Chapter 518: Found The Way Back Home

The space tornado continued wreaking havoc.
Wherever it went, the area would be in chaos.

On the other side, Wang Teng sensed his gains.

Space Tornado!

The process of the formation of the space tornado appeared in his mind.
By coincidence, the explosion of space energy caused the energy to circle furiously.
It got more and more violent and gradually turned into the eye of a tornado.
Then, it slowly formed a tornado.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned intense.
This space skill was so powerful!

There was a naturally formed space tornado right in front of him.
Looking at it and thinking that he would be able to form a space tornado himself in the future, even if the power was only 0.1% of this, it was an exceptional move.

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
He felt a huge strain on the spiritual power in his mind.

The tug of war seemed simple, but it wasn’t.
If his spiritual power wasn’t at the Imperial Realm, he wouldn’t even think about snatching the attribute bubbles out of the space tornado.

At this moment, he was looking at the other attribute bubbles in the tornado.
Naturally, he wouldn’t give them up easily.
He took out the Wood of Tranquility and used it to recover his spiritual power.

For the next few days, he followed the space tornado closely.
After his spiritual power was fully recovered, he would push it out to snatch the attribute bubbles inside.

He was experienced now, so the next few times were much smoother.
He would succeed at one try.
There was no failure.

Although he could only pull out a few attribute bubbles each time, it was good enough.
He wouldn’t return empty-handed.

Most of the attribute bubbles he pulled out were space attributes or space tornado attributes.
There were no other attributes.

Suddenly, one day, Wang Teng felt the energy in the space tornado turning exceptionally violent suddenly.
The space tornado turned berserk too.

Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly.
An ominous feeling floated into his heart.

He was decisive and immediately stopped picking up the attribute bubbles.
He escaped far away quickly.

He ran until he couldn’t see the space tornado behind him anymore.
At this moment, a loud explosion came from behind.

The explosion rang continuously.
Frightening energy waves swept towards him, blowing his clothes and hair up noisily.

Wang Teng’s pupils constricted, feeling appalled.
Did the space tornado just explode?!

The force was so scary.

He had run so far away, but he could still feel the impact of the explosions.
It was incredible.

Suddenly, he felt lucky.
It was fortunate that he had escaped in time.
If not, based on how close he was to the space tornado, he didn’t know what would have happened to him.

Wang Teng let out a long sigh.
He sat down cross-legged in the void and counted his gains.

After a few days, his space attribute had increased tremendously.

Space: 7120/10000

He remembered the war in Star Maple City.
The devil god created five dimensional rifts with his five fingers.
At that time, the space attributes he dropped allowed him to raise his space attribute to around 4000.
Now, it climbed again and reached 7000.
It was getting closer to the perfected stage of 10000.

He wondered what changes would happen after it reached the ten thousand mark.

Also, his Space Tornado skill rose too.

Space Tornado: 76/100 (foundation)

This space skill was extremely difficult.
Wang Teng was only at the foundation stage, so it wasn’t easy if he wanted to execute it successfully.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t worried.
If he had no choice, he could still add his blank attributes here to raise his proficiency.

Half an hour later, Wang Teng got up and headed towards the location of the space tornado.

There were many objects and corpses within the space tornado.
If one or two of them survived the explosion, he would gain big time.

Unfortunately, when Wang Teng got closer, there was only a silent void left.
The broken rocks and the corpses in the space tornado were all gone.
It was as if they had never been here.

Wang Teng sighed.
Indeed, he was thinking too much.
There was no free lunch in the world.

He turned and followed the void mayflies further into the void.

Time flew again.
After meeting the space tornado, Wang Teng didn’t have any other encounters.
He could only search for a way home aimlessly in the void.

He didn’t make any progress.
Currently, he was sitting cross-legged on a huge rock, floating in the void silently.

He had discovered this huge rock not long ago.
It was like a small island, around the size of half a basketball court.

Wang Teng landed here temporarily to rest.
Honestly, in this void, having a place to sit was a luxury.

At the moment, he was chewing his barbecued meat as if it were candle wax while thinking how he should leave.
He had searched a large area over the past few days, but he couldn’t find an exit.

The result was disappointing.
If he didn’t have a strong mentality, he would have gone mad.

He frowned and pondered.
He went through all his methods and his entire attributes panel again and again, checking carefully each time.

Unfortunately, besides his space talent, no other methods were useful.

Wang Teng grasped his hair.

This was too difficult!

Too difficult!

Was he supposed to stay in this void for the rest of his life?

No! He was still young and hadn’t experienced many happy moments.
He couldn’t die here silently all alone without anyone’s notice.

The void mayflies seemed to have sensed Wang Teng’s mood.
They flew over and circled him as if comforting him.

“You little things are quite sensitive.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He thought of Little White.

He had entered the martial arts path because of Little White.
At that time, a group of martial warriors was fighting over Little White.
Both parties were injured, allowing him to collect their attribute bubbles.
Just like that, he became a martial disciple.

It felt just like yesterday!

Although the martial arts path was dangerous and hard, he had no regrets.
In this era, he would be inferior if he didn’t practice martial arts.

In an instant, Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp and resolute.

His parents, Lin Chuhan, Dan Taixuan, Gorlin… Wang Teng knew that all of them were waiting for his return.

He must survive!

Suddenly, a thought flashed into his mind.

Little White!

“That’s right, Little White!” Wang Teng suddenly thought of something.

There was a spiritual pet contract between him and Little White.
Would he be able to sense the coordinates of the Xingwu Continent using this connection?

The moment this thought appeared, it grew stronger and stronger.

Wang Teng immediately closed his eyes and searched for the fated connection…

“It’s very weak, but I can still sense it faintly.
It seems to be in that direction!” Wang Teng opened his eyes, frowning.
He moved the huge rock below him and rode it towards that direction.

As he moved forward, the connection became clearer and clearer.
It was still weak, but Wang Teng could sense hope.

Xingwu Continent, within a mountain ridge.

In the sky, a large crow covered with red and black feathers cawed towards the sky.
The sound was shrill enough to pierce through rocks.

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