Chapter 528: Your Pig…

When she heard this sentence, Lin Chuhan felt a certain emotion in her heart.
She was touched.

When did this fellow become so good at talking!

The edge of her lips lifted uncontrollably.
In the end, she shook her head gently.

Wang Teng looked at her mesmerizing, beautiful face.
The gentleness a second ago seemed to be an illusion.
Her expression was as stubborn as ever.

“That’s good.” Wang Teng smiled.
He carried Mo Que on his shoulder and teased her, “Anyway, your strength is too low.
You should level up quickly.
You can’t even catch up with Chuxia.”

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes involuntarily.

She was going to take back her statement just now.
This bastard was as insensible as always.

Did he have to tease her like this?

However, his words had revealed his true nature.
He was still the same old irritating Wang Teng.

But Lin Chuxia was elated.
She raised her eyebrows arrogantly at Lin Chuhan and sniggered.

“You’re a lady.
Don’t learn from him,” Lin Chuhan scolded her.
She knocked on her sister’s forehead when she saw her cheeky expression.

“Ouch, that hurts.
Sister is pretending she’s angry because she’s embarrassed.” Lin Chuxia chuckled and hid behind Tian Xiaoxiao, sticking her tongue at Lin Chuhan.

After her poison physique was solved, she had become more positive.

Tian Xiaoxiao and Xu Wantong laughed out loud.

Looking at them conversing, Xiao Yunfan suddenly felt that he was an extra.
Feeling terrible, he wanted to leave silently.

Coincidentally, Wang Teng looked at him.

“Junior Brother Wang Teng!” Xiao Yunfan felt awkward.
He stopped and greeted him.

“You are…” Wang Teng found this person a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember him.
He had wandered in the void for too long, so his memory of the unimportant people was blurred.

Xiao Yunfan: …

Damn it, this bastard was humiliating him.

But from his sincere gaze, Xiao Yunfan felt that this fellow… might have… honestly forgotten who he was!

F**k, this was even more humiliating!

I viewed you as my competitor in the past, but you don’t even remember who I am…

Xiao Yunfan felt his throat turning bitter.
Why did he have to meet this bastard? This was his calamity!

Tian Xiaoxiao and Xu Wantong tried their best to control their laughter when they saw Xiao Yunfan’s black face.
They felt bad for him.

Wang Teng was too cheeky!

Senior Brother Xiao was really unlucky to have met him.

“Cough, Wang Teng, this is Senior Xiao Yunfan.
He fought with you during the National Number One Martial Arts Competition,” Lin Chuhan coughed awkwardly and introduced.

“Oh… I remember now.
You’re that Senior Brother Xiao.” Wang Teng finally recalled the guy.

“You’re indeed late.
If it wasn’t for Senior Brother Xiao, Chuhan would have died in the mouth of that sea beast,” Xu Wantong said.

Wang Teng’s expression changed when he heard this.
He said to Xiao Yunfan, “Thank you for helping Lin Chuhan and her sister.”

He was thanking Xiao Yunfan, but the guy felt uncomfortable.
It made him seem like an outsider.

He was exasperated!

“Oh right, please forgive me for hitting you with a brick during the competition.
We’re friends.
If you need my help in the future, feel free to look for me,” Wang Teng thought of something and said awkwardly.

In the past, he was young and hot-blooded.
He felt that this fellow was a showoff and had evil thoughts towards Lin Chuhan, so he taught him a lesson during the competition.
However, today, he saved Lin Chuhan.
No matter what the reason was, he owed him a favor.

However, when Xiao Yunfan heard his words, his face turned darker.

If he hadn’t mentioned that brick, they could have still conversed properly.
There were so many people during the competition, but he got knocked unconscious by a brick.
It was a huge embarrassment.

Although no one said anything after the competition, he still noticed their strange gazes when they looked at him.
It was sharper than a knife.

This was all thanks to Wang Teng.
This fellow was infuriating!

And he still wanted him to look for him if he needed help! He was trampling on his last ounce of dignity!


Even if he died of hunger or got killed by these sea beasts, he wouldn’t look for Wang Teng.
He was still a man with dignity!

Xiao Yunfan remained silent.
He dashed towards the sea beast near him with a black face and started his massacre.
He wanted to vent all the frustration and anger in his heart.

“What’s wrong with him?” Wang Teng was confused.”I didn’t say anything outrageous, right?”

“What do you think?” Xu Wantong and Tian Xiaoxiao said in unplanned unison.

“You can anger someone to death with your mouth!” Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes in frustration.
Xiao Yunfan had saved her life, so she was grateful to him.

“No way!” Wang Teng was speechless.
“What did I say?”

Boom, boom, boom!

Frightening explosions came from afar.

The humans were fighting an intense battle with the sea beasts in the sky.

Amidst the Force explosions, the corpses of sea beasts and human martial warriors slammed onto the ground.
Then, they got buried by the sea beasts around them.

Wang Teng raised his head, his expression turning serious.
“I’m going to help the others on the frontline.
There’s no time to talk.”

“Be careful,” Lin Chuhan said worriedly.

“I will.” Wang Teng nodded.
He looked at Lin Chuhan and tapped his feet on the ground.
Then, he turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky.

As he soared up, a black shadow separated from his body.

“Protect her!” Wang Teng’s voice landed in the shadow’s ear.

The black shadow nodded and disappeared instantly.

When Xu Wantong saw Wang Teng flying away, she exclaimed, “Chuhan, I’m so jealous of you.
Wang Teng was so manly when he appeared just now!”

“That’s right.
If I had a boyfriend like him, I’d marry him immediately,” Tian Xiaoxiao waved her fists and said earnestly.

“Are you looking for death!” Lin Chuhan blushed slightly, glaring at her friends.
“Boyfriend? Marry him? That fellow isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Tsk, you’re not being truthful.” Xu Wantong pouted before continuing, “Didn’t you see how worried he was? He disguised it well.
For a person like him, he wouldn’t have done what he did if he didn’t like you.
You must hold onto him tightly.
If not, your pig might get lured by other cabbages.”

Lin Chuhan was caught between laughter and tears.

This analogy was funny.
But she felt warmth in her heart when she recalled Wang Teng’s gaze.
Hence, she chose to remain silent.


The howls of the sea beasts came once again.
A 3-star sea beast was charging over at them.

“This isn’t the time to think about this.
It’s time to fight!” Lin Chuhan turned serious.
She raised her battle sword and aimed it at the sea beast.

The others took a deep breath and got serious too.
They cooperated with Lin Chuhan and surrounded the sea beast.

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