Chapter 514: The Corpse In The Emptiness…

“Why is this happening…”

Wang Teng’s grieved shouts echoed in the silent and dead void.
Anyone who heard it would feel his sorrow and cry for him.
Unfortunately, in this place, there was no one else but him.

Wang Teng forced himself to calm down quickly.
Things had already happened, so there was no point crying over spilled milk.
He needed to think of how to escape.

His expression turned grave, and he sat down cross-legged on the spot, sitting quietly in the void like a spirit floating in mid-air.

The entrance was destroyed by the explosion.

He felt his head aching when he remembered that he had ordered his Leiting Clone to do this.

Gradually, Wang Teng closed his eyes.
He went through all the space rune knowledge in his mind to search for a method to return home.

In this void, there seemed to be no time.
He didn’t know how long had passed, but he felt a little hungry.
He took out some food from his space ring.

Fortunately, he kept a large amount of star beast meat and other food items in his space ring.

Well, this was a good habit.

The Emerald Glazed Flame burnt in the void.
Wang Teng used it to barbecue his meat.

He placed his hand against his chin as he barbecued the meat.
He sighed continuously.



“Sigh~ I’m so miserable!

“First, I got dragged into the Abyss World by Black Incubus Devil Lord.
I put in so much effort to escape, but I dropped into the void instead.
What a tragic life I have!”

Wang Teng started bemoaning his fate as he finished barbecuing his meat.
He put it in his mouth and turned his sorrow into motivation for eating.

He let out a satisfied burp after he finished eating.
Then, he shuddered, and his expression changed…

Damn it, he ate too much.

He should eat less since he didn’t know how long he would stay here.
He mustn’t waste his food.

Wang Teng decided that he should ration his meal next time.

After he finished eating, his gaze flickered, and he went into deep thought.
He took out the space gadgets the three divine spirit dark apparitions had left behind from his space ring.

He scanned them with his spiritual power.

“Found it!” After some time, Wang Teng turned joyful.
Three leather booklets appeared in his hand.

He opened them.
As expected, there was some ancient space rune knowledge recorded inside.
Wang Teng immediately started reading it.

He filled up the loopholes in his knowledge and deepened his space rune mastery.

The clock was ticking.

Suddenly, at a spot close to Wang Teng, a violent spatial fluctuation arose.
The brutal energy gushed out forcefully.

Wang Teng immediately turned and saw many thin white cracks appear out of nowhere in the void.

He felt gravity pulling him over.

His expression underwent a huge change.
He could sense a fatal danger, so he immediately rushed away, moving out of the territory covered by the sucking force.

That was dangerous!

At that moment, he understood the danger of the void.

After some time, the suction force disappeared, and the thin white cracks patched up.
Wang Teng frowned.
He hesitated for a moment before he sat down cross-legged again to continue flipping through the three books.

At one moment, Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He saw some interesting information on the void.

There were many unknown dangers in the void.
The thin white cracks just now were space cracks formed for various reasons.
These space cracks were extremely unstable and destructive.
If one was sucked inside, they would be torn into pieces no matter how powerful of a martial warrior they were.
It was terrifying.

Also, normal humans couldn’t travel in the void.
Only powerful warriors who had reached a certain level had the ability to do so.

However, even a powerful presence wouldn’t dare to loiter around the void.
Once they accidentally entered a dimensional rift, they could leave, but to do that, they mustn’t encounter any Force explosions in the void or any sudden appearances of space cracks.

The other kind of person who could travel in the void was people who possessed space talent, like Wang Teng.
They wouldn’t be rejected by the space here and could sense the hidden dangers too.

Of course, these kinds of people were rarer than the formidable warriors who could travel in the void.

Once again, Wang Teng felt fortunate.
If he didn’t possess space talent, with his entry-level general-stage ability, he would probably be dead.

Wang Teng spent much time before he finished reading the three books.

His spirit and enlightenment were powerful, so his memory and understanding ability was also amazing, allowing him to remember all the information in a short time.

After he finished, his expression wasn’t good.

“I need to leave a space coordinate in the other world before I can find a path to leave this place.
If not, I’m dead.”

Wang Teng hadn’t left any space coordinates on Earth or on the Xingwu Continent.
Hence, he couldn’t locate these two worlds.

He sighed uncontrollably.

This was bad!

There was another method.
When a dimensional rift appeared, he could forcefully widen the area of the dimensional rift and leave through it.

But this method was too extreme.

He could be shredded into pieces if an accident happened.
Also, even if he was lucky and managed to leave, who knew where he would end up?

What if he landed inside the sun?

What if he went to an unknown world?

What if he fell into a cesspit?

Anyway, anything was possible!

This method was the worst.
He wouldn’t use it unless there was honestly no other choice.

Wang Teng ate some food and stood up.
He decided to explore the area first.
Well, he might find some other ways in this void.

He headed in the direction where the space tunnel pointed to.
He didn’t know if it was right, but at least it was a direction.
It was better than walking around aimlessly.
Who knew? He might find a way out.

He comforted himself as he walked forward silently.

Very soon, he realized that when he was walking in the void, he could still use the Force in his body, but it was sluggish.
Fortunately, his spiritual power wasn’t affected.
If not, his movement would be slow.

He didn’t know how long he wandered.
During this time, Wang Teng encountered many dimensional rifts and Force explosions.
Every single encounter was dangerous, but he managed to evade them in time with his space talent.

However, in this quiet environment, Wang Teng gradually became silent.
There was no one to talk to, and he could only search for his path aimlessly…

The only thing accompanying him was the cold and silent void.

Gradually, he felt tired.

Wang Teng raised his head, his expression a little numb.
He couldn’t tell the time but based on one meal per day, he had spent more than three months here.

In these three months, he didn’t find anything.
He had already decided to give up.

This will be my last shot! Wang Teng sighed.

Suddenly, he saw something from the corner of his eyes.
His pupils moved.

A huge shadow floated in the void.
It was a distance away from Wang Teng.
He wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t so conspicuous in the void.

Emotions started to appear on Wang Teng’s numb face.
His spiritual power surged out and pushed him towards the shadow quickly.

As he got closer, Wang Teng’s pupils constricted.

It was a huge corpse.
He predicted that it would be more than ten meters tall if it was straightened.

It floated in the void and maintained its original form.
It didn’t decay, so Wang Teng could still see its appearance.

Its shape was similar to a human, but its head was strange.
Its forehead was huge and was greenish-white.
Overall, it looked very similar to a human.

The other conspicuous part was the occult and complicated special mark on its forehead.

“What species is it?”

Wang Teng took a deep breath, feeling astounded.
He flew above the corpse and looked down on it.
He muttered to himself, “It should be dead!”

The moment he finished speaking, he saw the eyelids of the corpse moving suddenly.

Oh my god!

Wang Teng got a rude shock.
He immediately went into defense mode and stared intently at the corpse.

Its eyelids were indeed moving.
Even its fingers were moving.

This creature wasn’t dead!

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
How could this creature sleep in the void and not die? He couldn’t imagine how it was possible.

Suddenly, small droplets of light seeped out of the corpse’s skin.
It danced around the corpse densely.

Wang Teng was stunned.
He observed the light spots carefully and realized that there was a slim and beautiful creature in each of the light spots.

Their antennas were short, and they had thin and colorful wings.
They had a long cercus too…

“These are… mayflies? Void mayflies?” Wang Teng frowned uncontrollably.
He started pondering.

At the same time, he noticed that after the void mayflies flew out, the corpse lost all its movement.

It wasn’t alive!

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.
Then, he looked at the void mayflies again.

They seemed to have discovered his presence and swarmed towards him together.

Wang Teng’s heart jumped.
Spiritual power gushed out and surged towards the void mayflies.
However, the scene afterward made him stunned for a short moment.

The void mayflies started devouring Wang Teng’s spiritual power as if it was some delicious food.

Wang Teng was thunderstruck.
This sudden change was entirely unexpected.
He didn’t know what was happening.

The void mayflies swallowed all the spiritual power Wang Teng released and continued flying towards him.

Wang Teng released another burst of spiritual power as he retreated.
However, the void mayflies were too fast.
There were too many of them.
They quickly gobbled up the spiritual power before surrounding him.

Wang Teng wanted to retaliate, but he suddenly noticed that the void mayflies weren’t attacking him.
Instead, they flew around him intimately.

Also, a happy emotion entered his mind through a special kind of connection.

Wang Teng: …

This situation caused him to remember his Little White, whom he had left on the Xingwu Continent.
This connection was similar to the connection created by the spiritual pet contract.

But there were still some differences.
This connection was more carefree and special.
It was as if the void mayflies had merged with his spiritual power.

Wang Teng had a sudden thought and stretched out his hand.
The void mayflies stopped on his palm.

“It can be done!” Wang Teng was amazed.
He felt that he had picked up a bunch of children accidentally.

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