Wang Teng unconsciously.
They couldn’t hide the amazement on their faces.

This young man was so outstanding!

Through this sea beasts riot, he allowed everyone to see what an unsurpassed talent in his generation meant.

Indeed, to everyone, Wang Teng was worth such a high appraisal.
He was the first in his generation!

He had surpassed all the talents of his generation.
Although no one specially mentioned this glory, they still placed this honor in their hearts in unplanned unison.

Capital Xia, imperial palace!

The leader of martial arts sternly gave an order.
“Immediately dispatch medical staff and alchemists to Donghai.
We must save every single life we can.

“Prepare all the resources needed.
We’ll do our best to help rebuild Donghai.
All the departments must cooperate.
If anyone slacks or makes a profit out of this… they will be punished with due severity.

“Also, send some runemasters to Donghai and build the strongest defense on the coastline of Donghai to prevent another invasion of sea beasts.”

After he finished speaking, he left instantly.
When he reached the door, he stopped and said, “Order the entire nation to keep a close watch of our surroundings, especially the grasslands, the forests, the mountain ranges, and the seas.
I don’t want to see another similar event happening.”

Then, he disappeared from everyone’s vision.

“Yes!” the minister of education and the various leaders replied hurriedly.

The impact of this sea beast riot was huge.
It had gained great attention from the higher authorities.

Donghai had already suffered heavy losses.
Their country couldn’t afford another turmoil like this.

The orders were sent out from the imperial palace and spread to all corners of the country.
The entire nation went on full alert, and the atmosphere turned tense.


Wang Teng stood on the surface of the sea until all the sea beasts had disappeared.
Next, he heaved a sigh of relief.
A wave of overwhelming exhaustion was spreading throughout his body.

His body and mind had reached their limits.
He had never felt so empty and helpless.
It was as if his body didn’t belong to him.

He wasn’t standing there because he wanted to put on a show.
It was because he couldn’t move a muscle.
His whole body would scream in protest if he made even a small movement.
All he could do was use the last morsel of Force to maintain his body floating in mid-air.
Fortunately, the Windstorm Giant Ape didn’t notice that he was at his wits’ end.
Or rather, it didn’t matter if it discovered anything.
It was faring not any better.
Wang Teng was confident in the power of his Space Tornado.

The Windstorm Giant Ape wasn’t stupid.
It knew that if it continued fighting, it wouldn’t gain any benefits.
Because of Wang Teng’s appearance, most of the general-stage human martial warriors had kept their lives.
This was a huge threat to the sea beasts.
They had no other chances of winning.

At this moment, Dan Taixuan and the others finally noticed Wang Teng’s abnormality.
They flew over quickly.

“Are you alright?” Dan Taixuan asked worriedly.

“Hold me.
I can’t move,” Wang Teng opened his mouth and said in a hoarse tone.
Dan Taixuan’s expression changed slightly as she hurriedly held onto him.

Everyone returned to the back.
Others crowded around them, including Peng Yuanshan and Tong Hu from Huanghai Military Academy.
There were also Qin Hanxuan, Fu Tiandao, and some other people close to Wang Teng.
Of course, there were some unfamiliar faces too.

They looked tired and were covered with blood, but at this moment, they were all worried.
They started talking at once.
“How are you?” “Are you alright?”

“Is your injury serious?”

Wang Teng felt a little weird that a bunch of old men was surrounding him and showing him concern, but he was touched.
At the same time, he felt fortunate that everyone had lived.

It was worth the hard fight! “Make way, are y’all trying to block the path?” Dan Taixuan frowned and shouted as she carried Wang Teng.

The crowd was stunned before they hurriedly cleared a path.

Dan Taixuan snorted, carrying Wang Teng to an empty patch not far away.

Donghai had already turned into ruins.
Also, Wang Teng had to form the rock giant, so he forcefully pulled out all the rocks below the ground.
Hence, it was empty everywhere.
They could only find a leveled ground to let Wang Teng rest.

Dan Taixuan placed Wang Teng down and took out some healing pills for him to consume.
Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
After swallowing the pills, he closed his eyes and started recuperating.

Despite everything, he didn’t forget to leave a string of spiritual power to pick up the remaining attribute bubbles around him.
No matter how serious his injury was, he must not waste his attribute bubbles.

Very soon, all the attribute bubbles were picked up by Wang Teng.
He finally recalled his spiritual power and focused on recuperating.

After some time, Wang Teng opened his eyes and heaved a long sigh.

The sky was getting dark.
It was evening now.
The night was dawning soon.

Suddenly, Wang Teng noticed a group of people beside him.
He was stunned.

“Dad, Mom, Grandpa… Why are you here?”

The people in front of him were his family members.
When they came out from the underground shelter, they heard that Wang Teng was injured, so they stood around him and never left.

“Son, you’re finally awake!” Li Xiumei heaved a sigh of relief.
At the same time.
she cried in happiness.

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