Chapter 506: This Is How Wang Teng Does Things!

Of course, the focus now was to farm attributes from the Zhongyan race.

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on Kun Shan, his eyes filled with a fiery passion.

Kun Shan, who looked dumbfounded, suddenly shuddered.

I am done for. Now that he was in the hands of a pure-blood that had some kind of peculiar habit, his future would be bleak.

If that pure-blood made any excessive demands, would he obey it? Or would he obey it?

Kun Shan was deep in thought, taking the problem very seriously.
Then, he was consumed with despair!

“Let’s go!” Wang Teng called, leading the way out of the manor.

“Lord, I can’t move anymore,” Rodney said awkwardly.

Wang Teng glanced at him.
He then retrieved a healing medicine from the space ring and threw it towards him.

Rodney didn’t hesitate and swallowed it immediately.

Soon after, there was a look of surprise in his eyes as he felt that he could now move, even though his injuries were still serious.

“Thank you, my lord!” Rodney crawled up from the ground.

Zi Ye thought about it for a while before stepping forward to hold him up.

The few of them then proceeded to leave the manor.
Kun Shan also accepted his fate and followed along.

In a pure-blood hotel, it was time for their meals.
Wang Teng got the hotel owner to prepare some food.

The food came quickly.
Although it wasn’t a feast, it was still edible.

Wang Teng and the rest ate while a hungry Kun Shan’s stomach rumbled like thunder.
This immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Kun Shan’s face turned red.

“Take the collar off.
Sit down and eat!” Wang Teng threw the key to him.

Kun Shan was astounded.
There was an indescribable expression on his face.
Did this pure-blood just throw the key of the slave collar to him?

His heart felt unreal.

However, the two mixed-bloods around him didn’t have the slave collars as well.
A sudden realization hit Kun Shan.

Is this pure-blood a fool?

“If you don’t want to take it off, you can return the key to me,” Wang Teng said lightly.

Kun Shan didn’t know why he did that, but the opportunity was in front of his eyes.
He would be a fool to give this up.
He gritted his teeth and decided to get the collar off before anything else.

With a click, the slave collar fell.

Kun Shan was lost.
A burden was removed along with the collar, and he felt at ease, like a bird who had just escaped from its cage.

He clenched his fist.
There was a flash in his eyes as he walked towards the pure-blood in front of him.

If I kill him now, can I escape?

“Are you trying to see if you can kill me?” Wang Teng seemed to have seen through him and smiled.

Rodney raised his head, a hint of ridicule apparent in his eyes.
If this guy tried to do something to Lord Zi Wang, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

Kun Shan’s heart jumped, and he shook his head embarrassedly.
“I wouldn’t dare!”

There was a trace of disappointment in Wang Teng’s eyes.
“Then sit down and eat.
Don’t make me repeat for the third time.”

“…” Kun Shan sat down, speechless.
He didn’t know if it was an illusion that the pure-blood actually wanted him to do it.

After finishing his meal, Wang Teng wiped his mouth and took out a small jade bottle, placing it on the table.


Seeing the black spiritual dan inside the jade bottle, Kun Shan’s eyebrows twitched.

Rodney couldn’t help but gloat.
It looked like he wasn’t the only one.
Everyone else was the same.

This was how Wang Teng did things!

“What’s this?” asked Kun Shan.

“A spiritual dan that strengthens your body.” Wang Teng lied through his teeth.

Rodney secretly glanced at the blatant liar and acted like he knew nothing.

“Do you think I will believe you?” Kun Shan’s mouth twitched.

“Even if you don’t, what can you do?” Wang Teng laughed.


You’re right, I can’t refuse!

“I knew it wasn’t this easy.” Kun Shan sighed and didn’t probe further, swallowing the spiritual dan.

“Very good.” Wang Teng nodded with satisfaction.
“Introduce yourself.”

“I’m a descendant from the Zhongyan clan, and I’m at the 7-star soldier level.” Kun Shan gave a simple introduction.

“How many of your kind are in Blackcrow City?” Wang Teng asked, finally revealing his true intentions.

Kun Shan was slightly taken aback.
“Around forty to fifty.”

“Not bad, not bad.” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
“I’ll give you a day’s worth of time.
Gather them together.
It shouldn’t be a problem.”

In Blackcrow City, I’m the strongest of my clan.
It won’t be hard gathering them, but…” Kun Shan hesitated.
“What are you planning?”

“You don’t have to know the details.
Just know that I won’t kill them,” Wang Teng replied lightly.
“In fact, if you can gather them, I can even give them a little benefit.”

“What benefit?”

“Dark Force stones or spiritual dan… What do you people want?”

“Dark Force stones!” Kun Shan exclaimed.

“Sure.” Wang Teng nodded.

“I’ll bring them over at night.” Kun Shan finished speaking and turned to leave.

Wang Teng watched his departing back, and his eyes flashed.

“Lord, that guy was stabbed thrice by Little Zi Ye.
What if he harbors a grudge…?” Rodney cautioned.

“Don’t worry.
If he’s thinking of anything sinister, I’ll make him regret being born.” Wang Teng smiled.

Seeing the smile, Rodney’s heart went cold.

“Lord, did you gain anything from the manor?” Rodney asked again.

“Do not ask what you shouldn’t ask.” Wang Teng glared at him.

“Yes, yes.
I talk too much.” Rodney smiled awkwardly.

Wang Teng retracted his gaze, his mind wandering.

He had naturally gained something from the journey to the manor.
He had found out where the dimensional rifts were, and if he wanted to get close to them, he would need a long-term plan.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng stayed in his room, studying the Heart Of Zhongyan.

There were a few stones placed on the ground.
Suddenly, the stones floated up and shattered into pieces.
Then, they flew towards Wang Teng’s arm and congregated above it.
Instantly, a rock arm was formed.
It was like a piece of armor.

Wang Teng clenched his fist.
He didn’t feel any blockage, feeling like an extension of his arm.
It was amazing.

His strength had increased.
The arm had a strong defense ability too.

Is this the ability of the Heart Of Zhongyan? This is outstanding. Wang Teng muttered to himself.

He only had one point of the Heart Of Zhongyan talent, but he was already able to use it briefly.
This proved how extraordinary the Zhongyan talent was.

Heart Of Zhongyan: 1/10000

If I can raise this talent to the limit, it must be formidable. The image of mountains shifting and seas filling up with rocks appeared in his mind.
It felt incredible just thinking about them.
He had high hopes for the potential of the Heart Of Zhongyan.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.
Rodney walked in.

“Lord, Kun Shan has brought the others here.”

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