Chapter 537 How Sorrowful It Was To Be Born In The Same Era As Him!

The three mountains stood erected along the coastline of Donghai, crushing many sea beasts under it.
Fresh blood stained the surface of the sea red.
The color was so thick that it couldn’t be dispersed.
Many more sea beasts were stopped outside the mountains.
If they wanted to invade Donghai, they needed to climb over these three mountains first.

What did this mean? In this short moment, Wang Teng had forcefully turned Donghai into an easy to defend but hard to attack city!

Although the lord-level sea beasts could destroy these three mountains, they first had to obtain permission from the general-stage human martial warriors!

Most importantly, most of the sea beasts were shaken by Wang Teng.
They were trembling in fear.

Any living creature would have fear.
These sea beasts were extremely ferocious, but they had developed fear towards Wang Teng.

Even the lord-level sea beasts’ gazes were trembling slightly when they looked at Wang Teng.
On this young man, they saw something that didn’t exist on the other human martial warriors.

It was hard to explain this feeling, but they honestly felt their hearts trembling.

This young man was a huge threat to the sea beasts!

At the same time, the humans turned silent.
Their astonishment was unprecedented.
“So powerful!” some martial warriors started muttering to themselves.

Using three mountains to fill up the sea!

Wang Teng had managed to achieve such a crazy feat.
It was unbelievable!

Very soon, they started cheering.

The Wang family was over the moon, especially the younger generation.
They hugged one another and jumped around as they cheered.

“Good!” Grandpa Wang knocked the ground heavily with his walking stick.
His face was glowing with pride and excitement.
“As expected of my grandson!” Grandpa Li was present too.
He pulled Wang Teng’s grandmother and shouted happily.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei couldn’t hide how proud they were.
That handsome and formidable young man was their son! They never imagined that one day, their child would reach this stage!

Every parent hoped that their child could become a successful person!

Wang Teng’s immaturity had already faded, and he had turned into a real dragon.
He was standing at the peak of the younger generation.
He was more outstanding than any other young man.

As his parents, they felt proud! However, when they saw Wang Teng’s pale face, they felt concerned for him.
This child had suffered so much!

Wang Teng’s uncles and aunties’ families were shocked.
Soon, their astonishment turned into envy.

Wang Sengguo had a good son!

They couldn’t deny that they were jealous!

They wished that they could have an outstanding son like Wang Teng too!

Capital Xia.

In the imperial palace, even the composed martial arts leader seemed staggered.
He sighed and exclaimed, “What an amazing feat to shift the mountains and fill up the sea.”

“There is no one in the younger generation at the same level as Wang Teng,” the minister of education said firmly.

“We’re fortunate to have this talent in our country!” The commanders of the military took a deep breath.

Everyone nodded, agreeing with each other’s words.
At this moment, their evaluation of Wang Teng was at an all-time high.

Mind you, these were the highest authorities in the country.
If their evaluation spread to the outside world, it would astound everyone.

Of course, after the war in Donghai, even without their evaluations, Wang Teng’s name had already spread to every corner of the country! The whole population was watching the live broadcast of the Donghai battle.
The attention generated was unprecedented.
Everyone young and old, male or female, knew his name.

He was the first in his generation!

Without a doubt!

“I regret not persuading him to join The First University personally.” The old principal of The First University shook his head bitterly.

“It’s too late to regret now.” The commander of the military sniggered at his plight.
He wasn’t worried.
Wang Teng was part of the military, and this relationship wouldn’t disappear.

Moreover, the military had taken care of Wang Teng.
Even when he was stranded in the Darkland, the military still awarded him a Major General title.
This special honor was enough to show how much importance the military placed on Wang Teng.

The commander felt fortunate that he had made this decision.
If he had hesitated slightly longer, this decision might have been suppressed.

After all, Wang Teng was too young.
It wasn’t appropriate for him to get the Major General title so quickly.
Fortunately, he wasn’t so old that his vision had blurred.

“After this battle, ask him to come to Capital Xia.
I want to meet him,” the martial arts leader finally opened his mouth.
“What!” The commander, the minister of education, and the other higher authorities were shocked.
The leader wanted to meet Wang Teng.

Thinking about it, though, it was understandable.
After this battle, Wang Teng’s reputation would reach its peak.
He was outstanding enough for the leader to view him with importance.

They should have a meeting!

The commander felt the same way.

At The First University, Ji Xiuming, Mao Na, and the other students were dead silent.
They were dumbfounded.

Ji Xiuming was already so beaten up that he had lost all his confidence.
His face was pale, and all his arrogance and unwillingness were beaten into pieces.
“How sorrowful it is to be born in the same era as him!” Yu Tao muttered to himself with a bitter expression.

Ji Xiuming shuddered.
In the past, he would snort in disdain.
After all, he was different from Yu Tao and the other students.
His talent was much higher than theirs.

But now…

Looking at the figure on the screen, he felt grief.

Yes, it was a sorrow to be born in the same era as him!

As for the Ren family, Ren Qingcang had gone mad.
He smashed everything he could like an injured wild beast.

Grandpa Ren vomited blood and was sent to the ICU.
The Ren family was in a mess, and it was all because of this person, even though he didn’t appear in front of them.

He lost!

For some reason, he remembered that sentence

-it was a sorrow to be born in the same era as him!

Ren Qingcang and Ji Xiuming weren’t the only ones who felt this way.
All the young people in the nation had the same thought.

The three mountains weren’t just blocking the sea beasts.
They were also blocking the paths of all the younger generations.
It was a height they could never reach!

In Donghai, Dan Taixuan and the other martial warriors regained their senses and gathered around Wang Teng to face the lord-level sea beasts together.
“Are you alright?” Dan Taixuan looked at Wang Teng’s pale face and asked in concern.

“I’m fine!” Wang Teng shook his head.
He had used too much strength, but he would be able to recover quickly after collecting a few rounds of attribute bubbles.
The sea beasts noticed Wang Teng’s weakness, and malicious intent shot out of the lord-level sea beasts’ eyes.
They wanted to get rid of him quickly.
“He must die!” The leader of the lord-level sea beasts was a large sea python.
It had reached 12-star lord-level.
Its huge body circled in the air as it looked down on Wang Teng from afar.
Its cold and ruthless voice echoed above the sea.


The sea beasts didn’t give up.
They had been gathering strength for many years before deciding to initiate a war today.
They wanted to take down this human city and expand the land of the sea race.
Hence, they were unwilling to retreat.

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