Chapter 515: Strength of Ultima!

In the gloomy void, a corpse that was dozens of meters tall floated quietly.
On its forehead sat a cross-legged figure.

Around that figure, there were spots of light that resembled starlight, dancing around him.
They looked extremely dazzling and mysterious.

Wang Teng was trying to get familiar with the void mayflies.
He felt as though these void mayflies were an extension of his spiritual power.
They were like his ears, his eyes, and even his third hand.

In this void, the range of one’s spiritual power was extremely limited, but these void mayflies could fly far, and he could still feel their presence.

Prior to this, he had already sent dozens of void mayflies flying in all directions.
Through them, he could have a perception of how the situation was beyond his current reach.

“I didn’t expect to have such a pleasant surprise in the void.” Wang Teng’s face looked like he was mocking himself.
He didn’t know why such an intriguing change had occurred.

Was it because they had devoured his spiritual power?

Wang Teng couldn’t understand, so he put it at the back of his mind.
Then, his eyes flashed, sending the void mayflies further out to explore the void.

As he saw the void mayflies disappearing into the void horizon one by one, Wang Teng lowered his head and looked at the huge corpse below, deep in thought.

He took out his Mo Que and tapped near his foot.
His body was suddenly lifted up, and he slashed towards the huge corpse.


There was an explosion of Force, striking the huge corpse.
However, the sound it made was of metals clashing against each other.

There was only a white mark left behind on the corpse’s skin!

Wang Teng narrowed his eyes and looked at the corpse in surprise before gritting his teeth.
“I don’t believe that I can’t deal with a corpse!”

He adjusted the Force in his whole body and condensed it on his Mo Que, swinging it down again.

Killing intent explosion!

Wang Teng used dark Force this time and delivered his strongest blow.


A tiny wound finally appeared on the huge corpse’s arm.
It was like it had been cut with a small knife.

Wang Teng: …

Wang Teng looked at the wound blankly.
He even leaned closer to have a look.
It was indeed just a small wound.

He couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.

His dark Force was already at the general stage, and his attack power wasn’t weak.
Yet, he could only leave a small wound on the huge corpse.

How strong was this corpse when it was still alive??

Wang Teng didn’t even dare to imagine.
However, the more horrifying the corpse was, the more it piqued his interest.

He frowned in deep thought for a while and took out his Shooting Star Spiral.
With a spur of spiritual kinesis, he stabbed at the wound fiercely.


The wound was finally enlarged, and a drop of golden blood flowed out, dripping down.

“Hmm? Golden blood!” Wang Teng was stunned.
He didn’t dare to collect it, though.
He pondered for a moment, and his spiritual power surged, bringing the golden blood over.
He stored it in a small jade bottle.

Although it was only a drop of blood, considering the size of the huge corpse, a drop was enough to fill the jade bottle completely.

Wang Teng stored the small jade bottle back into the space ring and planned to study it after getting back.
He then continued hitting the wound with his Shooting Star Spiral.

Half an hour later, the wound had enlarged to a few inches wide.
More golden blood was flowing out.
At the same time, an attribute bubble dropped!

“I knew it!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up immediately, and he picked it up

Strength of Ultima*1

Wang Teng’s body quivered, and his eyes widened.


He actually got an ultima attribute from the corpse!

What was ultima?

It was a realm higher than the conscious realm, and its power was multiple times stronger.

If the conscious realm was only exclusive to prodigies, then only a handful amongst countless prodigies could grasp the extent of this remarkable power.

At this time, a giant mountain-like figure emerged in his mind.
He was grasping the strength of ultima.
Walking on the boundless land, he could destroy mountains and flatten valleys with a wave of his arm or a swing of his leg.
He had infinite power.

A trace of ultima integrated into his mind, strange and mysterious!

Wang Teng was overwhelmed.
It was just one point of ultima, but he had already grasped it.
It was truly incredible.

Now that he had the comprehension of ultima, with a wave of his hand, Wang Teng could wield and bring forth terrifying strength.

This was so fortunate for him!

Wang Teng clenched his fists, and his eyes lit up.
He stared at the corpse in front of him like he was staring at a huge treasure chest.

Let’s continue!

The Shooting Star Spiral formed a ray of cold light in the void.
Wang Teng used all his might and focused his spiritual power, stabbing it right into the huge corpse.

Under his unrelenting efforts, wounds started appearing on the corpse.

Drops of golden blood were oozing out.
Wang Teng had a zero-waste policy and collected a good amount of golden blood.

After storing it in jade bottles, he threw them back into the corner of his space ring.
At the same time, attribute bubbles dropped as well, floating around in the void.

Strength of Ultima*1

Strength of Ultima*1

Strength of Ultima*1

Wang Teng was overjoyed as he picked them all up.
After some struggling, he managed to obtain 12 points of Strength of Ultima.

The traces of ultima integrated and blended into his body and memory, giving Wang Teng new knowledge of the concept of strength.

So this is what strength is!

He suddenly had such an enlightenment in his heart!

It was inexplicable!

If he really had to explain what strength was, he wouldn’t have been able to explain it clearly.
However, he knew in his heart that this was strength.

Wang Teng finally stopped.

He was too tired.

In order to leave a wound on the huge corpse, he had to exhaust all his strength.
His Force and spiritual power were all depleted now.

The huge corpse was truly terrifying.
The tough and powerful body had Wang Teng at his wits’ end.
Fortunately, after all this struggle, he had gained something out of it.

Wang Teng decided to rest for now.
Anyway, he couldn’t leave this place.
He might as well clean up this corpse first before deciding the next course of action.
Or else, if he left the void and gave up on this treasure trove, he would have no place to cry in regret.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he took out an energy stone to restore his Force.

Fortunately, he had swept up all the treasures that belonged to the dark apparitions in the underground space in Blackcrow City.
They were now put to good use.

He could only restore his Force.
Restoring his spiritual power was another issue altogether.

Treasures that could restore spiritual power were rare.
Without such treasures, his spiritual power would not recover that quickly.

In the past, he had never thought about this as he used to pick up attribute bubbles to replenish his depleted spiritual power.
However, now that he was in such a state, he knew how blessed he was back then.

Alas, now that he was already in this state, he couldn’t do anything about it!

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