Chapter 526: The Young Figure On The Battlefield

Wang Teng was slightly stunned when he saw these people.
They were the two teams of martial warriors he had saved in the Dark Mist Forest.
He didn’t expect them to catch up with him after his delay.

Besides Wu Feiying and Guo Long’s teams, the other martial warriors were hurrying over too.
Some were still on the way but some had already reached Yong City.

Hearing Li Hei’s question, Wu Feiying nodded grimly.
“Yes, Uncle Hei.
We rushed back immediately the moment we received the emergency call.
What on earth happened? And this…”

He glanced around as he spoke.
From the current situation, it wasn’t hard to tell that an intense battle had occurred moments ago.

“This is the work of the Zhenli clansmen.
They wanted to control the dimensional rift.” Wu Feiying and his team were quite strong, so Li Hei gave them more attention.
He explained, “Fortunately, Wang Teng arrived in time and killed two general-stage martial warriors of the Zhenli Clan.
If not, the consequences would have been unbearable.”

“Wang Teng!” Wu Feiying and the others found this name familiar, but they couldn’t recall him.

They followed Li Hei’s gaze and saw the young man standing beside him.
They were stunned.

“It’s him!” Wu Feiying immediately recognized Wu Feiying.

“Wait, he killed two general-stage martial warriors!”

Everyone finally reacted.
They were flabbergasted and bewildered.

This young man could kill general-stage martial warriors!

They did guess that he was powerful, but they didn’t expect him to have reached this stage.

“Do you know each other?” Li Hei asked in surprise when he saw their reaction.

Wu Feiying and the others immediately told him what had happened.
At the same time, he gave Wang Teng a grateful look again.

“It looks like y’all are fated.
Speaking about it, Wang Teng is part of our Jixin Martial House,” Li Hei said.

“Old Hei, let’s recount the old days later.
Donghai’s situation isn’t optimistic.
All the martial warrior teams are coming back now.
We should let them reinforce Donghai immediately,” General Shen interrupted them.

“That’s right.
Donghai is suffering a sea beast riot, and they need martial warriors urgently.
Reinforce them quickly,” Li Hei remembered the situation and said with a grave expression.

“A sea beast riot!” The expressions of the martial warriors changed, feeling appalled.
“How did that happen?”

“It’s the Zhenli Clan’s scheme!” General Shen replied furiously.

“Zhenli Clan! Those evil clansmen deserve to die!” The martial warriors gritted their teeth, their faces filled with anger.

Wang Teng was dumbfounded when he heard this.
He turned and dashed into the dimensional rift inside the Force tower without saying another word.

A sea beast riot!

Why must it happen in Donghai?

His parents, his family, his friends… they were all there! How were they now?

He hoped that nothing had happened to them!

Wang Teng silently prayed for them.
He turned serious and increased his speed, wishing that he could rush to Donghai immediately.

Li Hei and the others saw a lingering shadow flashing past them.
Wang Teng had disappeared.
They exchanged glances with one another and were dumbfounded.

What a fast speed!

“Time is tight.
You should hurry too,” General Shen said.

Wu Feiying and the others didn’t dare waste any time.
They immediately rushed to the Force tower.
They were Donghai citizens, so their friends and families were in Donghai too.
They were more worried than anyone else.

General Shen and Li Hei looked at their back views as they disappeared while praying in their hearts.

Please protect Donghai!

Everyone, we are relying on you!


The battle between the humans and the sea beasts was tragic.
Ferocious sea beasts emerged from the sea without an end and charged to the shore.
There was a huge army of them.
It was terrifying.

Some sea beasts were huge and the aura they possessed was frightening.
As they entered Donghai, the ground beneath their feet cracked and the buildings around them collapsed.
There was chaos everywhere.

Most of the normal Donghai citizens were hiding in the underground shelters.
They felt the ground vibrating.
Broken stones and stone chips would drop occasionally, setting off a wave of panic through the crowd.
They felt despair.

The underground shelter was extremely sturdy and had been strengthened by runes.
Yet, the walls and even the ceiling were starting to crack under the impact of the sea beasts’ attacks.

Everyone paid close attention to the situation above the ground through the video.
At this moment, the ordinary people finally understood the significance of martial warriors.

In the past, they only knew that martial warriors were powerful.
They possessed the strength to destroy mountains and split the sea.
Also, they were of a higher status than everyone and possessed special rights.

Normal people were envious and found it unfair.

But now, they understood.

All the citizens were deeply shocked as they looked at the video of the situation above.

Multiple martial warriors held their weapons and fought with the frightening sea beasts.
They were covered in blood, but their expressions remained firm.
They formed a strong defense wall, protecting the ordinary citizens within.

These martial warriors had parents, spouses, and even children… They all had different identities.

But at this instant, they only had one identity.

They were martial warriors!

They were the guardians of this piece of land.
They were the guardians of their families and friends.
They would guard them until their death.

One by one, the martial warriors fell and died in the mouths of these sea beasts.

The eyes of the people in the underground shelters turned red.

The men clenched their fists as they stared intently at the scenes on the screen.
They wished that they could dash out and fight with the sea beasts too, but they knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop those monsters with their weak bodies.
It would be useless if they went.

The ladies broke down, suppressing the sounds of their cries as they sobbed softly.

Hold on! Hold on!

Don’t die!

Everyone was praying, even if the martial warriors were unrelated to them.
They were doing it for themselves, as well as the heroes fighting a bloody battle.
When facing a crisis, everyone would unite as one.
Their wills would unite like a fortress!

There was a special group among the martial warriors.
They looked young and appeared as if they hadn’t stepped into society before.

However, they were fighting fiercely too.
Fresh blood stained their youthful faces, giving them a ruthless and sharp vibe.
Under these special circumstances, these young martial warriors were growing up quickly.

But the price was too high!

This growth was built on blood.

These youngsters were martial warriors from the various universities in Donghai.
The sea beasts’ riot was too sudden, so the martial warriors from the other cities didn’t have the time to reinforce them.
Hence, as martial warriors, even though they were young and inexperienced, they stood up and shouldered their responsibility.

Under the leadership of their instructors, they fought at the rear to prevent the sea beasts from breaking into the underground shelters.

There were many familiar faces here.

From Huanghai Military Academy, there was Han Zhu, Wan Baiqiu, Du Yu, and even Lu Shu, Baili Qingfeng, Hou Pingliang, Song Shuhang, and many others.

The seniors from Donghai University were led by Xiao Yunfan.
The first-year students like Lin Chuhan, Xu Wantong, and Tian Xiaoxiao were also present.

Donghai Technological University…


As compared to real martial warriors, they weren’t powerful.
Most of them were newbies who had entered the university for slightly more than a year, so they were quite weak.

But they were still martial warriors.
They were strong compared to normal people.
Hence, they had the responsibility to step forward.

Lin Chuhan was wearing a battle uniform and holding a sword.
Her face was pale.
She was fighting with a hideous sea beast more than a meter tall with hooks all over its body.

From her aura, she had already reached the 2-star soldier level.

Beside her, there was a shorter lady who looked similar to her.
It was Lin Chuxia.
She was holding a rune gun in each hand and firing shots continuously.
She shot the sea beasts in front of her from tricky angles.

If there were powerful martial warriors present, they would be able to see the strands of black Force covering the bullets she fired.
When these bullets hit the sea beasts, their reactions would slow down after some time.

Lin Chuhan, Xu Wantong, and Tian Xiaoxiao cooperated to land the final blow.
The small team formed from these four ladies managed to kill more sea beasts than their third-year and fourth-year seniors.

“Amazing, Chuxia!” Xu Wantong sighed in relief after killing the sea beasts in front of her.
She turned and gave Lin Chuxia a thumbs up.

Lin Chuhan smiled at her younger sister too.
She didn’t think too much when she saw Lin Chuxia practicing gun skills at home in the past.

When this sea beast riot happened, Lin Chuxia was worried about her safety, so she insisted on following her.
That was when Lin Chuhan realized that her younger sister had managed to reach such perfection in her gun skill.

She knew from Lin Chuxia that Wang Teng was the one who taught her.

She wondered where that fellow had disappeared to.
There had been no news of him for half a year…

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