Chapter 513: He Can’t Find His Way Home!

Without a doubt, Spirit Penetration and Space Rune Knowledge were his biggest gains this time.
However, the Emperor Realm spirit attributes that the vampires dropped were also good.

The existence of the Emperor Realm spirit attributes was rare, and it was always challenging for Wang Teng to obtain them.

The Emperor Realm and Imperial Realm spirit had a difference of ten times.
The total amount of Emperor Realm spirit would be a few dozen points of Imperial Realm spirit.
This increase would be equivalent to Wang Teng collecting countless Normal spirit attributes.

After collecting the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Looking back on the battle just now, he felt a little lucky.
The three dark apparitions possessed the Spirit Penetration technique.
It was fortunate that they didn’t use it, or he would have been in a pinch.

If he didn’t have his guard up, or if he was hit by Spirit Penetration, it would be extremely dangerous to him even though he had Imperial Realm spirit.

Fortunately, he struck fast, and the three dark apparitions didn’t have the time to use their strongest weapon in their haste.
They died abruptly!

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he entered into deep thought.
Throwing the three dark apparition corpses into his space ring, his gaze shifted to the rune array on the ground.

“This is a spatial rune array!”

Wang Teng muttered and started analyzing it with the new space rune knowledge that he had just obtained.

“Those three general-stage dark apparitions shouldn’t have noticed the disappearance of my clones so quickly.
Before I leave, let me leave them with a little present!”

Wang Teng stroked his chin, and a strange smile appeared on his face.

He scanned his surroundings, and his spiritual power surged out.
Several runes were engraved around the space rune array.
The runes were independent and didn’t interfere with the ones on the space rune array.

However, Wang Teng left out a few nodes between the two.
Once the missing nodes were filled, it would be equivalent to building a bridge between the two, and there, a spectacular magical reaction would occur.

Wang Teng took out a few energy stones, passed them to the Leiting Clone, and smiled.
“I’ll leave them to you!”

“You’re making me do such troublesome things again,” the Leiting Clone complained with a bitter face.

“It’s the last time, the last time.” Wang Teng snickered and promised.

“Forget it, leave quickly.
The three general-stage dark apparitions are coming back,” the Leiting Clone said.

Wang Teng nodded and looked deeply at the Leiting Clone.
He didn’t say anything else.
Walking towards the dimensional rift, he leaped inside.

“I’m going home!” Hearing Wang Teng’s cheer, the Leiting Clone couldn’t help but shake his head.
He sat down and waited a few minutes before placing the energy stones into the nodes.

Suddenly, the entire rune array flashed violently.


The whole underground space quaked.

The Leiting Clone stood in front of the dimensional rift with a calm expression.

Boom, boom, boom!

The next moment, violent explosions sounded, and the light engulfed everything, swallowing the Leiting Clone completely.

The Leiting Clone didn’t move an inch as if it didn’t hear any sound at all.

He stood there calmly like he was posing for a picture!

The three general-stage dark apparitions didn’t find Wang Teng.
According to their senses, it was like Wang Teng had disappeared without a trace.

They returned empty-handed, their faces distraught.

There was nothing worse than catching someone and letting him escape!

They got the other vampires to remain outside the city and continue searching for human traces, but they themselves returned to the manor first.

While they were approaching and were about to land from the sky, a terrible explosion came from the manor below.

“It’s bad!” The three general-stage dark apparitions immediately knew that something was wrong, and their expressions changed drastically.

However, it was too late.
A dreadful shockwave shot up from the manor.

The entire manor was overturned and flew into the sky.
The shockwave from the explosion swept across the surroundings and up into the sky.

The whole Blackcrow City was attracted by the terrifying explosion, and everyone’s eyes shifted towards that direction, filled with shock.

A while later, the explosion stopped and the dust settled, revealing the state of the manor.
What was once a magnificent and majestic building was reduced to ruins and rubble.

“It’s gone, it’s gone!”

Countless dark apparitions were appalled and dumbfounded.
Looking at the crumbled manor, no one dared to say anything.

The three general-stage dark apparitions’ complexions were extremely gloomy.
Their eyes were filled with fiery rage, and they were gritting their teeth.
“Who did this? Who’s the one who did this?”

“No, something must have happened to the dimensional rift underground!” One of the dark apparitions suddenly thought of something and rushed down immediately.

The other two general-stage dark apparitions followed behind.

Their Force surged out of their bodies, smashing all the surrounding rocks into pieces, exposing the underground location where the dimensional rift was.

“It’s gone!”

The three general-stage dark apparitions fell into dead silence.

Once the space rune array was destroyed, the dimensional rift would naturally disappear as a result.
There was no trace of the dimensional rift’s existence here anymore.

Their years of hard work was gone!

“The three divine spirit masters are gone as well.”

The three general-stage dark apparitions scanned the place, and they didn’t even see the corpses of the three divine spirit masters.
They figured that they were basically dead.

“Find him!”

“We have to find him.
Even if we flip the whole Blackcrow City upside down, we have to find the culprit!”

“Find the culprit behind this.
I will smash his body into pieces and drain his blood till his body is dry!”

The three general-stage dark apparitions were enraged.

In the next few days, there was an uncomfortable atmosphere surrounding Blackcrow City.
They searched vigorously and vowed to find the culprit who destroyed the space rune array.

Wang Teng’s clone who was disguised as Viscount Snow was still in this world and was summoned back with the other vampires to carry out a thorough search.

But the results were expected.

Wang Teng had already left the Abyss World, and they couldn’t have found him.

Escaping the Abyss World should have been a happy thing for Wang Teng, but it wasn’t.

Now, he was in a dark void, surrounded by darkness.
There was only a little light at a distant place, flashing like a star.

Wang Teng looked around in confusion, cold sweat forming on his forehead.

He couldn’t find his way home!

What the f**k!

What is going on?

Based on the Space Rune Knowledge he had obtained, the so-called space rune array was to fold the space and shorten distances.
There would be a tunnel linking the two worlds, and you would have the effect of leaping through space.

However, this space tunnel was only half!

Only half of it!

After Wang Teng rushed out of the tunnel, he came to this void and realized that the road ahead was… broken!

“This is an incomplete space tunnel!” A white light suddenly flashed across his mind, and his expression became painful.

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