Chapter 493: After Cleaning Up, He Was Still A Young And Handsome Boy!

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Wang Teng had stayed in this dark and damp hole for five days.
If he hadn’t, he would never know that he was a strong person who could withstand the loneliness and the terrible environment.

Yes, he was mentally strong!

To survive, he bore with this environment for such a long time.
He respected himself.

At this moment, he could feel that his injuries were almost healed.
He had just received the Eight Arms Devil Physique not long ago, so he was extremely comfortable in this environment filled with dark Force.
His healing ability had also seen improvement.

Also, the combined effect of the Eight Level Devil Scripture and the Leiting Physique meant that his recovery ability was much more powerful compared to a normal person.

Especially the Leiting Physique.
After using the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array to cultivate it, his body had become extremely tough from all the training.

Wang Teng sat on the ground and clenched his fists.
He felt that his punch was powerful enough to kill a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Actually, if he wasn’t so seriously injured, he could shorten his recovery time by half with all the abilities he had now.

Wang Teng wanted to leave this small cave.
If he stayed any longer here, he would get claustrophobia.


He stretched his hand out abruptly and punched the wall above his head.
The roots of the giant tree and the thick soil flew into the air and splattered everywhere.

Wang Teng moved his body and appeared ten meters away from the cave.
None of the soil landed on him.

However, the poor little creature in the cave suffered.
It had been living a comfortable life recently.
Wang Teng gave it delicious food every day, so it didn’t need to go out and hunt.

It lay in its little home, eating and sleeping every day.
Life was so relaxing.

It had grown fatter.

Unfortunately, after Wang Teng recovered, it wouldn’t be able to enjoy this life again.

It was sleeping soundly when it suddenly heard a loud explosion.
It opened its eyes in fear and jumped up from the ground.
Before it could react, it saw its little home getting destroyed.
A large amount of soil and grass slammed down from the sky.


A huge rock coincidentally smashed onto its head.
It hissed in pain, tears starting to well up in its eyes.

The little creature absentmindedly looked at its home, which had turned into a well.
It could see the sky when it raised its head.
It started searching for the being that took over its little home for so many days.
Finally, it saw that big fellow ten meters away.

Wang Teng suddenly felt a sense of regret when he saw the little creature’s innocent eyes.


Damn it, he forgot that this place was its house!

Awkwardness floated in the air.
Wang Teng pretended that he didn’t do anything and raised his head to look at the sky.

The little creature: …

The little creature crawled up from the cave.
It swore that it would have fought with that big creature if it hadn’t eaten his delicious food.

Wang Teng felt his head hurt.
He wanted to leave this place to find a way to return to the human world, but what should he do with the little creature? He hadn’t come up with a plan yet.

Throw it here?

That seemed a little cruel.

After a few days of interaction, Wang Teng realized that the little creature didn’t seem like a dark apparition.

If it was a dark apparition, he could leave it here without feeling any burden.
But if it wasn’t, Wang Teng couldn’t leave it alone since it had lent him its house for the past few days.

Wang Teng lowered his head and saw the little creature standing five meters away.
It was neither too far nor too close.
It was staring at him intently with its black eyes.

“Follow me!” Wang Teng said calmly with a stern face.
He didn’t care about the little creature’s response and walked into the forest directly.

The little creature’s eyes brightened.
It hurriedly rushed forward to catch up with Wang Teng.

Wang Teng released his spiritual kinesis to sense the environment in the gray forest.
He was searching for dangerous creatures and wanted to find clean water.

He was extremely dirty and smelly and needed to find a place to bathe.

The little creature behind him was pitch black and smelled sour and pungent.
He wondered how long it had been since it last bathed.

If someone saw them, he might think that they had come out to beg.

The little creature followed behind Wang Teng vigilantly.
It crouched its body to prepare to dodge or attack at any moment.

Wang Teng looked at it and knew that this little creature had survived in this forest for a long time.
That was how it gained its cautious habit.

At this moment, his speed suddenly increased, and he dashed towards a certain direction in the forest.

The little creature was stunned for a moment.
Then, it hastened its pace and ran through the forest on all fours.
It looked like a wild animal.

Wang Teng was just testing its limit.
If not, with his speed, the little creature wouldn’t be able to catch up.

After some time, the little creature seemed to have found out Wang Teng’s intention.
It shouted, “Don’t go there! It’s dangerous!”

Wang Teng continued moving forward as if he didn’t hear it.

The little creature hesitated.
Recalling some bad memories, fear appeared on its face.
However, after a few seconds, it gritted its teeth and followed Wang Teng.

Not long after, a peaceful lake appeared in front of them.

Wang Teng stood at the side and turned around.
The little creature was standing far away, not daring to get close to the lake.
He threw his spiritual kinesis out and grabbed the little creature.
Then, he threw it into the lake.

Wang Teng took off his clothes and jumped into the cold water with a splash.

The little creature popped its head out of the water and paddled towards the shore frantically.
It looked frightened.

“Wash yourself.
If not, I’ll throw you into the lake,” Wang Teng said fiercely.

The little creature froze.
It looked at Wang Teng and said, “There are monsters here.
It’s dangerous.”

“We won’t die,” Wang Teng replied.
He disregarded the little creature and started cleaning his body.

He had stored some daily necessities in his space ring, so this was the time to use them.
After cleaning up, he was still a young and handsome boy!

But at this moment, just like what the little creature said, a black shadow suddenly appeared below Wang Teng.

Along with a huge splash, a hideous and scary-looking giant fish leaped out of the water.
It opened its mouth and wanted to swallow Wang Teng.

The little creature widened his eyes in fear.

“You’re looking for death!” Wang Teng scoffed.
He opened his mouth and puffed out a black ball of light.
It shot towards the giant fish.

Dark Wind Bullet!

When the ball of black light entered the fish’s mouth, the black fish started expanding.


Amidst a huge explosion, the giant fish’s body erupted.
Wang Teng exerted his spiritual kinesis and threw all the flesh and blood away.
None of it stained the lake.

The surroundings quietened down, and the lake resumed its calm entirely.
All the restless creatures below shrunk back into their nest, shivering in fear and uneasiness.

The little creature widened its eyes in surprise and stared at the person who was enjoying his bath.

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