Chapter 507: The Excellent Way Of Collecting Wool!

In the backyard of the hotel, Wang Teng saw members of the Zhongyan clan gathered by Kun Shan.

There were forty-seven of them.

The Zhongyan clan members look similar to Kun Shan.
There were female members as well.
They had big heads, their bodies were large and squarish, and their limbs were thick like pillars.
The only difference was that they had hair.

If their appearance was already like this, Wang Teng didn’t dare to imagine them without their hair.

How disgusting!

At least King Kong Barbies would still have appearances of a Barbie doll, but the faces of these Zhongyan clan females were squarish with edges and corners just like rocks.

Among these people, Wang Teng even saw a familiar person—Dale!

That was the mixed-blood that Wang Teng previously beat up in the hotel.
He didn’t know what his identity was in the beginning, but now that he knew about the Zhongyan clan, he had no other doubts.
Dale and Kun Shan looked similar.

Although they didn’t have similar appearances, there was this familiarity about them.
As long as one saw them, one would immediately know that they were from the same race.

While Wang Teng was sizing them up, the Zhongyan members were doing the same to him.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Kun Shan, the Zhongyan clan members wouldn’t have been willing to meet Wang Teng.
After all, his appearance now was that of a pure-blood, and mixed-bloods had never trusted them.

Dale didn’t recognize Wang Teng, but he recognized Rodney and Zi Ye who were standing by his side.
A hint of uncertainty flickered in his eyes.

Why are these two people together with this pure-blood?

Weren’t they following around that ‘Zi Wang’?

Could it be that ‘Zi Wang’ was actually a pure-blood?

Dale suddenly thought of something as if he had understood it.
He decided to expose those traitors once he got back.

He never thought that Zi Wang and the pure-blood in front of his eyes were actually the same person.

Wang Teng didn’t know what Dale was thinking, and even if he did, he wouldn’t care.
Whatever he was thinking or planning, it wouldn’t affect him at all.
He then cleared his throat.

“Ahem, since everyone is here, let me explain why everyone is here.”

The crowd’s eyes were attracted to him in an instant, only to see Wang Teng taking out a dagger and passing it to Zi Ye.
He smiled.
“I’ll give ten Dark Force stones to anyone who is willing to be stabbed once by her.”

Once the crowd heard that, everyone was thrown into confusion.

Even Zi Ye looked at him blankly.
She didn’t understand why she was going to stab them.
They didn’t bully her at all.

“Lord?” Kun Shan’s face was twitching.
Although he knew that this pure-blood wasn’t a good person, he didn’t expect him to be such a sadist.

“Oh, you can participate too.” Wang Teng reacted in time.

Kun Shan: …

Is this a problem of whether I want to participate or not?

Several dozen lines of wrinkles formed on Kun Shan’s head.
He felt as if he had fallen into a deep pit, the one that he could never get out of.

“Can I not participate?” he asked.

“Obviously not!” Wang Teng’s expression was telling him that he was thinking too much.

Kun Shan: …

At the same time, the other Zhongyan mixed-bloods started discussing softly.

One stab and they could get ten Dark Force stones!

Although the Dark Force stones were tempting, it wasn’t a good feeling to be stabbed once!

In the end, there were some that couldn’t resist the temptation of the Dark Force stones.

In reality, with the regeneration abilities of the Zhongyan clan, a stab would just amount to a small injury.
The wound would recover in two days without even applying the medicine.

Kun Shan was stabbed by Zi Ye three times in the morning, and now, there were only three faint scars left.

For their clan, the stronger one was, the better their regenerative abilities.

The first to step forward was a female mixed-blood.
She asked hesitatingly, “Will we really get ten Dark Force stones if we get stabbed once?”

Wang Teng was a little surprised.
Were the females of the Zhongyan clan manlier than the males?

At this time, the other mixed-bloods started talking softly.

“It’s Kun Ya!”

“Well, her child has just been born.
If you count the previous five, there are many mouths for her to feed.
She would definitely need many Dark Force stones to survive.”

“With a few stabs, we can dozens of Dark Force stones.
That’s enough for us to spend for three months!”

When Wang Teng heard that, he suddenly realized and nodded.
“That’s right.
The Dark Force stones are here.
You can collect them once you get stabbed.

“Of course, there’s a limit to three stabs per person!”

Once he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and a pile of Dark Force stones appeared on the table by the side, forming a small mountain.

The mixed-bloods immediately started breathing faster.

There were so many Dark Force stones.
If he wasn’t able to defeat them, they would have tried to snatch the stone from him.

“Lord, can’t I get a few more stabs? My body can handle it,” the mixed-blood named Kun Ya asked.

Wang Teng: …

What the hell?

Did Zhongyan members like being abused?

The request was too much.
If he didn’t agree, it would make him seem petty.

“Well, you can.
But there needs to be a limit.
Up to five stabs per person!” Wang Teng was not benevolent.
He just thought that if these mixed-bloods overdid it, it would not be good for him and his sustainable wool collecting plan.

“But don’t worry about it.
There will still be opportunities next time.
I’ll look for you again in two days.
As long as you are willing, I won’t be stingy with these Dark Force stones.”

After hearing Wang Teng’s guarantee, Kun Ya heaved a sigh of relief and walked to Zi Ye.
“Little girl, stab me.”

Zi Ye was a little stunned.
She couldn’t help but look at Wang Teng.

“All the best.
It’s up to you!” Wang Teng encouraged her.
“Stab well.
I’ll treat you to good food tonight.”

Kun Shan and Rodney’s expressions turned weird and strange.

Zi Ye nodded and didn’t hesitate, plunging the dagger into Kun Ya’s stomach.


Fresh blood spewed out.
The scene was magnificent but weirdly ridiculous!

Kun Ya frowned, her face slowly turning pale.
Zi Ye stabbed her thrice before stopping.
She then turned to look at Wang Teng.

“Don’t stop, continue!” Kun Ya wasn’t satisfied and hurried her.

“Two more.” Wang Teng was speechless.

Zi Ye nodded and stabbed her twice again with some conviction.

Kun Ya’s complexion was a bit pale.
She exerted the Force in her body, and the wounds started healing.
She didn’t bleed anymore as she collected the fifty Dark Force stones with joy and returned to the crowd.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed.
Seeing a few attribute bubbles falling onto the ground, a smile formed on his lips.

He picked them up.

Earth Force*45 (dark)

Heart Of Zhongyan*1


It’s here.
It’s you, the luck and the Heart Of Zhongyan attributes!

Wang Teng was cheerful and silently gave himself a compliment.
This was an excellent way to collect some wool without any problems.

He had already grasped the key point.

Zi Ye dropped the luck attribute because she made the Zhongyan mixed-bloods drop the rare Heart Of Zhongyan attributes, not because she stabbed someone.
This made her expend her luck attribute.

Wang Teng guessed that Zi Ye’s luck attribute was not permanently lost.
It was just temporary and would be restored soon.

Previously, Wang Teng was puzzled.
With Zi Ye’s young body and no cultivation, how did she survive alone in the forest for so long? She wasn’t eaten by beasts, not dying of illness, or poisoned to death.

Now he understood.
It was definitely because her luck attribute was off the charts!

Every time she encountered danger, she would always drop the luck attribute, turning crisis into opportunity.

The only difference was that previously, no one would pick them up when the attribute bubbles dropped.
They would disappear and be wasted.
Now, Wang Teng was collecting them and reducing waste—killing two birds with one stone.

“Anyone else?” As the thoughts flashed across Wang Teng’s mind, he raised his head.

Seeing how Kun Ya had reaped the benefits without suffering so much, the other mixed-bloods couldn’t take it any longer.



Two mixed-bloods stood up immediately.

“How many?” Wang Teng asked.

“Five!” The two mixed-bloods were ruthless and chose to get stabbed five times.

Zi Ye stepped forward to execute it.

Earth Force*80 (dark)

Heart Of Zhongyan*2


Next, the other mixed-bloods also came forward, one after another.

After about two dozen people, Zi Ye’s luck attribute no longer appeared.
The mixed-bloods also stopped dropping the Heart Of Zhongyan attribute.

Although it was a bit regretful, Wang Teng knew that he had reached the limit for today.

“Alright, that’s all for today.
We’ll continue in two days.” Wang Teng stood up from the chair and stretched his back.

“Ah, my lord, why is it over? It’s not our turn yet!” The remaining mixed-bloods who hadn’t had their turn cried out.

“Don’t blame me for not grabbing the opportunity!” Wang Teng shook his head and kept the Dark Force stones.

The mixed-bloods didn’t dare say anything, their faces filled with regret and grief.
Those who had had their turns felt fortunate and delighted with the Force stones they obtained!

They had already forgotten the pain of being stabbed!

Wang Teng had a huge gain this time.
He couldn’t help but take out his attributes panel.

Luck: 31 (Limit of a normal person: 10)

Heart Of Zhongyan: 26/10000

His luck attribute had soared to 31 points, far exceeding the limits of a normal person.

Heart Of Zhongyan had also increased by 26 points.
He felt that he could control more rocks and that the power would be stronger as well.

This was the feeling of becoming stronger!

Suddenly, Wang Teng thought of something.
His luck attribute had increased so much, so why not try it himself?

Well, since you are so unwilling to leave, I’m touched.
So…” Wang Teng said suddenly.

Standing by the side, Kun Shan’s mouth twitched.
What did he mean by he was touched!

His fellow clan members were also out of their minds! They were actually begging to get stabbed!

Wang Teng continued, “Let’s change it up.
For every punch of mine, you can get one Dark Force stone.
The limit is ten.
Anyone wants to participate?”

The ones that didn’t have their turns were slightly taken aback.
But they soon reacted and squeezed their way forward.


“Me, me!”

“Me, me, me!”

Kun Shan was flabbergasted.

They had gone mad.
His clan members had gone mad.
Their brains must have been fried.

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