Chapter 504: Unexpected Attribute Bubbles!

Leaving the drill ground, Wang Teng and a group of vampire dark apparitions walked towards the mixed-blood’s ‘holding place.’

It was impossible to bring mixed-bloods to see the city lord as their statuses were too low.
Other vampires had their own vampire servants as well, which was why Wang Teng was not the only one headed to the ‘holding place.’

However, these vampires excluded Wang Teng and were not walking together with him.
It was like how the main family branch would naturally discriminate against the side families.

As for the holding place, it was actually just a piece of empty land.
The pure-bloods never cared about the mixed-bloods and would naturally not treat them well.

Before Wang Teng approached them, he heard a loud quarrel.
A group of mixed-bloods was gathered together, but he didn’t know what they were doing.

Not catching a glimpse of Rodney and Zi Ye, Wang Teng frowned and walked over quickly.

In the center of the crowd, Rodney was lying on the ground with a pale face, unable to get up.

There was a tall and sturdy mixed-blood, with a collar on his neck, grabbing Little Zi Ye’s hair.
He dragged her around and smiled grimly.
“Where did this brat come from? How dare you be so rude to me?”

“Let me go! Let me go!” Zi Ye struggled desperately, using all her limbs and snarling at the burly mixed-blood.

However, with just a fling from him, Zi Ye was thrown far away.
She couldn’t touch him at all.


Zi Ye fell onto the ground with a pale face, but she gritted her teeth and didn’t make a sound.
She just glared at her opponent.

The other mixed-bloods were laughing and seemed to think that this was fun and interesting.

As Wang Teng approached, he saw this scene, and a cold light flashed across his eyes.

The mixed-bloods saw the vampire dark apparitions walking over and gave way.

Wang Teng helped Zi Ye up, looked at her pale face, and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

Zi Ye didn’t say a word and shook her head stubbornly.

“What’s going on?” Wang Teng turned and asked Rodney on the ground.

When Rodney saw Wang Teng, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.
He slowly propped up his body and explained the situation to him.

It turned out that the conflict was all because of the collars on the necks of these mixed-blood slaves!

The collars were not just a symbol of a slave, but their lives depended on it as well.
There were runes on the collars.
Once a slave rebelled, their masters could detonate it, and the slaves would have their heads blown up.

Rodney and Zi Ye were both slaves, but they didn’t have slave collars.
Upon seeing that, the mixed-bloods felt unfair and began stirring up trouble.

Rodney and Zi Ye were alone, and they were not as strong as the other mixed-blood slaves.
They could only suffer a beating.

While Wang Teng was understanding the situation, the other vampires were leaving with their slaves.
They didn’t care about the conflict at all.

Wang Teng’s face became dark, and he said coldly, “Did I let you go?”

The vampires stopped in their tracks and frowned.
“What do you mean?”

“Hand over the mixed-blood who did this to them.” Wang Teng demanded.

The burly mixed-blood’s facial expression changed drastically, but his master laughed.
“And if I refuse?”

“Do you wish to be torn in half as well?” Wang Teng looked at him coldly.

The vampire dark apparition’s heart jumped, but he was annoyed that he was actually frightened by him.
His eyes became gloomy.
“Boy, think about your status.
You’re just someone from the side family.
Do you think we will be scared of you?”

“Then you should try to see if I dare,” Wang Teng said lightly.

“You!” A trace of fear flashed across the vampire’s eyes, and he turned to the other vampires.
“What do you say? Your mixed-bloods were also a part of it.”

“Let’s go.
Don’t care about him.
If he dares to do something, we will kill him together,” the other vampires said indifferently.

The burly mixed-blood’s master smiled cockily and turned to leave with the other vampires.


Wang Teng didn’t say another word and stomped on the ground, speeding towards the vampires.
A black light flashed across his body, and he brought out the strength of a 9-star soldier level.

“Oh shit!”

The vampires didn’t think that Wang Teng would actually do it.
His strength had reached the 9-star soldier level, which was stronger than them.
Their faces changed, and they split up, trying to evade Wang Teng’s attacks.

“Are you planning to leave?” Wang Teng made a bold move and appeared on the head of a dark apparition in a flash, sending a kick fiercely down to his head.


In an instant, the vampire was plunged into the ground, with only his head above the surface.

The rest of the vampires were stunned.
Wang Teng didn’t give them time to react and rushed to another vampire, striking him with a fist.

“Bastard, are you not afraid of the people behind us?” The vampire shrieked with a pale face.

“Why would I be scared?” Wang Teng’s fist landed on his stomach, sending him flying a few meters away.
The vampire fell to the ground.
It was unknown if he was alive or dead.

The other vampires were stupefied.
Their eyes were filled with horror as they kept retreating.

Wang Teng followed them closely.

“Wait, wait, we will hand the mixed-blood to you.
Deal with him as you please!” Seeing the ruthlessness of Wang Teng, they immediately chose to give in.

“I’m sorry.
You have pissed me off, so I have to teach you a lesson.” Wang Teng laughed coldly.


Damn it, why did it turn out like this!

Boom, boom, boom!

Wang Teng was never merciful towards dark apparitions.
Each hit was a heavy blow, and he pummeled them while they were pinned down on the ground.

However, this time around, he didn’t kill the vampires.
After all, this was a vampire’s territory, and the city lord still counted on them to do things.
If he killed them all, the vampire city lord would probably be after him.

Before he could leave the Darkland, he had to survive first!

After some time, Wang Teng stopped and let out a sigh of relief.

Damn, I have endured you lot for a long time!

How does it feel to be beaten for once?

Zi Ye gazed at him with gleaming eyes.
Her eyes were shining with a faint glow as she clenched her fist.
She wanted to beat up these bad guys too.

Wang Teng lifted his head and looked at the mixed-bloods around him.

The mixed-bloods immediately took a step back, especially the burly mixed-blood.
His face was filled with fear and utter regret.
Why did he give the two mixed-bloods trouble and offend this devil?

They didn’t expect that a vampire would do anything for a mixed-blood.

“You, come over!” Wang Teng shouted at the burly mixed-blood.

The burly mixed-blood couldn’t help but glance at his master, but he was already unconscious and buried in the ground.

“I called you over.
Are you deaf?” Wang Teng asked.

“If you want to kill me or cut off my limbs, I’ll do everything you say.” The burly mixed-blood’s face and neck went stiff.

“Weren’t you full of energy just now when you were bullying the child? Stop pretending to be gutsy,” Wang Teng said with a cold stare.
“If you’re not here by the count of three, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

The burly mixed-blood looked aggrieved as he finally walked over.

In the Darkland, they already understood something.
You could offend anyone but the pure-bloods or death awaited you.

“He was the one that hit you.
He’s all yours now,” Wang Teng lowered his head and told Zi Ye.

“Lend me a blade.” Zi Ye’s eyes became fierce and malicious.

Wang Teng wasn’t surprised.
To have survived so long in the forest alone, Zi Ye was not just some weak child.

He took out a dagger from the space ring and passed it over.
Zi Ye took it and walked step by step towards the burly mixed-blood.

The mixed-blood knew what she was going to do.
His eyes quivered, but when he saw Wang Teng standing at a distance, he didn’t dare to move.

Zi Ye walked to his front.
Only as tall as his thigh, she raised her head and looked at him.

The burly mixed-blood was exasperated.
This little girl wanted to stab him, but he still had to kneel down for her.
How frustrating!

But he didn’t dare to disobey her.

Zi Ye saw the kneeling burly mixed-blood and stabbed him with the dagger fiercely.




Three stabs later, blood was spewing out of the burly mixed-blood’s belly.
His face started turning pale.

At the same time, a few attribute bubbles dropped.

“Huh!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but exclaim.

Not only did the burly mixed-blood drop some attribute bubbles, but Wang Teng also saw an attribute with an extremely peculiar color dropping out of Zi Ye’s body.

He picked it up.


Wang Teng was taken aback by surprise.

There’s even such an attribute bubble!


If I pick up the Luck attribute and increase it, will I turn into… the son of Lady Luck?

But the problem was, why did Zi Ye drop the Luck attribute bubble when she killed someone?

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