Chapter 49: Hurry Up And Become A Certified Martial Warrior

Master Lu: Dear, your little basket is ready (*^_^*)!

What did he mean by little basket!

Why can’t he type properly?

The happiness in his heart instantly turned into a stomach full of complaints that he couldn’t vent.

The other party immediately sent a photo over—

Weapon carrier casket.jpg

The appearance of the weapon carrier casket was a little different from the last time he saw it.
The color was changed to black.
At the same time, there were a few silver runes on the surface.
The whole thing looked extremely mysterious.

Not bad~ it’s just a little eye-catching.

Is this person a runemaster?

Wang Teng couldn’t help but guess.

Wang Teng: You even added runes?

Master Lu: That’s right, dear.
Relying solely on the mechanism is getting outdated.
Hence, I added some runes to add finishing touches.
As long as you activate the rune, the weapon you need will spring out with a swoosh.
It’s really convenient to use.

Wang Teng: Not bad.
In that case, the price should be higher, right?

Master Lu: The price doesn’t matter.
My grandfather will be elated if I’m able to sell this weapon carrier casket.
It’s alright to spend some effort on this matter.

This was a good person!

That’s right, he is a filial and good person!

Wang Teng gave him a long-distance good man card.

Wang Teng: Alright, I will pay and order now.
You can send the casket to me immediately.

Master Lu: Sure! Yay (艹皿艹)

Wang Teng noticed that the person on the other end really loved to use emoticons.

This person must have graduated from the emoticon university!

If that wasn’t the case, the Chinese Academy of emoticons owed him a certificate of graduation.

Wang Teng: Why don’t you give yourself another nickname for future use? You can call yourself Crazy for Emoticons!

Without requiring the other person’s approval, Wang Teng gave the person a loud and pleasant nickname.

The price of the weapon carrier casket had already been changed on Taobao.
It was ten thousand now.

Wang Teng clicked it to place the order.

Suddenly, a prompt popped up—’Sorry, you have not entered the martial warrior identification number.
You can’t place the order!’


What the hell?

What is a martial warrior identification number?

Why do you need a martial warrior identification number to buy something on Taobao? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this!

Wang Teng was stunned.
He quickly asked the other party.

Wang Teng: You need a martial warrior identification number to buy the things in your shop?

Master Lu: Yes, dear!

Master Lu: What’s the issue? (・∀・(・∀・(・∀・*)

Wang Teng remained silent for a few seconds before asking: What is a martial warrior identification number?

Master Lu: It’s the number on your martial warrior credential!

This explanation was amazing.
It was the same as not explaining.

Wang Teng had no choice but to remain patient.
He asked the other party: Where can you get the martial warrior credential?

This person must be obtuse.

Master Lu: You can take the test at the martial arts association.
Dear! Are you saying that you don’t have the credentials?


Dear, what dear!

An asterisk sign suddenly appeared on Wang Teng’s temple.
You would definitely get a heart attack when talking to this person.

Wang Teng: Why does your shop need the martial warrior identification number?

Master Lu: Because our shop is a high-class flagship store.
All our products are meant for martial warriors, so we need the martial warrior identification number to prove that you are one.
It’s all written in the visitor information.
Dear, did you not see it? O_o…

Wang Teng hurriedly browsed to the front to take a look.
He stared at the screen for a long time before he finally found the visitor information at a corner.


He suddenly wanted to curse.
The guy had hidden this small line of words within the ten thousand words item description.
Who would be able to see it?

Wang Teng asked: Can you send the item first? I’ll give you the martial warrior identification number afterward.

Master Lu: I can’t do that, dear!

Wang Teng: Why not?

Master Lu: A martial warrior must be certified before he can use rune weapons.

Wang Teng: There’s such a rule?

Master Lu: Yes.
Hurry up and become a certified martial warrior.
As long as your background is clean and you don’t have any criminal records, it shouldn’t be a problem.
The entire process won’t take more than half an hour.
It’s very fast.

Wang Teng nodded as he contemplated. Really?

You need to have a clean background and no criminal records to become a certified martial warrior?

It looks like the authorities were strict with the standard of martial warriors!

But, the martial warriors I met just killed people as and when they liked.
Why is that so?

Wait! I killed someone too.
Is that considered a crime?

If no one finds out about it, it shouldn’t… be considered, right? Wang Teng consoled himself by repeating this sentence like a heart mantra.

Wang Teng: I will get the certification first then.

Master Lu: Alright.
When you get your credentials, I can send it out right away.
You will be able to receive your baby later tonight (〃’▽’〃).

Wang Teng was shocked.
He asked: I can receive it tonight? That’s really fast! What delivery service are you using?

Master Lu: You will know when you receive your package~

I have to skip my lesson again!

It was morning, and he had just finished two lessons.
Yet, something cropped up again.

Wang Teng felt a little helpless.
He said to Lin Chuhan, who was beside him, “Class Monitor…”

Lin Chuhan was absent-minded.
She wanted to ask Wang Teng for help, but she was hesitating.
She didn’t know how to open her mouth.

When she heard Wang Teng calling her abruptly, she had a huge shock.


Lin Chuhan almost jumped out of her seat.
She turned her head warily and looked at Wang Teng.
She thought that he had noticed her lack of focus and attention.

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

I just called you.
Do you have to give such a big reaction?

He was speechless, but he had to continue, “I need to go out and do something later.
You understand.” Wang Teng winked at Lin Chuhan.

Lin Chuhan heaved a big sigh of relief.
So he didn’t see through her intentions.
What a scare!

“Wait, you want to skip classes again? The university entrance exam is arriving soon.
Do you have any sense of urgency at all!”

“Don’t worry.
I won’t do anything I’m not confident in.”

“I’m leaving!”

Wang Teng waved his hand and walked out of the classroom.

Lin Chuhan was slightly astounded.
That was really daring of him. Can he really do it? Or was he just boasting?

The martial arts association was an official authority formed by different nations in the world to have unified management of the martial warriors.

A martial warrior needed to register with the martial arts association and get the martial warrior credentials to have a legal identity.
Then, they would be able to get special privileges not enjoyed by ordinary people.

For instance, martial warriors could kill people!

Of course, this didn’t mean that they could kill anyone whenever.
They needed to have a valid reason.
If not, they would be punished by law.

Martial warriors could also use rune weapons.

In public transportations like high-speed railways and airplanes, ordinary people were not allowed to carry weapons.
However, martial warriors were able to keep weapons on them legally if they displayed their martial warrior credentials.

There were many other benefits too.
It was unwise to list them all one by one.

Wang Teng researched online and found all these pieces of information.
That was when he knew how important the martial warrior credential was to a martial warrior.

Many things would become extremely convenient for him.

Of course, if he received the martial warrior credential, it also meant that he was indirectly accepting the country’s supervision.
He wouldn’t be able to disobey the law outrightly.

This was to protect ordinary civilians.

Powerful people used their power to break the law!

These weren’t words without evidence.

When someone possessed great power, they would start to act without any fear.
It was hard to control them.

At the start of the martial arts era, many riots had occurred.
As time went by, the country sent out a large number of martial warriors to suppress the violence…

That was when those people who considered themselves invincible understood that the country was still their country.
They couldn’t act unbridledly whenever they wanted.

Hence, the martial arts association was indispensable.

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