Chapter 533: Five Elements – General Stage!

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The body of the giant octopus was lurking on the sea surface.
Its tentacles were swiping wildly, attacking anything in its path.

Even though Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan were in the range of the tentacles’ attacks, neither of them flinched.
They executed their skills and advanced towards the giant octopus.


When the tentacles swept over, Wang Teng raised his Mo Que to block the attacks.
The giant octopus was very powerful and was at the low-tier lord-level, equivalent to an 11-star low-tier general-stage human!

That was why every strike of the giant octopus contained extremely terrifying power.
Whenever its tentacles swiped across, you could hear the air crackle and burst.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed as he scoffed.

Eight Level Devil Scripture, activate!

Leiting Physique, activate!

Underneath his clothes, countless black patterns started spreading out on his skin.
Streaks of lightning force burst out of Wang Teng’s body and enveloped it, exuding a majestic aura.

The black patterns were also covered under the lightning force, so no one could see them.


A huge force erupted from Wang Teng’s body.
Although his body did not change in any way, he suddenly became extremely powerful, containing horrifying strength.

Dan Taixuan looked at him with surprise.
It felt like Wang Teng was emitting a ferocious and ruthless aura of a star beast.

“Scram!” Wang Teng roared.
He swung the Mo Que violently, slashing away the thick tentacles.

On the other side, Dan Taixuan was also being attacked.
Three tentacles armed with suction cups swept towards her, completely blocking off her escape route.

However, Dan Taixuan was not afraid at all.
She was at the 11-star low-tier general-stage level and was not inferior to the giant octopus at all.
In fact, among those at the general-stage level, her combat power was unmatched.

Facing the giant octopus in front of her, her eyes lit up with a fighting spirit.
Razor-sharp metal sword conscious shot out from the sword in her hand, and the sky rang with the metallic sound of swords clanging.

Golden sword rays erupted, emerging from the surrounding void and slashing towards the giant octopus tentacles.

Sword wounds immediately appeared on the tentacles.
Fresh blood spurted out as the giant octopus roared in pain.

Dan Taixuan’s attack had successfully triggered it, causing it to send several of its tentacles sweeping towards Dan Taixuan.

The eight tentacles formed a large net as they twirled and soared down at Dan Taixuan, leaving no space for the wind to weave through them.

With her expression unchanged, strands of wind Force emerged around Dan Taixuan.
Her body fluttered and managed to evade the tentacles with great agility.
It was as if she had transformed into the wind.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.
He already knew that Dan Taixuan had wind Force and did not find it unusual.

However, her wind Force proficiency was much higher than his.
She had reached the general stage, and her speed was unbelievable.

The tentacles were swarming all over the sky.
Moreover, there was a terrifying pulling force from the suction cups.

“Oh my god, this tentacle monster has maxed out its tentacle skills!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

Dan Taixuan heard what Wang Teng said even though she was in the midst of a fight, and her face turned dark.

What do you mean by tentacle monster!

This young man was on the right track for a while, but his true self was now revealed.

“Go and help other people.
Don’t get in the way here,” Dan Taixuan shouted angrily.

Wang Teng was a little embarrassed.
He saw that Dan Taixuan could handle the giant octopus alone and rushed down without any more nonsense.

Multiple sea beasts sped towards him.
Judging from their auras, they were 8-star and 9-star star beasts.

Wang Teng’s face turned cold.
He slashed with the Mo Que in his hand, sending forth blade rays.
The sea beasts were like chickens in front of him and were instantly beheaded.

At the same time, he threw his other hand forward, sending out a terrifying punch.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One punch, one monster… Oops, one punch, one sea beast, and their bodies were wrecked.

His stance was simply devastating.

Fu Tiandao, Qin Hanxuan, and the other advanced-rank martial warriors were stunned.
They were all fighting the sea beasts one-on-one, and they might not even be able to kill them after the day was over.

But to Wang Teng, it was a piece of cake.
Killing these advanced-rank sea beasts was like chopping carrots!

One after another, the sea beasts landed on the coast and charged towards Donghai City, launching an attack on the surrounding martial warriors.

The number of human martial warriors was limited, and there were many more sea beasts.
There were often two or three of them or even more sea beasts ganging up on a human martial warrior.

In such a situation, there were simply not enough human martial warriors.


Devastated screams could be heard everywhere.
The human martial warriors were being taken down by the sea beasts one by one.
Then, multiple sea beasts swarmed together and bit them.

Wang Teng’s gaze swept downwards.
His expression clouded over as he flew and charged towards the center of Donghai City.


In an instant, the Imperial Realm spirit power erupted from his body, sweeping towards the surroundings and enveloping the entire Donghai City.

Crowd Control!

Spiritual power—Crowd Control!

All the sea beasts froze immediately as if time had stopped around them.
The surrounding martial warriors couldn’t help but be taken aback.
No one knew what was happening.

The people in the underground shelters were also stunned when they saw this scene.


At this time, a roar filled with killing intent came from the sky.

“It’s Wang Teng!”

“What did he do?”

The martial warriors finally reacted.
Although their hearts were filled with doubts, this was not the time to dwell on it, especially when they saw Wang Teng’s solemn expression.
They knew that it was not easy for him to do something like that.

The martial warriors immediately charged at the sea beasts in front of them and poured all their anger on them with their blades.

The human martial warriors climbed on the sea beasts’ huge bodies and plunged their weapons into their bodies, splattering blood all around.

A large number of low-rank sea beasts died in the hands of these human martial warriors, and it seemed like the tables had turned.

The advanced-rank martial warriors saw this and were overjoyed.

The people in the underground shelter couldn’t help but cheer, raising each other’s morale.

“There’s hope!”

“There’s still hope for us!”

“Wang Teng! Wang Teng!”

“It’s him.
He did something just now to stop all the sea beasts.”

In the underground shelter, there were many who saw Wang Teng taking action.
They started chattering loudly with excitement.

All over the country, many more martial warriors saw this scene, and their eyes flashed as if they had seen something incredible.

This young man was so powerful that he could execute Crowd Control!

Even though he only used it on low-rank sea beasts, it was already very remarkable.
Such an ability was enough to flip the situation on the battlefield upside down!

Capital Xia, The First University.

Ji Xiuming and his classmates were paying close attention to the situation at Donghai.
When he saw Wang Teng dashing about on the battlefield, a complex expression appeared on his face.

General stage!

This guy had reached the general stage!

The fact made him extremely frustrated.
He was only at the 8-star soldier level now, yet Wang Teng had already overcome the huge obstacle holding countless martial warriors back.

The gap was growing bigger and bigger!

He was still unconvinced when he lost to Wang Teng in the martial arts competition back then.
There wasn’t much difference between them.
Losing once didn’t mean much.

A single match was not everything.
He had the confidence that he could catch up quickly and would definitely be able to defeat Wang Teng during their next encounter and regain his glory.

But now, he no longer had that confidence.

His opponent was a monster.
He didn’t feel wronged losing to him!

In the Ren family, a proud young man was also paying attention to Donghai.
He was… Ren Qingcang! Beside him was the elder of the Ren family.

They looked at Wang Teng on the screen with ugly expressions.

Ren Qingcang’s face was dark and gloomy as he slammed his fist on the wall.
Cracks immediately spread around, and a deep pit emerged.

“What kind of luck does the Wang family have? How is there such a genius?” Grandpa Ren had an uncomfortable expression as he muttered to himself.
He had suffered a huge blow.

When he had sent martial warriors to Donghai to eradicate the Wang family, Wang Teng appeared all of a sudden and foiled his plans.

Then came the martial arts competition.
Wang Teng defeated his grandson, Ren Qingcang, who he had always been proud of.
With his talents, Wang Teng had smashed his confidence into pieces.

No one could ever understand how devastated and broken his heart was.

During that martial arts competition, he had vomited blood and fainted.
Now, he had the urge to vomit blood again upon seeing Wang Teng rising to the general stage.

This bastard was too infuriating!

Besides Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang, Capital Military Academy’s Luo Cheng, Qianyuan Sect’s Zhao Yuanwu, and other talented people from all over the country were also paying attention.
There were complicated feelings in their hearts as well.

Wang Teng was the first person of their generation to reach the general stage.
He had already walked in front of everyone!

In Donghai, after Wang Teng had executed his Crowd Control to cut up a bunch of leeks, another wave of sea beasts emerged from the bottom of the sea.

The people hadn’t had the time to feel happy for long when they were shocked again.

“Damn it!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but curse seeing the sea beasts pouring out from the sea.

These sea beasts must be cheating!

How many times did they multiply over the past years? Why were there so many of them now?

How was he supposed to fight?

There were so many sea beasts.
He couldn’t possibly kill every single one of them.

The other human martial warriors were overwhelmed with despair once again.
The general-stage martial warriors at the front all had grave expressions.
They felt powerless.

Occupied by the lord-level sea beasts, they were anxious, yet they didn’t have the luxury of handling the low-rank sea beasts below.
Otherwise, they could resist the wave with their strength.

Wang Teng could only grit his teeth and sweep out his Imperial Realm spiritual power once again, assisting the surrounding martial warriors to kill the sea beasts in the same way.

However, this method consumed too much spiritual power.
He could only control the battlefield while picking up the surrounding attribute bubbles to replenish his energy consumption.


Earth Force*10

Metal Force*60

Blank Attribute*31

Wind Force*110


Water Force*40

Fire Force*52

Blank Attribute*23

As various attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body, his Force was replenished, and his spiritual power recovered again…

His slightly pale complexion was also getting better.
However, he knew that continuing like this was not going to work.
There were too many sea beasts, and Crowd Control was only a temporary solution.
It did not solve the root of the problem.
When his spiritual power was completely depleted and the attribute bubbles were no longer sufficient for him, it would be catastrophic for humans.

Donghai and all the martial warriors might perhaps be completely overrun by sea beasts by the time reinforcements arrived.

“What can I do? What can I do…”

Wang Teng’s thoughts flashed in his head, and his eyes swept across the attributes panel.

Suddenly, his heart shook as if he had thought of something.
He immediately raised his head and glanced at the coastline.

His gaze then swept across the entire Donghai City, his eyes flickering with a sharp glint.
Finally, he peered out of the city…

Then, a fantastic idea surfaced in his mind.

“This… might work!”

Wang Teng was thinking and analyzing at the same time.
His eyes became brighter as his resolution cemented.

He was a decisive person.
Since he had made up his mind, even if there was only an incredibly small chance, he would not hesitate to execute it.

Moreover, Donghai was already in a bad shape.
So what if he failed? It couldn’t be worse than it already was.

However, before that, he would still need a lot of attribute bubbles to raise his strength.
With his current power, he would still need quite a lot in order to execute that plan.

Wang Teng gritted his teeth and retracted his spiritual power, stopping the Crowd Control to pick up the attribute bubbles.

Blank Attribute*250


Water Force*35

Wood Force*60

Blank Attribute*100


Blank Attribute*140

The martial warriors below no longer had Wang Teng’s help and had to face the sea beasts’ counterattack.
The situation worsened.

They were stunned, wondering why Wang Teng had suddenly stopped helping.

The martial warriors around the country were puzzled as well.
The situation in Donghai affected everyone.
Many people frowned when Wang Teng suddenly stopped and let the situation in Donghai take a turn for the worse.

“What is happening?”

“Did he expend too much energy?”

“Sure enough, this method is not something you can keep using.
Donghai is in trouble!”

Many people were sighing, clenching their fists nervously, and sweating hard for Donghai!


Suddenly, Wang Teng’s body shook, and a strong Force flashed across his body.

Crimson Force shot up into the sky like an enraged dragon.
Monstrous flames spread around his body, making him appear like the Lord of Flames!

He had a breakthrough in his fire Force and had reached the general stage!

Everyone was in shock when they glanced over!

Wang Teng broke through again?

Didn’t he just break through to reach the general stage?

“I understand, Wang Teng is a multi-element martial warrior.
Just now, his second element Force had a breakthrough!” someone suddenly exclaimed.

As soon as he finished speaking, another roar sounded.


Yellow Force erupted this time, not much weaker than the fire Force.

The two Forces formed two beams of light, rising into the sky.

Wang Teng broke through again!

The thought had just emerged in the spectators’ minds when two roars followed closely.



A gold Force and a green Force rushed up into the sky, forming beams of light that complemented the previous two.

Wang Teng broke through again!

Wang Teng broke through again!!

As if it was triggered by the four elements, the general-stage water Force in Wang Teng’s body broke out of his body, forming a blue beam of light.

The five beams of light ran through the heavens and the earth like they were protecting their king!

At this moment, whether it was a Donghai martial warrior or someone across the country watching from their screens, they all gasped in disbelief.
They stared at the young man whose body was enveloped in the five element Forces.

All his five elements had advanced to the general stage!

This guy, is he cheating?

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