Chapter 517: Space Tornado

The void was dead and vast.
There seemed to be no living things present here.

However, a figure was flying around quickly in this environment.

In front of this figure, many light spots were flying towards the depth of the void.
They were extremely small but fast.
They passed through the void like a flash of lightning, leaving a trail of light behind them elongating into the distance.

Wang Teng chased after the void mayflies and activated his space talent to the maximum.
His speed wasn’t slow, and he was doing alright.

However, there was a distance limit to his space traveling.
He couldn’t jump too far, so he could only choose to jump continuously in order to complete a long-distance travel.
If not, he wouldn’t have been able to catch up with the speed of the void mayflies.

Of course, he could ask the void mayflies to lower their speed, but he never did that.
In this endless void, once he started slacking, he would turn numb.

He had entered that state in the past.
If it wasn’t for the appearance of the void mayflies and the Ancient God’s corpse, he might not have woken up from his stupor.

The energy stones in his space ring were being expended at a fast speed.
A small portion of them had already turned worthless.
He threw them into the void.

Since there was no Force here, he had to rely on these Force stones to recover his Force.
Without them, the Force in his body would have long dried up.
He wouldn’t be able to jump around for so long in this void.

But using his space talent frequently had its own benefits as well.
He had a deeper understanding of his space talent now.

This void was situated within a dimensional rift.
There were powerful space fluctuations here, so for someone with space talent, this was the best cultivation ground.

Unfortunately, the void was too dangerous.
He could encounter space cracks and energy fluctuations all the time.
Any carelessness could cost him his life, and it would be a terrible death.

Wang Teng always encountered such situations while traveling in the void.
Without the void mayflies leading the way and scouting the dangers ahead, he would have been dead by now.

After a long time, the void mayflies in a certain direction suddenly lost contact with him.

Wang Teng stopped in his tracks instantly.
His eyes shimmered, and he hesitated for a moment before he flew towards the direction where the disappeared void mayflies went.
He moved forward carefully.

Soon after, he stopped abruptly and looked flabbergasted.

A frightening and invisible tornado was sweeping towards him from the long passage of void in front.
Wherever the storm went, the space would break and white lines would appear.

The void mayflies that lost contact had accidentally gone too close and were swept into the windstorm.
Based on how powerful this storm was, those void mayflies were probably dead.

Wang Teng shot back.
He saw many objects in the heart of the windstorm.
There were broken rocks and all sorts of junks from who knew where.
He was too far away and the tornado was spinning at high speed, so he couldn’t differentiate the objects inside.

Other than that, Wang Teng also saw a few corpses of some unknown star beasts.
The others looked like humans.
He didn’t know where they came from.

How many dimensions did this tornado go to such that it had so many corpses in it?

After all, Wang Teng only found the Ancient God’s corpse after traveling a huge patch of the void.

Speaking of the Ancient God’s corpse, he didn’t see it in the space tornado.

It looked like he managed to find it based on pure luck.

Wang Teng highly suspected that the luck he obtained from Little Zi Ye was starting to show its effect.
As expected, he was the son of Lady Luck!

At this moment, though, Wang Teng didn’t have any thoughts towards the corpses in the space tornado.

The space tornado was too scary.
The only choice he had was to evade it.
Why would he dare to get close?

Just now, when he tried to approach it, he felt a strong suction force coming from ahead of him.
It was pulling him towards the tornado.

Mind you, he was a long distance away from the space tornado, but he almost got sucked in.
You could imagine how frightening it was.

Anyway, those objects and corpses must be extraordinary since they were able to survive in the tornado.

Wang Teng’s eyes were glistening when he retreated.
He stared at the tornado in deep thought.
He touched his chin and pondered on a plan.

Suddenly, he got a shock.

He saw attribute bubbles in the space tornado!

The inside of the space tornado was too chaotic, so he didn’t notice the presence of the attribute bubbles at the first glance.

Now, when he looked inside carefully, he realized that there were many bubbles there.
The number was sizable.

Wang Teng was tempted.

It was hard to snatch the objects and corpses from the mouth of the tiger, but these attribute bubbles were formless.
Since he was the only one who could see them, it wouldn’t be hard to pick them up with his spiritual power, right?

He gritted his teeth and made his decision.
He decided to give it a try.

His spiritual power surged out and carefully inched towards the tornado.


An explosion occurred in Wang Teng’s mind.
He immediately felt this spiritual power getting cut.
He lost control of it entirely.

A drop of cold sweat fell down his forehead.

It was so frightening!

This space tornado was a large-scale meat grinder.

Wang Teng looked at the attribute bubbles.
Not wanting to give up, he stretched his spiritual power out again.
This time, he decided to use all his spiritual power.
He kneaded it into a strong thread and threw it at the attribute bubbles.


Explosions were heard once again.
However, this time, the spiritual power didn’t break off.

“It’s possible!” Wang Teng was elated.

But he didn’t dare to be careless.
He quickly got close to the nearest attribute bubbles and pulled them over.

The suction force of the tornado was extremely powerful, sweeping his spiritual power too.

Wang Teng’s expression turned grim.
He controlled his spiritual power with all his might as he pulled it away from the tornado.

He was in a tug of war with the space tornado.

If there were people who managed to survive the space tornado after meeting it, they would be flabbergasted when they knew that Wang Teng dared to snatch something from a space tornado.

Boom, boom, boom!

Wang Teng’s mind was filled with explosions.
He frantically pushed out his Imperial Realm spiritual power so that he could pull over the attribute bubbles a little by a little from the tornado.

After some time, with a soft pop, he finally pulled out the attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng was afraid that they would get swept into the space tornado again, so he picked them up instantly.




Space Tornado*1

As the bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng shuddered.

Most of the bubbles had the space attribute.
It allowed his space attribute to grow many times immediately.

But the most important one was the last attribute bubble.

Space Tornado!

This was an extremely rare space skill attribute bubble!

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