Chapter 516: The Terrifying Ancient Gods!

His spiritual power restoration rate was too slow.
Wang Teng could only restore his spiritual power while sensing the situation far away through his void mayflies.

The void mayflies had been flying for a long time and had traveled far.
With that little connection he had, he tried to perceive the situation.
Unfortunately, there was nothing else except darkness in the void.

The existence of the huge corpse was truly unexpected.

Wang Teng opened his eyes and frowned.
His spiritual power was not even restored to a tenth of what he previously had.

He then scanned through his space ring, especially the loot he got from the dark apparitions.
He didn’t have the chance to go through them previously and didn’t know what was inside.

There were so many treasures here.
If he could find one that could restore his spiritual power, it would greatly help him.

He carefully scanned through the space rings one by one but was left with disappointment.

“It looks like I’m thinking too much!” Wang Teng shook his head and sighed.

He had already given up when he was at his last space ring.
He glanced through it roughly but was stunned.

Who knew? He actually felt a mysterious wave.
In the next moment, an item appeared in his hand.

It was a piece of black wood.
It looked ordinary, but it exuded a faint fragrance.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he found the relevant memory in his mind.

Wood of Tranquility!

This was a rare treasure that could restore one’s spiritual power.

Wang Teng had only heard about it before and didn’t know that it actually existed amongst the treasure he had.

“I’ve hit the jackpot!” Wang Teng took a deep breath and placed the Wood of Tranquility in between his eyes.
He then felt something cold yet warm flowing in his mind.
There was a surge in his spiritual power, shooting up his recovery.

“The rumors are true.” Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.

Time passed, and Wang Teng’s spiritual power was soon restored.
He then continued the onslaught of attacks on the huge corpse.

Strength of Ultima*1

Strength of Ultima*1

Strength of Ultima*1

Strength of Ultima*1

After losing count of the days, the huge corpse was now completely unrecognizable.
He was like an ant gnawing a giant!

Wang Teng couldn’t help but admire himself.
He managed to turn a powerful corpse into this miserable mess.

His perseverance was extraordinary.

Towards the end, he couldn’t pick up any Strength of Ultima attributes anymore.
It looked like he had reached the limit.

His Strength of Ultima attribute had reached 56 points!

Strength of Ultima: 56/100 (first-level)

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction.
He couldn’t wish for more.
Obtaining the Strength of Ultima was already a great fortune.
In the end, his faze fell onto the head of the huge corpse.

Only the head was still intact.
Wang Teng had left it for the end.

The brain was the place where memory was stored.
If he attacked it, what would he obtain?

Wang Teng had his hopes up.

After some rest and filling his stomach, Wang Teng started attacking the corpse’s head.

Boom, boom, boom!

Terrifying attacks landed endlessly on the tilted head.
A wound started appearing after a long time, and a few attribute bubbles dropped out.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he immediately went over to collect the fruits of his labor.

Imperial Realm Spirit*10

Ancient God’s Body*1

Ancient God Language*1

Imperial Realm Spirit*8

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*5

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng was elated.

Imperial Realm spirit!

Imperial Realm enlightenment!

He actually managed to obtain the Imperial Realm spirit and enlightenment from the corpse.

His spirit and enlightenment were in the Imperial Realm, and he understood how tough it was to advance in the Imperial Realm.

It was too difficult to meet others who possessed Imperial Realm spirit and enlightenment.

But he didn’t expect to meet one here.

However, it wasn’t strange when he thought about it.
The corpse must have been extremely powerful when it was alive, so it was reasonable for it to possess Imperial Realm spirit and enlightenment.

In fact, it might be even stronger than this when it was alive.
He was merely collecting the leftovers.

However, to Wang Teng, he had already benefited immensely from the good stuff that leaked from the big man’s finger.

Suddenly, his mind shook.

Ancient God’s Body!

This was a scripture of the highest level that exceeded the sky-rank!

Wang Teng was shocked.
He knew that the corpse head would bring him great items, but something of this level was out of his wildest dreams!

At this moment, memories started flowing into his mind.

There was a gigantic figure sitting on a planet…

That was right! A planet!

The figure was drawing on the vitality of the planet, tempering and forging itself.

Veins and pores appeared on his body like constellations in the sky, and Qi drifted above the planet, merging into his body, eventually strengthening him.

A peculiar and mysterious symbol appeared in between his eyes.
The planet under him gradually turned gray, giving off a lifeless aura.
It eventually shattered and turned into meteors that drifted away.

The gigantic figure got up and, without any hesitation, headed into the depths of the void and vanished.

Wang Teng got back to his senses.
He was left speechless.
He opened his dry mouth and swallowed his saliva unconsciously.

“I did it!” he muttered to himself.

This Ancient God’s Body scripture was way beyond his imagination.
It was too terrifying and powerful!

Based on the ranks on Earth, this would have exceeded the sky-rank.
This couldn’t even be defined!

Besides the Ancient God’s Body, Wang Teng had also obtained the attribute bubble for Ancient God Language.

Ancient God Language was an ancient language belonging to an ancient race of Gods.

When the language memory merged into his mind, Wang Teng understood the rough situation of the Ancient Gods.

Obviously, this corpse belonged to an Ancient God!

Every single Ancient God was a natural cultivator.
They were powerful beyond comparison and would use planets as their cultivation resource.
They plundered everything and walked in the starry sky.
Their whereabouts were mysterious.

Fortunately, there were not many Ancient Gods, or the entire universe would not be enough for them.

Wang Teng took in a deep breath and looked at the battered head.
He then continued bombarding it with attacks.

Imperial Realm Spirit*3

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*2

Imperial Realm Spirit*1

It was a pity that all that was left were spirit and enlightenment attributes.
There were no other special attributes.

Even the number of spirit and enlightenment attributes diminished till the point where they never appeared again.

Wang Teng stopped farming and gazed at the pulverized corpse.
He couldn’t help but touch his nose.
Did he go too far?

An Ancient God had died, and Wang Teng still had to mess with his corpse.
If he knew what was happening, he might have jumped out of hell and smacked him to death!

Wang Teng coughed and shook his head in guilt.
He then channeled his spiritual power and shoved the Ancient God corpse far away.

“Go away, we shall not meet again!”

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