Chapter 539 How Can You Call A Smart Person’s Move Sinister?

Wang Dapao and Wang Teng were stunned when they heard Dan Taixuan’s words.
They looked at her in surprise.
But she had already left.
She was fighting the remaining lord-level sea beasts along with Ye Jixin and the other martial warriors.

The two people smiled at each other knowingly.

“Little Brother Wang, are we going to hunt more seafood?” Wang Dapao bit a cigarette in his mouth and sniggered.

“Of course!” Wang Teng scanned the sea beasts and said in a teasing tone, “We can cook soup with that giant sea python.
It should be a good tonic.
Old Brother Wang, one should have more tonic when one reaches middle-ages.
Sister Han will be elated.”

Wang Dapao was stunned for a moment.
Then, he understood and blushed.
“Come on, what’s going on in your mind at such a young age? I’m healthy and strong.
I can swing my blade and slash the sea beasts.
Why will I need the tonic?”

He spoke sternly as he straightened his back and lifted his chest to show that he wasn’t weak.
However, he kept glancing at the deep-sea giant python secretly from the corners of his eyes.
His gaze shone like stars as he swallowed his saliva.

The corners of Wang Teng’s mouth twitched.
He glanced sideways at this double-faced middle-aged man.

Hmph, hypocritical!

Not wasting any more time, he moved and dashed ahead.

“Hey, wait for me!” Wang Dapao shouted.
He grabbed his large blade and chased after Wang Teng.
Boom, boom, boom!

In front, the general-stage human martial warriors were locked in an intense battle with the lord-level sea beasts, especially when there was a 12-star lord-level sea beast among them that was extremely frightening.
On the human side, the president of the Jixin Martial House, Ye Jixin, was a legendary figure.
When Force first had entered Earth, he foresaw the trend and grabbed the chance to rise in this generation.
He even founded one of the top three martial arts academies in the country, Jixin Martial House.
Also, his ability had reached the 12-star general stage!

If it wasn’t for him, the humans would have a harder time stopping the deep-sea giant python.


He held a silver long spear in his hand and wielded it like a dragon.
The silver light shimmered, giving a sharp glow.
It stabbed towards the giant python circling in the air with an unstoppable aura.


The deep-sea giant python roared in anger.
The glow of the spear reflected in its blue and cold eyes as it swung its tail out.

A series of spear glows landed on the python’s tail.
The palm-sized scales gave off loud clunks as if two metals had collided.

This was how hard the scales of the giant python were.
Ye Jixin’s attack was unable to break its defense.

Star beasts were always known for their hard armor, especially star beasts with scales.
Their defense ability was astonishing.

But this deep sea giant python’s defense ability was even more frightening.

Ye Jixin’s expression turned grim.
He felt a little helpless in front of this deep-sea giant python.

This python was exceptionally sly.
It protected its vital spots and only revealed its tough scale armor to its enemy.
He didn’t know where he should attack.

A hint of contempt appeared in the deep sea giant python’s eyes.
It opened its large mouth abruptly, and an icy blue ray of light shot out from within.
It came down on Ye Jixin like a net of rain.

Ye Jixin’s expression changed.
He retreated furiously.


The dense icy blue light crashed onto the surface of the sea and formed a thick layer of ice on the surface.

Although Ye Jixin had evaded the attack with many risks, a little icy rain still landed on his arm.
A layer of ice spread over his arm and covered it at a fast speed.

Ye Jixin shivered.
He released the Force in his body and wanted to shatter the layer of ice.

However, he realized that this layer of ice was extremely sturdy.
It seemed stuck to his bones and was also invading his body.
A bitter cold entered his bones, making him shiver uncontrollably.

“I fell into the trap!” Ye Jixin’s face turned black.
He tried everything he could think of, but he could only stop the coldness from spreading temporarily.
His arm was crippled, and he couldn’t move it.

“Hahaha!” The deep-sea giant python laughed.
“Humans, let’s see how much longer you can hold on!”

The moment it finished speaking, malicious intent exploded from its eyes.
It moved its large body as fast as lightning and twirled around Ye Jixin.
With its terrifying presence, even a general-stage martial warrior would be in danger if he got crushed by it.

Ye Jixin was startled.
He tapped his feet and shot into the sky.


The deep-sea giant python bellowed and coiled its body.
It chased after Ye Jixin furiously and soared into the sky behind him.


However, at this moment, a large Force net suddenly fell from the sky.

The deep-sea giant python was astounded.
It couldn’t dodge in time, so it fell into the net directly.

It was a spider web!

This was the Force net Wang Teng had created using the spiderweb skill he received from the six-eye poison spiders.

What was the best method to catch a snake?

A net of course!

When Wang Teng saw this deep-sea giant python, this thought had already appeared in his mind.
Hence, before he entered the battle, he spoke to Ye Jixin using voice transmission and told him his plan, asking him to play along Wang Dapao and Wang Teng flew high into the air when the deep-sea giant python wasn’t paying attention and hid themselves.
There, he silently weaved the Force net.

With his spiritual power, controlling his Force to weave this huge net was a piece of cake.
He didn’t need much time.


The deep-sea giant python hissed and thrashed around.
It thought that success was with its reach, and it could kill this human martial warrior in minutes.
However, it fell into the humans’ trap instead.
It struggled frantically, smashing its body against the Force net as it tried to break free.

However, the Force net was too sturdy.
There were many green flames scattered all over the net.
Once its body touched the green flames, a hissing sound escaped the point of contact.
It felt excruciating pain.
Astonishment appeared in its eyes.

“Damn it, what is this flame?”

“A flame to barbecue you.” A burst of soft laughter was heard.

The deep-sea giant python turned its large python head in the direction of the voice.
It stared at Wang Teng with its narrow pupils filled with killing intent and howled.


“Hahaha, what do you think of this trapping-the-snake-in-the-net move? You might be as sly as a fox, but you can’t beat my Little Brother Wang’s small tricks!” Wang Dapao laughed proudly.

Wang Teng nodded.
He liked the compliment.

“If you talk about being sinister, he’s a professional,” Wang Dapao continued.

Wang Teng: …

Damn it, I’m going to break ties with him.

What do you mean by being sinister?

Am I that kind of person?

This is called a plan.
What do you mean by sinister? How can you call a smart person’s move sinister?


Wang Teng glanced at Wang Dapao from the corner of his eyes, his gaze turning dangerous.
Wang Dapao didn’t notice it, but he suddenly shuddered.
He felt a menacing intent engulfing him.
When he turned, Wang Teng had already retracted his gaze calmly.

Ye Jixin’s expression was weird.
He felt that Wang Dapao’s words made sense.

This young fellow was quite sinister!

“Despicable!” the deep-sea giant python shouted furiously.
It was unwilling to admit defeat so it bore with the pain and continued hitting the huge net, trying to break free.

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