Chapter 512: Triple Kill!

Wang Teng was hiding in the darkness, frowning and thinking hard.
All kinds of thoughts flashed across his mind.
Soon, he made a decision!

“These three dark apparitions have to be taken down at the same time.
They must not have the slightest chance to react.” Wang Teng’s gaze was cold as he thought about it.

The Shooting Star Spiral silently sank into the darkness.
The space fluctuated, and the Shooting Star Spiral disappeared completely.

“Hmm?” One of the dark apparitions suddenly opened his eyes.
He frowned as he glanced around in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” Another dark apparition couldn’t help but ask.

“I seem to feel a trace of spatial fluctuation.” The dark apparition replied with doubt.

The other two dark apparitions became flustered and started to sense their surroundings carefully.
They then shook their heads after a while.
“We didn’t feel anything!”

“Dimensional rifts are inherently unstable, and it is common for space fluctuations to occur occasionally!”

“Maybe I’m thinking too much!” The dark apparition shook his head.

The three dark apparitions then closed their eyes once again.
The silence was restored in the dark underground space.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

He was almost discovered!

He didn’t expect the three dark apparitions to be so sensitive to spatial fluctuations.
His space skills were almost exposed by them.

Wang Teng hesitated a little.
Now that these three dark apparitions were so sensitive, even if the Shooting Star Spiral was in line with the space talent, he might not be able to kill them.

If he made a mistake, he would definitely alarm them and would have to fight them head-on.

“Let’s wait!” Wang Teng felt helpless.
He didn’t have any better ideas.
He could only wait for them to let their guard down.

As time passed, the three dark apparitions had great concentration like monks.
Wang Teng was also extremely patient, like a poisonous snake lurking in the dark, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Suddenly, Wang Teng’s eyes focused, and he moved, lunging towards one of the dark apparitions.
At the same time, a dark figure separated from his shadow and darted towards the second dark apparition.

On the other side, a Shooting Star Spiral shot out from the void, violently piercing between the eyebrows of the third dark apparition.

Wang Teng actually launched fatal attacks on all three dark apparitions simultaneously.


The third dark apparition felt the spatial fluctuations and opened his eyes.
He first saw the cold light that was close to him and felt death right in front of his eyes.
He then suddenly let out a roar.

His palm slammed on the ground to retreat backward violently.

However, the Shooting Star Spiral’s appearance was too sudden, and it was already too close to him, piercing through the center of his eyebrows.


His eyes were filled with rage as he glared.
An invisible force gushed out from in between his eyebrows, resisting the power of the Shooting Star Spiral.

“Spiritual kinesis!”

As Wang Teng was pouncing on the first dark apparition, he had to divert part of his focus to manipulate the Shooting Star Spiral.
Feeling the resistance coming from the Shooting Star Spiral, he was startled.

“Die!” But then, his killing intent went through the roof, and his Imperial Realm spiritual kinesis power burst out.

Driven by the Imperial Realm spiritual kinesis, the Shooting Star Spiral pierced through the opponent’s skull.

“Argh!” There was a desolate scream.

A dark apparition was dead!

It all happened in a blink of an eye.

Wang Teng didn’t pay attention to the dead dark apparition.
He was already facing the first dark apparition.
His hands flickered with black light, and he slashed at the dark apparition’s heart and temple.

On the other side, the black figure that separated from his shadow was the Leiting Clone he created.
To make it, he had already removed the human clone that was outside the city.

This would also mean that the three general-stage dark apparitions would soon realize something was wrong and rush back.

The Leiting Clone’s palm was flowing with the power of lightning, forming a palm blade.
At the same time, it was surrounded with horrifying killing intent.
It sliced off the head of the third dark apparition.

The killing intent had unknowingly reached 50% after picking up countless killing intents from warriors in the Star Maple City war.

At this moment, the bursts and the impacts plunged the third dark apparition into the horrifying killing intent of the clone.
It was as though he was in a sea of blood and corpses.
Even though he was a dark apparition, he was still astounded.

However, he regained his senses in an instant.
His spirit surged crazily, rushing towards the palm blade of the Leiting Clone.


The palm blade’s lightning power shot up, slashed through the opponent’s spiritual power, and struck his neck.

Blood splattered everywhere as a vampire’s head flew high up in the air!

That vampire could never rest in peace!

As for Wang Teng, his killing intent was overwhelming as well, but it didn’t work this time around.

His dark claw attack was actually blocked by his opponent!

The vampire’s spiritual power had reached the Emperor Realm, and his strength was even at the general stage.
It recovered in an instant and retaliated before retreating with the momentum he had gained.

Wang Teng’s face was solemn, and a cold lighted flashed quickly across his eyes.
He stamped on the ground and rushed towards the dark apparition again.

After the Leiting Clone was done with the second dark apparition, it came over to kill the last one.
The palm blade slashed towards his back.

“You are that human!” The dark apparition exclaimed.
He abruptly turned sideways and evaded the Leiting Clone’s strike.

“You guessed it.
Your reward will be… death.”

Wang Teng rushed to his front.
His eyes were condensed with spiritual power, piercing his opponent’s eyes.

Eight Level Devil Scripture—Activate!

Black Wing Devil Mutilation Strike!


With a low roar, Wang Teng gave it his all.
A black light enveloped his body, and a sharp and eerie black blade glow slashed through the air


The dark apparition was horrified and frantically tried to resist.
However, he was unable to withstand both Wang Teng and his Leiting Clone.


Suddenly, his body went stiff, and a ray of cold light penetrated his heart.

Shooting Star Spiral!

“How… how is this possible?” His face was filled with disbelief as he slowly looked at the hole that appeared in his heart.
There was deep resentment in his eyes.


Wang Teng watched the vampire collapse in front of him and let out a long breath.

Triple kill!

He had eliminated the three vampires that were guarding the dimensional rift.

The ground was littered with multiple attribute bubbles.
Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he immediately went to collect them.

Emperor Realm Spirit*105

Dark Force*230

Spirit Penetration*1

Emperor Realm Spirit*80

Emperor Realm Spirit*90

Space Rune Knowledge*50

Dark Force*320

Dark Force*260

Wang Teng didn’t expect to encounter three dark apparitions with spiritual power here.

Till now, besides Gorlin, he had never encountered anyone that had spiritual power.
It was evident that divine spirit masters were rare.

But he just met three in one go!

If this was a face-to-face battle, he would not have been able to take these three dark apparitions down so easily.

Then, bits of memories started surfacing in Wang Teng’s mind.
He couldn’t help but be ecstatic!

Spirit Penetration!

This was an extremely rare spirit technique, capable of directly attacking the spirit.

No matter what creature, the spirit was extremely fragile.
Once it was attacked, one would either be severely injured or dead.

This was how terrifying this Spirit technique was.

There was also the Space Rune Knowledge.
After he gained the memories, Wang Teng immediately acquired a lot of ancient knowledge about space runes.
These were things that the three dark apparitions learned in their lifetimes, and they were now easily available for him…

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