Chapter 531: Martial Warriors Protect Peace!

The frightening roar came from the depth of the sea and resounded in the entire Donghai City.
Only the voice was heard.
The owner of the voice was nowhere to be seen.

They could only see the shadows of the sea beasts packed like sardines in a can on the surface of the sea.
Along with the malicious statement, it allowed the humans to understand that it wasn’t a joke.
That sea beast meant it.

Whether it was the martial warriors on the ground or the normal people in the underground shelters, everyone’s expression changed.
A feeling of despair appeared in their hearts.

Was Donghai really going to fall?

“How dare you!” At this moment, a cold voice filled with anger burst in the city.

This voice wasn’t as loud as the roar of the sea beast, but it still landed in everyone’s ear clearly, even covering up the bellows of all the other sea beasts.

Multiple figures floated into the air, staring coldly at the sea beasts in the sea.
A domineering and overpowering aura surged out of them.

These were… general-stage martial warriors!

Their auras merged together and pressed down on the sea beasts like a huge net.


The waves tossed, turned, and splashed high up into the air.


The lord-level sea beasts in the sea roared.
They welcomed the attack with their ferocious auras.

Boom, boom, boom!

The collision of the two auras was extremely frightening.
An ear-shattering explosion sounded, creating deep whirlpools on the surface of the sea.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

All the sea beasts were roaring.
They merged their auras into the aura of the lord-level sea beasts.

Suddenly, the aura of the sea beasts sky-rocketed and suppressed the human martial warriors.

The expressions of the human martial warriors changed slightly.
They took a step forward and resisted the retaliation resolutely.

They were at a standstill.

The humans started to get nervous.
They fixed their gazes on the general-stage martial warriors in front.

Although the normal people couldn’t understand what was happening, they could still feel the tense atmosphere in front.
They could also sense that the general-stage formidable warriors were slightly at a disadvantage.

Everyone knew that a life-or-death battle would ensue soon.

The appearance of the lord-level sea beasts would raise the intensity of the battle to a frightening level.

If the human martial warriors lost in this battle of the auras, it would affect the morale of all the martial warriors.
This would be another misfortune.

The moment the invasion of the sea beasts occurred, Capital Xia, which was in the north, received the information.

Capital Xia.

There was a magnificent and ancient building in the middle of the city.
This was the imperial palace.

All the leaders of the country were gathered here, including the leaders of martial arts, the minister of education, the generals of the military, and many others.
They were all important figures in the country.

The situation of the Donghai battle was being played out in front of them.

Everyone was grim.
Then, a heated meeting started.
Very soon, news flew out of the imperial palace and got passed down level by level.

The military was activated.
A large number of martial warriors went to reinforce Donghai.

At the same time, the higher authorities made an astonishing decision.
They decided to broadcast the battle in Donghai live to the whole country.

The speed of the country’s technology was unimaginable.
Within twenty minutes, the battle was displayed all over the country.

Jinlin, Guanghai, Longjiang, Xiangdao, Beijiang, Nanhai… no city was forgotten.

The battle was being broadcasted on television, on the internet, and even on the wide screens outside large shopping malls.

Countless passers-by stopped in their tracks and looked at the screens beside them in astonishment.

On the screens, the prosperous city had turned into ruins.
Flames of war raged everywhere.
The waves in the sea splashed into the sky, and terrifying sea beasts stormed through the city.
Fresh blood stained the ground red.
The never-ending explosions thundered in everyone’s ears.

These tragic images shocked everyone.

Instantly, commotions erupted all over the country.

“Oh my god, what happened?”

“It’s Donghai!”

“I see the Donghai Pearl Tower.
This is Donghai!”

“Monsters have invaded Donghai! What is going on?”

“This is so scary.
Are those star beasts from the sea? They look ferocious and are huge.
This is frightening!”

“Aren’t we at peace with the star beasts? Why did they suddenly attack our city? Is Doomsday coming?”

The entire country was in a panic.
Ladies and children were crying while the men went pale…

But at this moment, the martial warriors stood up, and some formidable warriors even soared into the sky in front of everyone.
They shouted, “Everyone, just like what you’ve seen, Donghai is experiencing an unprecedented calamity.
Star beasts have emerged from the sea, and our city is in ruins.

“But I need to tell you that this is the truth behind the martial arts era.
We have an opportunity to become stronger, but at the same time, we are facing terrifying dangers.

“In the past, martial warriors protected our cities and stopped all the dangers outside.
We even cleared unknown areas so that you can enjoy peace.
However, the truth always comes out.
Now, it’s time for you to know the truth.

“What you see is the cruel reality.
The martial warriors in Donghai are fighting with the sea beasts.

“This is the first battle between humans and sea beasts.

“If we win, Donghai will continue existing.
If we lose, Donghai will be destroyed.

“Everyone, it’s time to open your eyes and see the truth of the martial arts era!”

Similar scenes were occurring in all the cities around the country.

The governors of the cities, the president of the martial arts association, the minister of education, the principles of martial arts academies, and many other formidable martial warriors stepped out.
They didn’t leave after finishing their speech.
Instead, they accompanied the people in watching the broadcast of the battle.

Those that should leave had already left.
They needed to guard their cities to prevent any accidents.

The ordinary people were silent.
As memories flashed through their minds, they felt absent-minded.

No wonder the country promoted martial arts fervently.
No wonder they broadcasted the National Number One Martial Arts Competition countrywide.

Actually, there were many signs in the past, but the information got cleared almost immediately after it was put on the internet.
Hence, most people thought that they were just rumors.

Now that the brutal truth was laid out in front of them, everyone woke up.

The images of the Donghai battle slammed right into their hearts and astounded them.
They wished that this was a dream, but they had to force themselves to accept it.

Many people wanted to blame the martial warriors for keeping the secret for so long.
However, before their anger could rise, they felt a sense of helplessness and even embarrassment.

So what if they knew?

Could normal people stop this?

If everyone knew the danger, how many people would still be willing to become martial warriors?

The martial warriors protected the normal people from all dangers so that they could enjoy peace.
What right did they have to blame them?

At this moment, on the screen, numerous martial warriors fell into the mouths of the sea beasts.
This scene was a true display of that sentence.

Martial warriors protect peace!

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