Chapter 500: Chapter 500

After some time, the three of them arrived at the gathering spot of the Mutual Help Association.
This location was different from the place Rodney met the mixed-bloods the other time.

As the saying went, the wily hare had three burrows.

It looked like the mixed-bloods honestly had a hard time in the Darkland.
If not, they wouldn’t have to be so vigilant.

A sharp gaze flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes.
Then, he saw Rodney walking forward and knocking on the door.

After some time, the door opened.
Wang Teng followed Rodney inside.

The mixed-bloods in the room stood up.
They seemed anxious but hopeful, sizing up Wang Teng and Zi Ye silently.

At the same time, Wang Teng was also observing the mixed-bloods in front of him secretly.

Although they tried their best to hide it, he could still see that their clothes were a little tattered and their appearances were time-beaten.
They seemed to have experienced many hardships.
Moreover, there was inferiority in their gazes.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but frown.

Almost all the mixed-bloods were the same.
Their condition made him feel helpless.

After staying in an environment for a long time, some things would seep into one’s bones.

Even if they wanted to resist, they didn’t have the pride and the courage.
That was probably why they placed their hopes on him, an unfamiliar mixed-blood.

“Everyone, this is…” Rodney wanted to introduce Wang Teng, but he suddenly realized that he only knew his fake name.
He didn’t know what Wang Teng’s real name was.

“Call me Zi Wang!” Wang Teng replied.

“Cough, this is Lord Zi Wang whom I’ve been talking about.
He’s very strong.” Rodney coughed awkwardly before continuing.

“Lord Zi Wang!”

“Lord Zi Wang!”

All the mixed-bloods greeted him.

“Have a seat.
I came to meet you at Rodney’s invitation.
I’m a mixed-blood too, so we are one family from now on.
Please come and look for me if you face any troubles.” Wang Teng waved his hands and laughed.

Rodney felt his lips twitching.
If he hadn’t seen Wang Teng’s cold-blooded side, he would have believed him.

The other mixed-bloods exchanged glances with one another and felt that Rodney’s evaluation of Lord Zi Wang was a little too low.
He didn’t look like a ruthless person.
Instead, he seemed easygoing.

Wang Teng intentionally acted friendlier to form a closer bond with the mixed-bloods.
Hence, they had a great time interacting with one another.
Wang Teng even promised to use Viscount Snow’s identity to provide them with resources and help.

The mixed-bloods had a rough life.
Small favors were enough to make them feel grateful.
When he left, he had already established a positive image in the hearts of these mixed-bloods.

Rodney sent Wang Teng off.
After he came back, he saw everyone happily discussing how they should split the resources Lord Zi Wang was going to give them.
He sighed silently.

He wondered if the appearance of this lord was good or bad.
He felt a little lost, but he didn’t say anything.

The next day, Wang Teng, Zi Ye, and Rodney left Graystone Town.

There were many machines driven by Force in the Darkland.
The three of them rose on a Force floating airship transporting goods.

Blackcrow City was to the north of Graystone Town.
It was a huge city situated in the wilderness.

It was gloomy and grayscale in color.
However, this place was more popular than Graystone Town.
There were many races living here, and some commercial activities could be seen.
It was quite similar to a human city.

When the three of them arrived at Blackcrow City, the sky had started turning dark.

They alighted the Force floating airship and left the docking station.
They prepared to find a place to stay.

Rodney was a local and had been to many places, so he was familiar with Blackcrow City.
He brought Wang Teng and Zi Ye to a hotel.

The moment the door of the hotel opened, loud noises welcomed their ears.
This hotel was a gathering spot for mixed-bloods.
Everyone inside was a mixed-blood.

In a big city like Blackcrow City, there were many mixed-bloods.
Thus, there existed all sorts of gathering locations.

The pure-bloods treated them as lowly citizens, so they wouldn’t care about them.
They wouldn’t lower their status and visit these kinds of places either.
Hence, these gathering spots were heaven for mixed-bloods.

In the hotel, the mixed-bloods shouted loudly, drank low-grade black malt beer, and ate low-quality food.
However, Wang Teng saw something different from them compared to the mixed-bloods in Graystone Town.

The arrival of the trio immediately attracted the attention of the people in the hotel.

Rodney spoke to a red-nose elder behind the counter.
“Warren, I brought a lord over.
Give us two rooms.”

“Lord?” A muscular mixed-blood suddenly laughed in a mocking tone.
“Hey, he said lord.
Do mixed-bloods have a lord?”

“Dale, shut your filthy mouth.” Rodney’s expression changed as he scolded the mixed-blood hurriedly.

“Why? Am I wrong?” Dale stood up abruptly.
He was two meters tall and exceptionally muscular.
He glared at Rodney and sneered, “Rodney, I think you’re used to being a slave in Graystone Town.
You call everyone lord now.”

“Bastard, what are you saying?” Rodney’s face turned black.
He glared at the other party.

“So what? Do you dare to fight with me?” Dale snorted.

The mixed-bloods around them started cheering them on, anticipating a good show.
To these mixed-bloods, the word ‘lord’ was a lethal weapon that stabbed right into their hearts.

They needed to endure during the day when they were facing the pure-bloods, but at night, in this hotel, no one wanted to bear with it anymore.
They had to vent their frustrations.
If not, they would go crazy.

Wang Teng was wearing a black cloak.
His gaze passed through the shadows of the cape as he sized up the mixed-bloods with interest.

This was the difference between the mixed-bloods here and the ones in Graystone Town.
They still had some pride.

“Lord, let me teach him a lesson,” Rodney lowered his head and said to Wang Teng.
He was furious from embarrassment when he saw everyone cheering them on.

“Go ahead.” Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t stop him.

Rodney looked up and walked over.
Everyone got up, emptying a spot in the middle.

“Haha, at least you have some guts.” Dale sniggered.
He cracked his neck and released his fist.

Rodney moved quickly.
He dodged the fist and slid out a dagger from his sleeve.
He stabbed it at Dale at the speed of lightning, aiming right at his abdomen which was in plain sight.

“Hmph!” Dale snorted.
He suddenly raised his arm in front of his abdomen.


A metallic sound was heard.

Dale wore bracers on his arms.
The dagger collided with the metallic bracers and ignited sparks.

Dale pulled back his hand instantly and threw another punch.

“Damn it!” Rodney was shocked.
He twisted his body and dodged the attack.

However, he was too close.
The moment Dale released his fist, he followed it with another.
It slammed right into Rodney’s abdomen.


Rodney bent like a cooked prawn and flew backward uncontrollably.

Everyone got out of the way.

Just when Rodney was about to slam onto the ground, a slender hand caught his back.

“Cough!” Rodney coughed a few times.
Fresh blood dripped down the edge of his lips.
“Thank you, my lord,” he said with a bitter smile.

“Are you trying to help him, lord?” Dale swung his fist and gave a mocking smile.

“You’re not my match.” Wang Teng’s calm voice came from under the cape.

“Hahaha, this lord is quite confident.” Dale laughed.
He strode towards Wang Teng and said, “Try it then.”

Before he finished speaking, he had already raised his arm.
Black-red light shimmered around his fist as he punched at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He lifted his hand from beneath his long sleeve to welcome the attack.

It was just a normal punch, but the air around it started erupting.

Dale was flabbergasted.
However, his fist was already in the air, so he couldn’t retract it anymore.
He furiously released the Force in his body and moved it to his fist.


The two fists collided, giving off a loud explosion.

A figure flew out.

“Pfft!” Dale smashed onto the ground and covered his chest.
He vomited a mouth of blood.

The hotel turned silent immediately.

The 5-star soldier-level Dale got defeated by a single punch?

Even more, the ‘lord’ didn’t seem to have used his Force just now.
He solely relied on his physical strength.
This was appalling.

Everyone was in disbelief.
They felt enlightened.
No wonder Rodney called him ‘lord’!

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