Chapter 522: Calamity In Donghai!

What on earth was going on?

Wu Feiying and Guo Long looked at the six-eye poison spiders lying on the ground in confusion and disbelief.

They believed they were going to die.
From the circumstances, the only outcome was death.

Yet, the situation took a turn.

The question was, what happened to these six-eye poison spiders?

A mass paralysis?

Were they so lucky?

While Wu Feiying and Guo Long were in a daze, Wang Teng acted again.
He forced his spiritual power into the minds of these six-eye poison spiders violently.

Spirit Penetration!

His spiritual power turned into sharp thorns as they stabbed into their minds, destroying them in the process.

The six-eye poison spiders that didn’t die were comparatively more powerful, but in front of Wang Teng’s Imperial Realm spiritual power, they didn’t have any chance of resisting.
They died on the spot.

Poison Force*65

Poison Force*120

Poison Force*80

Poison Web*30

Poison Force*210

Attribute bubbles floated out and got picked up by Wang Teng.

The points in these attribute bubbles were more than the ones he collected before.
It allowed Wang Teng’s poison Force to break through the 4-star soldier level and hit the 5-star soldier level.

Poison Force: 250/300 (5-star)

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up as he nodded silently.

His five element Forces and his lightning Force had all reached the 9-star soldier level.
Hence, it was much easier for him to increase his other Forces.

Killing this bunch of six-eye poison spiders was one such example.
In the past, he would have been hard-pressed to deal with them.
Now, it was a piece of cake.

Look at Wu Feiying and Guo Long.
They weren’t weak and had two teams with them, but they almost got massacred by the six-eye poison spiders.

One could see how much of a problem these six-eye poison spiders were.

Thus, it was understandable how Wang Teng’s poison Force rose by a level in such a short period.
After all, his current ability was powerful!

Of course, if someone found out about this, they would get a rude shock.

Besides poison Force, Wang Teng also received the Poison Web skill.

Poison Web: 30/300 (small achievement)

His Poison Web skill climbed from the foundation to the small achievement stage.
He was able to use it smoothly now.

While Wang Teng was counting his gains, Wu Feiying and Guo Long suddenly realized that those six-eye poison spiders who managed to survive had died suddenly…

Did they just die a sudden death?

They exchanged glances with one another.
There were many doubts in their minds.

Were they honestly so lucky that all the six-eye poison spiders died together? That was impossible.

Wu Feiying and Guo Long couldn’t tell what caused the deaths, but they weren’t stupid.
Such an outrageous thing wouldn’t happen for no reason.

They glanced at each other before looking at Wang Teng, who was standing on the only spider alive.

“Mister, did you help us just now?” Wu Feiying asked cautiously.

“Can you answer my question now?” Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
Instead, he smiled ambiguously at him and asked.

Wu Feiying and Guo Long were stunned, but they understood the meaning behind his words.

This young man was the one who acted!

They had misjudged him!

Astonishment flashed past their eyes.
They cupped their fists at Wang Teng and thanked him.
“Thank you for your help.
This is the Dark Mist Forest.
Are you familiar with this place?”

“Dark Mist Forest!” Wang Teng was surprised.
“So I’m here!”

He didn’t expect such a coincidence.
He was transported to the Dark Mist Forest that was nearest to Yong City.

This was great.
It would be easier for him to return to Earth.

“Are you martial warriors from Earth?” noticing their attire, Wang Teng asked.

Are you from Earth too?” Wu Feiying nodded and asked him back.

“What a coincidence.
I’m an Earth martial warrior too.” Wang Teng smiled.

The two leaders were astounded.
Images of the different young talents flashed through their minds.
However, they couldn’t recall someone who was so young and powerful!

Since they were all Earth martial warriors, they became less vigilant and there was less estrangement between them.

But they remembered the emergency call and decided not to waste any more time.
They cupped their fists and said, “Mister, we just received an emergency call from Earth and are rushing back now.
Maybe you can leave a name or contact so that we can repay you when we’re free?”

“There’s no need for that.
It was just like lifting a finger for me,” Wang Teng waved his hand and said nonchalantly.

He received poison Force and a poison skill.
These were unexpected gains.
He didn’t wish for these people to repay him.

Wu Feiying and Guo Long felt the corners of their lips twitching.

A lift of a finger!

This made them look useless!

However, they didn’t dare to say it out loud.
This person might seem young, but he was a real formidable warrior.
He was mysterious and unpredictable, so it was better to keep quiet in case they provoked the other party.
That would result in more losses than gains.

“What is the emergency call you were talking about?” Wang Teng asked.

“Something has happened on Earth!” Wu Feiying said with a grim expression.

“Something has happened!” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.
“Is it serious?”

It must be a serious matter since the emergency call was used,” Wu Feiying nodded and replied.

Wang Teng’s expression changed, his gaze flickering.
He couldn’t think of what could have happened on Earth.

Had the dark apparitions appeared already?

No matter what, Earth was his home.
His parents were there.
If anything happened, he would be filled with regret.

Sigh! He was destined to be a workaholic!

He had just escaped from the dimensional rift, yet he needed to rush back to Earth before he could take a break.

There was a vibration beneath his feet as he killed the only six-eye poison spider king below him.
He picked up the attribute bubbles it dropped.

Poison Force*185

Poison Web*40

Then, he swept the area with his spiritual power and kept all the corpses of the six-eye poison spiders in his space ring.

Wu Feiying and Guo Long felt the muscles on their faces twitching.
The powerful 8-star star beast was stepped to death by him so easily!

It was unbelievable!

But the last doubt in their hearts disappeared too.
With his powerful ability, it was possible for him to kill all the six-eye poison spiders silently.

Furthermore, normal martial warriors like them wouldn’t be able to predict the skills of a formidable warrior.

At this moment, Wang Teng rose into the air and looked at the other martial warriors.
He frowned and said, “I’ll make a move first.
You can go back to Yong City yourselves.”

He didn’t wait for Wu Feiying and the others’ reply.
He turned into a ray of light and flew out of the Dark Mist Forest.
His speed was so fast he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The other martial warriors were flabbergasted and speechless.

After a long time, someone finally opened his mouth.
“Where did this formidable warrior come from? I’ve never heard of him in the past.”

“He’s too young.
He seemed to be around 20 years old!”

“Do you think he has reached… the general stage?”

“General stage? That’s impossible.”

The two teams discussed in low voices.
They were extremely curious about Wang Teng’s ability.

“Leader, do you think he’s a general-stage formidable warrior?” someone asked Wu Feiying.

“I’m not sure.
Those six-eye poison spiders weren’t enough to let him execute his full potential.
Except for general-stage formidable warriors, only a small portion of powerful 9-star soldier-level martial warriors are able to kill them so easily.
After all, there are people who are able to jump levels and kill general-stage formidable warriors,” Wu Feiying replied.

“Even so, he’s very strong.
This young man isn’t a normal martial warrior!” Guo Long said.

“Alright, there’s no point in us making guesses here.
Let’s hurry back to Earth.
We might meet him again,” Wu Feiying said.

“You’re right.” Guo Long nodded.

The two teams stopped wasting time.
They tidied themselves up a little before rushing back to Yong City where the dimensional rift was.

Earth, Donghai!

An unprecedented danger was sweeping across this modern city built on iron and steel.

Donghai was close to the sea.
At this moment, a storm was wreaking havoc on the surface of the sea.
Dark clouds covered the sky, and tumultuous waves smashed into the shore.

From afar, one could see hideous sea beasts emerging from the sea and swarming towards Donghai.

There were a large number of them.
It was exceptionally terrifying.

This was… a sea beasts’ riot!

Ever since Earth underwent mutation, the forest and the sea had become areas the humans paid special attention to.
There were too many wild creatures there.
If all of them mutated together and a riot occurred, the consequences would be extremely serious.

Hence, humans had placed all sorts of devices to monitor all the forests and seas.

However, there would always be areas they couldn’t supervise.
The sea was unpredictable and had always been an area the humans couldn’t control entirely.

Especially the deep sea.
Even with the current technology and rune methods, they couldn’t monitor that area.

Hence, by the time the humans noticed the sea riot, it was too late.

In the vast east sea, numerous sea beasts landed on the shore and started launching their attacks on Donghai.

The air raid warning of Donghai was activated.
All the normal citizens were brought to the underground shelters for refuge.
Countless soldiers and martial warriors rushed to the frontline to defend against the sea creatures’ attack.

Reinforcements from all over the country were sent to Donghai.
There were many formidable warriors among them.

Jixin, Leiting, and Bailian, the top three martial arts academies, gathered their martial warriors who were away and called them back urgently to reinforce Donghai.

At this moment, the entire Donghai had turned into a battlefield.
Numerous large sea beasts had invaded the land and destroyed the city.
Damaged buildings were left behind on their path.
The human martial warriors were trying to force them back to the sea.

Explosions echoed all over the sea as cannons were fired to stop the sea beasts from landing on the shore.

However, there were too many sea beasts.
Batch after batch surged out of the deep sea and swarmed towards Donghai crazily, breaking down the defense lines of the humans.

Jixin Martial House was situated near the sea, so it was the first to bear the brunt.

At this moment, on the roof of Jixin Martial House, the president of Jixin, Ye Jixin, the principal of the Donghai branch, Fu Tiandao, the president of the martial arts association, Qin Hanxuan, and even Dan Taixuan and the chief commander of Crimson Tiger Troop, Xiao Nanfeng, were present.
They looked at the sea beasts charging towards them ruthlessly.

“The situation isn’t good.
There are lord-level sea beasts.
If they don’t act, we can only wait for them without doing anything,” Ye Jixin frowned and said.

“Why did these sea beasts suddenly attack the human world? This is baffling,” Qin Hanxuan said.

“Didn’t we predict this?” Xiao Nanfeng replied expressionlessly.

Everyone turned silent.
Indeed, in the past, humans had predicted that the impact of the Force on Earth would grow greater and greater.
One day, when the wild star beasts were powerful enough, they would attack the humans.
However, no one expected this day to arrive so quickly and suddenly.

The humans had used all kinds of methods to stop the wild star beasts, but they couldn’t destroy them entirely.
If that happened, the star beasts would resist even before they grew stronger.
No creatures were willing to go extinct.

It was possible to predict the future for certain matters, but it was impossible to stop it from happening entirely!

The star beasts needed time and so did the humans!

“I wish that Wang Teng was here.
With his rune mastery, he would have been more useful than the normal general-stage martial warriors!” Dan Taixuan said with pity.
There was a hint of worry in her eyes.

“Him!” Ye Jixin’s eyes shimmered too.
He felt emotional.

The young man he had high hopes for had grown to such a level in a blink of an eye.
It was exaggerating!

Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan glanced at each other.
A young figure appeared in their minds, and their gazes turned complicated.

They had heard of the battle in Star Maple City.

Mind you, the current Wang Teng had already surpassed them.
In the past, this young man was still a junior they had to take care of.
Now, he was standing at a much higher position.

Major General!

The military had given this title to him.
As long as he could come back, he would be the youngest major general in the country!

A normal person wouldn’t have heard of this news but with their status, they got to know of it a long time ago.

What a pity!

Xiao Nanfeng’s gaze flickered.
He remembered the grudges he had against Wang Teng.
Thinking of the young man’s current achievements, he felt bitter.

In the past, he thought that Wang Teng was a junior like his disciple.
Yet, he caught up with him and could even talk to him on even ground now.
Anyone would find it hard to accept.

Furthermore, they had grudges!

“Can’t the other runemasters build a powerful offensive array?” Xiao Nanfeng asked.

“They’re having a difficult time holding up the defense array.
They don’t have the energy to create another offensive array.” Dan Taixuan shook her head.

“I heard that Wang Teng is stuck in the Darkland.
No one knows if he’s dead or alive.
I’m afraid we can’t rely on him.” Ye Jixin sighed.

Dan Taixuan sighed.
“It’s fortunate if he can come back alive.”

Wang Shengguo, Li Xiumei, and the other members of the Wang family were gathered together in an underground shelter.
They were observing the situation outside through a video stream.
Everyone seemed worried and grave.

Grandpa Wang looked at the buildings that had turned into ruins.
There was sorrow in his eyes as he sighed.
“Donghai is finished!”

“Dad, we must believe in our country.
We will overcome this crisis.
We can rebuild Donghai in the future,” Wang Shenghong said.

“It’s difficult!” Grandpa Wang glanced at him and shook his head.
“After this sea beast riot, Donghai is no longer safe.
Many people aren’t willing to stay here anymore.
Without people, how can we rebuild the city?”

Wang Shenghong didn’t know what to say.

Grandpa Wang looked at Wang Shengguo and asked in a tired tone, “Is there news of my dear grandson?”

“No.” Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei were filled with worry as they shook their heads.

“Major general! Major general! If my grandson doesn’t come back, why does our family need the title of a major general?” Grandpa Wang knocked his cane heavily on the ground as he spoke in anger.

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