Chapter 499: A History Of Destroying Worlds

While the mixed-bloods were searching for news of the dimensional rifts on Wang Teng’s order, he was enjoying the vampire viscount’s lavish lifestyle.

All the female servants in the castle had amazing figures.
Besides the fact that they were dark apparitions, they were extremely pleasant to the eye.

At this moment, Wang Teng was lying on the sofa.
Two servants were massaging his legs while another two were massaging his arms.
Another one stood behind him and kneaded his back.

Annie stood at the side, feeding blood-red little berries to Wang Teng.

These red chestnut berries were a kind of spiritual fruit well-liked by the vampires.
After tasting them, Wang Teng felt that they were not bad.

Zi Ye was sitting beside him, happily taking the red chestnut berries and popping them into her mouth.
She didn’t care about Wang Teng’s lavish lifestyle.
She wasn’t interested.

Wang Teng flipped through a book and gradually understood the Abyss World.

He hadn’t been doing anything recently.
All he did was wait in the castle for the mixed-bloods to bring him the news he wanted.

I didn’t know that the dark apparitions’ world is so huge.
There are many incredibly powerful families including the vampires, the Eight Arms Devil Race, the lycans, and many others.
These races are ancient, and they have frightening presences supporting them… Wang Teng put down the ancient leather scroll in his hand.
His gaze flickered as he wondered to himself.
Are they referring to the devil gods?

He sighed silently.
The waters in the dark apparitions’ world ran deeper than he thought.
The human world couldn’t be compared with them.

If any of the frightening presence behind the ancient races landed in the human world, the human world could only be destroyed.

This worry was reasonable.
In an ancient book, there were recordings of the destruction of other worlds.
It was written as if they were singing merits and praising the dark apparitions.

This race destroyed a certain world, etc, etc.
The dark apparitions thought of it as a merit.

Mixed-bloods referred to the descendants of the dark apparitions and the survivors of these destroyed worlds.

No wonder they never received fair treatment in this Darkland.
To the dark apparitions, mixed-bloods were only their slaves.

Wang Teng took a deep breath when he saw this, his expression turning grim.

Destruction of worlds!

This was… crazy!

But the dark apparitions treated it as a way to expand their territory.


Wang Teng could only use this term to describe the dark apparitions’ actions.

After some time, he let out a sigh.
These pieces of news were weighing down on his heart, but they weren’t all bad news.

The recordings in the ancient books made Wang Teng realize that the Abyss World he knew was only a low-tier world of the Darkland.

This wasn’t the core of the Darkland.

Wang Teng was surprised.
At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.
This meant that the powerful presences weren’t in this Abyss World.
Even if there was one, it was rare.

Hence, he was relatively safe.

At this moment, a vampire servant walked over and said respectfully, “My lord, there’s a mixed-blood outside looking for you.”

“Oh?” Wang Teng stopped pondering and raised his eyebrows.
“Let him in.”

“Yes!” The vampire servant went off.
Soon, she brought the mixed-blood elder over.

“You can leave.” Wang Teng waved his hand and ordered the servants and the housekeeper to leave.

“My lord, do you need me to stay? That lowly mixed-blood might harm you.” Annie stared at the mixed-blood in disdain.

“With my ability, do I need you to protect me?” Wang Teng snorted.
Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Yes!” Fear flashed past Annie’s eyes.
She left in a hurry.

The elder started speaking only when everyone else had left.
“Viscount, please accept Rodney’s bow!” He bowed at Wang Teng.

“Your name is Rodney?” Wang Teng asked.

“Yes.” Rodney nodded.”My lord, I finally managed to find the news that you wanted.”

“Tell me about it.” Wang Teng turned serious immediately.

“The nearest dimensional rift is at Blackcrow City.
I heard that the military is gathering there,” Rodney replied.

Wang Teng touched his chin and asked, “How confident are you?”

“At least 50 to 60%,” Rodney replied seriously.

“It looks like I have to make a trip to Blackcrow City,” Wang Teng said thoughtfully.

Whether this piece of news was real or fake, he needed to take a look.
If not, he didn’t know when the chance to return to the human world would come.

Wang Teng was a decisive person.
He made his choice instantly.
“I’ll leave for Blackcrow City tomorrow.
You will come with me.”

“Yes, my lord.” Rodney was surprised.
He hurriedly bent down and bowed.

Wang Teng took out a bottle of dan and threw it to Rodney.
“This is the antidote.
It’s enough for one month.”

“Thank you, my lord.” Rodney was elated.
He quickly caught the antidote.

These few days, the poison dan had been hanging over his head like a sharp sword.
Now, he finally had the antidote.
Although it was only for a month, it could alleviate his plight.

“Do your things well.
As a mixed-blood, I won’t let you die as long as you remain loyal to me,” Wang Teng stood up and patted his shoulder while speaking in a meaningful tone.

Rodney nodded in agreement.

“If there’s nothing else, you can leave first.
Come again tomorrow, and we will head to Blackcrow City together.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

Rodney started hesitating.

“Is there something?” Wang Teng asked.

“My lord, the mixed-bloods have formed a ‘Mutual Help Association.’ They know about you and wish to meet you,” Rodney hesitated before speaking.

“Meet me?” Wang Teng was confused.
“Aren’t you afraid that I will use this against you to threaten you?”

“My lord, you don’t understand our situation.
Our current circumstances are no better than this,” Rodney replied with a bitter smile.

Wang Teng smiled in interest.
He thought for a moment and said, “Alright, I’ll go with you tonight.”

“Thank you, my lord,” Rodney said happily.

After Rodney left, Wang Teng went into deep thought.
He said to Zi Ye, “Let’s visit your fellow companions tonight.”

Zi Ye nodded in a daze.

Night dawned.
The blood moon hung high in the sky.

Rodney came on time and stayed beside Wang Teng respectfully.

Wang Teng changed into his mixed-blood appearance and held Zi Ye.
He flew into the air and said, “Lead the way.”

A hint of astonishment flashed past Rodney’s eyes when he saw Wang Teng stepping on air.
He hurriedly went forward and sprinted to a certain spot in Graystone Town.

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