Chapter 542 Compromise?

“You crossed the boundary!”

The voice sounded exceptionally old, and it wasn’t loud.
However, there was an unhidden firmness and resoluteness in the calm tone.

Everyone turned their heads.
An old and slouching figure walked over slowly from a distance.

He didn’t hold any weapons.
His hands were behind his back, and his back was bent.
With his face full of wrinkles, he looked like an ordinary old man.

But he was walking in the air.
He floated over the three tall mountains, went by all the sea beasts, and finally arrived in front.

No one would dare treat this old man as an ordinary person.

Especially after that astonishing blade!

Wang Teng was stunned when he saw the old man.
There was astonishment in his eyes.
This old man was the old guard at the gate of Huanghai Military Academy! Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
He never expected the ordinary security guard to be a formidable character that could fight off the Windstorm Giant Ape.
It was unbelievable!

In the past, whenever Wang Teng left the gates of Huanghai Military Academy, the guard would remind him to be careful and to take care of himself all the time.
Sometimes, when he mentioned it to other students, the Huanghai students would also say that this guard advised all the students in this way.
He was like a kind old man who was worried for every student who stepped out of the school gates.
Hence, Wang Teng wouldn’t recognize him wrongly.
The elder saw him and nodded at him, giving him an amiable smile.

“Old Han! You…” Dan Taixuan was shocked when she saw the old man too.
She called out to him hurriedly.

However, before she could say anything, the old man raised his hand and stopped her.

Ye Jixin, Wang Dapao, and Governor Jiang didn’t seem to know this elder.
They were confused.
When was there such a formidable character in Donghai?

Then, Ye Jixin and Governor Jiang glanced at Wang Dapao.
This was a hidden powerful martial warrior too!

This general-stage martial warrior hadn’t revealed himself in the past at all!

Does everyone like to keep a low profile nowadays?

A smart person hides in the city!

As these thoughts flashed past everyone’s mind, they immediately looked towards the sea.

Waves tossed and rolled.
A black shadow shot out from the surface of the sea.


Amidst the loud roar, the seawater shot straight into the sky before falling like heavy rain.
In the sea, the large figure of the Windstorm Giant Ape appeared in front of everyone once again.

“Retreat!” Old Han raised his head and looked at the Windstorm Giant Ape with a pair of turbid eyes.
His voice was calm.

The general-stage martial warrior exchanged glances with one another and hesitated.
In the end, they still retreated behind him.

“Old man, who are you?” The Windstorm Giant Ape’s dignified voice echoed over.
It lowered its huge head.

All the seawater had fallen off its body.
Everyone could finally see it clearly.
There was a blade mark on the Windstorm Giant Ape’s body, and fresh blood was oozing out of the wound.

“Human!” In comparison, old Han’s voice was extremely composed.
His reply was simple and direct.

Human! Old Han was right.
He represented all the humans now!

Both parties remained quiet as the Windstorm Giant Ape stared coldly at Old Han.
The atmosphere turned silent.

There was no change in Old Han’s gaze.
He looked at the ape indifferently.

After some time, he opened his mouth, “Retreat.
You shouldn’t have come out of the sea and stepped into the human world.”

“What if I don’t?” Windstorm Giant Ape retorted.

“Humans are never afraid of death!” Old Han’s gaze turned sharp.
A domineering aura erupted from his body.
His slouching figure suddenly appeared as huge as the giant ape.
He said sternly, “Or will you like to test how sharp my blade is?”

Fear flashed in the Windstorm Giant Ape’s eyes.
It felt the pain coming from the wound on its chest, but it couldn’t show its cowardice.
Where would it place its dignity if others saw him cowering?


The Windstorm Giant Ape scanned his surroundings and snorted.
His gaze then landed on the mountain not far away.”Release them, and I will consider retreating.
If not, let’s continue this battle till death.” The moment it said this, Wang Teng and the other humans’ expressions changed.

The Windstorm Giant Ape was referring to the lord-level sea beasts that were caught.
Wang Teng was angrier than the others.
Damn it, they were the seafood feast he had prepared for himself.
This stupid ape was trying to steal his food!

He couldn’t bear it.

Wang Dapao couldn’t accept this either.
His dream of enjoying high-quality seafood was shattered.
He swallowed his saliva and sighed in pity.
As for the other general-stage martial warriors, their expressions turned ugly.

Asking them to release the three lord-level sea beasts was equivalent to asking them to compromise.
This was a blatant threat!

The people behind were paying attention to the situation in front.
Some felt helpless while others were unwilling.
They felt humiliated and frustrated.
However, some people also wished that they could hand over the three lord-level sea beasts to end this long battle.

To normal humans, peace was their greatest wish.

However, what mattered was the general-stage martial warriors’ opinion, not theirs.

“You and the other sea beasts, retreat ten kilometers!” Old Han opened his mouth.

The Windstorm Giant Ape didn’t waste any time.
With a wave of its hand, the other sea beasts sunk into the sea, swimming into the distance.

At the same time, it also started stepping back…

“Old Han, are we really going to pass the lord-level sea beasts to them? We spent a lot of effort trying to catch them,” Wang Dapao said unwillingly.

“Why don’t you stop that Windstorm Giant Ape then?” Old Han glanced at him and replied nonchalantly.

Wang Dapao smiled in embarrassment.
He didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Old Han sighed.
He looked at Wang Teng and said, “Bring them over.”

Wang Teng was still hesitating.
Eventually, he flew back without saying anything and lifted the three giant lord-level sea beasts.
With his strength, the weight and size of these three sea beasts were nothing to him.

The three giant sea beasts were stuck in the Force web.
Wang Teng lifted the large net in one hand, dangling the three lord-level sea beasts in the air.

“Release them!” The Windstorm Giant Ape’s eyes flickered.
His voice shook the air.

Wang Teng wasn’t affected, though.
He glanced at Old Han.

Old Han nodded at him.

Wang Dapao, Dan Taixuan, and the others opened their mouths, but they didn’t say anything in the end.
Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
He lifted the three sea beasts and walked forward.

“Young human, what’s your name?” The Windstorm Giant Ape glared at Wang Teng coldly.
Its voice was heard once again.

Wang Teng continued ignoring it.
Instead, he suddenly ignited the Emerald Glazed Flame on the web.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh! The three lord-level sea beasts woke up because of the sudden pain, screaming in agony.
Soon, they noticed the Windstorm Giant Ape in front and shouted happily, “My king, save us! Save us!”

“You seem happy?” An irritating voice sounded beside their ears at this moment.

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