Chapter 523: Reappearance Of Zhenli Clan!

As Donghai was in danger, Wang Teng was soaring through the sky.
He raised his speed to the maximum and rushed to Yong City within the shortest time possible.
He didn’t take any breaks along the way.

He had a bad premonition in his heart.
When he got closer to Yong City, the bad feeling grew stronger.

This situation rarely occurred to Wang Teng, but at this moment, he honestly felt uneasy.

The familiar city was within reach ahead of him!

The dimensional rifts linking Donghai and Xingwu Continent were situated within the city.
This was the first city Wang Teng came to when he arrived in Xingwu Continent.
Hence, the familiar feeling was extremely strong.

He had stayed in the dimensional rift for too long, so he felt a little emotional when he came back to this familiar place.

However, this wasn’t the time to reminisce about the past.
Wang Teng floated down at the city gates and was about to step into Yong City.
Suddenly, he noticed something amiss.

It’s too quiet! Wang Teng couldn’t help but frown.

As an important city linking two worlds, many martial warriors visited this city on normal days.
There were also many merchants littered along the streets.
The traffic volume here was huge.
Even at night, this place was brightly lit up like a city that never slept.

But today, it was eerily silent.

Wang Teng’s gaze shone brightly, and he slowly closed his eyes.
His vast and endless spiritual power spread out from his forehead and swept towards Yong City.

After some time, he opened his eyes abruptly.
There was a sharp glint in them.

Did something really happen? Even Yong City has been affected! Wang Teng muttered in his heart.
Then, his figure slowly disappeared on the spot as if he had never been there.

Shadow Merging Secret Skill!

He merged into the shadows and quickly sneaked into Yong City.

The streets in the city were empty.
There was no one walking outside.
Instead, there were many signs of fighting.
All the buildings were destroyed by Force, and there were sword and blade marks everywhere.

It was obvious that before he came, an intense battle had occurred here.

“I wonder what happened.”

Wang Teng moved his feet and ran towards the Force tower in the middle of the city.
The dimensional rift was situated in this Force tower.

Wang Teng wasn’t sure, but he could confirm that he would get an answer there.

At this moment, strong killing intent could be felt outside the Force tower.
Two groups of people were confronting each other.

There were signs of fighting all around them.
The ground was covered with blood, looking tragic.

However, the battle hadn’t ended.
They were currently at a standstill.

One side was led by Li Hei from Jixin Martial House.
General Shen from Yong City was there too.

The other side consisted of a bunch of unfamiliar martial warriors.
They were extremely powerful.
From their auras, they were all at the 8-star soldier level and above.
Many of them were even at the 9-star soldier level.
Among them, two people’s auras exceeded this limit.

They were at… the general stage!

“Zhenli Clan, how dare you lay your eyes on the dimensional rift? Aren’t you afraid of getting wiped out?” General Shen glared at the unfamiliar martial warriors opposite him with his sword in his hand.

“Wiped out?” A sinister-looking middle-aged man wearing a long black gown sneered.
“Haha, Earth is busy protecting itself.
Do you think they have the time to care about you?”

“There’s a sea beast riot in Donghai, and coincidentally, y’all are here.
Does it have anything to do with you?” Li Hei’s pupils constricted as he spoke abruptly.

“Haha, as expected of a reputable figure.
Your mind is fast.
You managed to guess it.” Another man with a scar on his left eyebrow and wearing a black gown opened his mouth.

The two men who spoke were the general-stage martial warriors of the Zhenli Clan.

“What? It’s you?” General Shen was dumbstruck when he heard this.
His eyes turned blood-red.
“Bastard, you caused the sea beast riot? Do you know how much loss Donghai will suffer and how many martial warriors will die? How can you call yourself a human when you disregard human lives like this?”

“Hmph, for the great goals of the Zhenli Clan, these sacrifices are nothing.” The sinister-looking man snorted.
“What’s more, in this martial arts era, normal people without talent should die.
We should gather the resources if we want to groom more formidable martial warriors.”

“Maniacs! Maniacs! You are a bunch of maniacs!” General Shen trembled in anger when he heard the other party’s crooked and evil reasoning.

“Petty kindness!” The general-stage martial warrior with a scar on his left eyebrow scoffed.
“This is a different era.
Troubled times call for strict methods.
That is the only way we can welcome a new era.
One day, you will realize that we are right!”

“Liao Cha, let’s not bullshit with them anymore.
They don’t want to submit themselves to us, so we will kill them all!” the sinister-looking man said viciously.

“Kill!” Liao Cha nodded and waved his hand.
The Zhenli clansmen behind him charged towards General Shen and his men.

General Shen’s expression turned ugly.
He said in a stern voice, “Everyone, nothing can happen to the dimensional rift.
Even if we die, we mustn’t give it to the Zhenli Clan!”

“General Shen, there’s no need to speak further.
We guard the Xingwu Continent, so we have the responsibility of guarding the dimensional rift as well.
If these Zhenli clansmen want to control the dimensional rift, they need to step over my dead body first.” Li Hei scoffed.

“That’s right.
Death is nothing.
I’m not afraid of even dark apparitions, so what are these Zhenli clansmen?”


As they spoke, they charged towards the Zhenli clansmen without any hesitation.

The two sides collided, and loud explosions erupted instantly.
Cries of killing resounded in the entire area.

“Dominance Blade Li Hei, I heard that you once jumped level and killed a general-stage martial warrior.
Let me take you on.” The sinister-looking man smiled and slashed his battle blade at Li Hei.

“Try me!” Li Hei’s expression was cold.
A powerful aura exploded from his body.
His force of presence rose continuously until it reached the peak of the 9-star soldier level.
His bent and weary back gradually straightened.

With a black battle blade in his hand, he pounced on his opponent.

The black battle blade swung in the air, releasing a sharp blade glow.
It gave off a domineering aura.
The general-stage martial warrior opposite him didn’t evade the attack, though.
He received it head-on.


The sinister-looking man’s expression changed slightly.
He had long heard that Li Hei suffered serious injuries during a battle in the past and retreated from the action ever since.
Now, only a small percentage of his ability remained, so it should be easy to kill him.

However, from the looks of it, his strength was close to his peak.
Indeed, he had the ability to kill a general-stage warrior.

On the other side, General Shen and the general-stage Zhenli clansman called Liao Cha started fighting.
Force spread out and knocked back the martial warriors around them.

The other martial warriors were battling with one another too.
The Zhenli clansmen were crazy.
They rushed forward without any fear of dying.

The martial warriors guarding the dimensional rift remained firm in their decision.
They didn’t back down.

Within a short moment, many martial warriors fell, their red blood staining the ground.
The scene was miserable.


Suddenly, a figure smashed onto the ground, forming a large hole.
Dust filled up the air.

“You’re indeed a spent force.
All you have is a crippled body! How can you fight with me!” The sinister-looking man stepped on the air as he looked down at Li Hei mockingly.
Li Hei was vomiting blood one mouthful after another.

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