Chapter 527: I’m Sorry, Am I Too Late!

In the sky, a few ferocious sea beasts with meaty wings were wreaking havoc everywhere.
It was hard to believe that the sea gave birth to these frightening presences.

Fu Tiandao, Qin Hanxuan, Jiang Hong, and many other high-rank martial warriors shot into the sky and started battling with them.

The rune cannons were aimed at the sea beasts in the sky, attempting to hit them down.
However, these sea beasts were extremely fast.
Although they were large, they were agile, so the effects of the cannons were limited.

Martial warriors were scattered everywhere on the ground.
They had tried their best to kill the sea beasts to prevent them from entering the various underground shelters.

On the other side, Han Zhu, Wan Baiqiu, Baili Qingfeng, and many others were slaughtering the sea beasts under the lead of the heads of the martial arts school.

Han Zhu panted heavily after killing a 4-star sea beast.
He said to Wan Baiqiu beside him, “Are you alright?”

“I can still continue.” Wan Baiqiu had a ruthless expression on her face.
She swallowed a pill to regain her Force and rejuvenate herself.

“Alright, let’s go!” Han Zhu laughed.
“If Wang Teng were here, he would have been able to kill more sea beasts.
It’s a pity that he isn’t here.
We can only rely on ourselves.”

“Hmph, that brat might be having so much fun in the Darkland that he doesn’t want to come back.” Tong Hu’s loud voice floated over from afar.

“Tong Hu, if that brat knew you talked about him behind his back, he might argue with you.
He’s stronger than you now!” The head of the command faculty, Su Jing, laughed.

A loud explosion occurred.
Tong Hu had killed a sea beast a few meters tall with a single punch.

“I hope that he can come and argue with me.
There’s no news of him until now.”

The other heads near them turned silent.
They knew that Wang Teng was in the Darkland and had a low chance of survival.
Tong Hu had said this because he wished that Wang Teng could come back safely.

Moving back to the students from Donghai University.

A 5-star sea beast suddenly set its eyes on Lin Chuhan and her friends.
It shot down from the sky.

The group’s expressions changed slightly, and they split up.


A giant sea beast crashed into the spot they were standing at a moment ago, stirring a cloud of dust.
Then, a black shadow dashed out from the smoke and pounced on Lin Chuhan with its huge mouth.

“Be careful!”

“Be careful!”

“Sister, dodge!”

A few agitated cries were heard instantly.

Lin Chuhan’s face turned slightly pale.
A sharp sword glow blossomed on her sword.
Since she had no time to evade, she could only face the attack head-on.

The sword glows shot out from her sword, slashing towards the sea beast in front.

Clang, clang, clang…

A clear metallic sound was heard thereafter.

Her attacks weren’t able to break the scale armor of the sea beast.
They could only leave white marks on the surface.




Gunshots resounded as rune bullets rained on the sea beast’s body.

Lin Chuxia had launched her attack!

Although the sea beast wasn’t injured, it was infuriated.
Its movement paused for a second before it pounced on Lin Chuhan more violently than before.


A bullet shot into the sea beast’s eye.

The excruciating pain made it go crazy.
It tossed its huge body around and swept its tail, which was covered with scales, everywhere aimlessly.


Lin Chuhan couldn’t evade in time, so she was knocked off her feet.
Blood appeared at the edge of her lips.

“Bastard, die!”

A shout appeared at this moment.

A figure shot towards the beast from the side and swept the beast with his sword glow while it was in a state of madness.
It cut through the scales, killing the sea beast.

The figure landed on the ground and let out a long sigh.
He turned and smiled at Lin Chuhan.
“Junior, are you alright?”

Lin Chuhan bit her lips and shook her head.
Crawling up from the ground, she said, “Thank you, Senior Xiao.”

Xiao Yunfan felt a hint of exasperation when he saw Lin Chuhan’s distant attitude.
That person wasn’t around anymore.
It was said that he had disappeared for almost half a year and might have died on the battlefield.
Why was Lin Chuhan still disregarding him?

Was he honestly incomparable to that guy?

“Sister!” Lin Chuxia ran over.
She scanned Lin Chuhan carefully and asked, “Are you alright?”

Xu Wantong and Tian Xiaoxiao came over too.

“I’m alright.
I’ll be fine after eating some healing medicine.” Lin Chuhan shook her head.
She took out a healing pill and swallowed it.

“Junior, don’t push yourself too hard.
You should find a spot to rest first,” Xiao Yunfan said in concern.

“Thank you, Senior.
I’m fine.” Lin Chuhan shook her head stubbornly, her gaze resolute.

She was already far behind everyone.
How could she step back?

“You…” Xiao Yunfan saw the shadow of another person in her eyes.
He felt jealous.
He opened his mouth and wanted to speak.


Suddenly, an explosion cut him off.

A huge figure twice the size of the 5-star sea beast landed from the sky.
From its aura, this sea beast was at least at the 7-star soldier level.

“Damn it, how did this powerful sea beast break through the defense line and come to the back?!” Xiao Yunfan’s face turned white as he shouted in disbelief.

The other students’ expressions changed tremendously.
They stared at the huge sea beast as though confronted by a formidable enemy.
Despair appeared in everyone’s heart.

“Junior, let’s leave!” Xiao Yunfan was appalled.
He said immediately, “We can’t deal with this sea beast.”

“If we leave, what about the people behind us?” Lin Chuhan asked.

“Erm…” Xiao Yunfan hesitated.

“We’ll lure it to the front.
The high-rank martial warriors will arrive very soon.” Lin Chuhan sprung up after she finished speaking.

Lin Chuxia didn’t hesitate either, following her older sister.
Xu Wantong and Tian Xiaoxiao hesitated for a few seconds before doing the same.

The four of them attacked the sea beast, successfully angering it.
As expected, the sea beast chased after them.

Xiao Yunfan’s expression changed a few times when he saw this scene.
In the end, he followed them too.

However, the 7-star sea beast’s strength exceeded their expectations.
With their capabilities, they were like ants provoking an elephant.

They were stupid, but sometimes, this was how stupid humans were.


The sea beast bellowed in anger.
Its gigantic body moved at the speed of lightning as it shot towards the four people from the sky.
At the same time, it started forming a blue ball of Force light in its mouth.

Sensing the terrifying power of the Force light ball, the students felt hopeless.

Am I going to die? Lin Chuhan wondered to herself.
She felt as if she saw a person waving to her in the darkness.
“Wang Teng…”

“No!” Xiao Yunfan screamed in anger.
Force surged through his entire body as he prepared for his final attack.


Right at that critical moment, a shout, along with a loud explosion, broke their despair.

A ray of light suddenly appeared on the horizon.
It flew down like a fiery red shooting star, slamming forcefully onto the giant body of the sea beast.

The sea beast didn’t have the time to spurt out the Force light ball in its mouth and was forced to swallow it back.

Its giant body got pushed onto the ground by the frightening force hidden in the attack.
Dust flew in the air.

Lin Chuhan and the martial warriors looked at the sudden change in a daze.

In the dust, a straight figure slowly stood up on the head of the sea beast.
The large weapon in his hand was stabbed right into the sea beast’s head.

After the dust subsided, Lin Chuhan and the others finally saw the appearance of the person.

“Wang Teng!”

Lin Chuhan’s eyes turned red.
She forced herself to remain firm and determined, but there was a sudden hint of gentleness on her face as she muttered the person’s name.

Xiao Yunfan opened his mouth, his voice stuck in his throat.
He glanced at Lin Chuhan.
There was only one person in her eyes.
There was no room for anyone else.

Suddenly, loneliness floated into his heart.

It was a joke.
He had never entered her heart.
He couldn’t find any jealousy in him anymore, not even a single thought of comparison.

This fellow was able to kill a 7-star sea beast with a single attack.
He had become much stronger than before, so strong that he felt despair.

What did he have to compare with him?

Xu Wantong and Tian Xiaoxiao looked at the figure in front of them in bewilderment.
It felt like an illusion.

When did this fellow become so powerful!

That was a 7-star sea beast, but he killed it so easily!

Lin Chuxia didn’t think so much.
She looked at Wang Teng and exclaimed with joy, “Brother Wang Teng!”

Wang Teng clicked his tongue, pulling out Mo Que from the sea beast’s head.
He turned and glanced at Lin Chuhan at the others.
“Hey, everyone is here.”

The next instant, he met Lin Chuhan’s gaze.
He said gently, “I’m sorry, am I too late?”

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