Chapter 492: Major General

On Earth, in a certain meeting room.

The atmosphere in the room was extremely heavy.
Many people sat around the long table, and there were males and females of all ages, from 30 years old to elders with white hair.

Everyone gave off a refined and competent vibe.

Also, these people were all sitting up straight.
The emblems on their shoulders were all… crimson stars!

Crimson star meant that they were at least a brigadier.

Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng were present too.

There were three elders sitting at the top.
One of them was the mysterious and skinny elder who had watched the National Number One Martial Arts Competition with Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng.

One of the elders was muscular.
His hair and beard were white, but his aura was oppressive.
It gave people a lot of pressure.

The last elder seemed refined and easygoing.
He looked like an amiable grandfather living in the neighborhood.

There was silence in the meeting room for some time.
Then, the muscular elder in military attire said, “The dark apparitions have been getting more and more restless recently.
The war in Star Maple City occurred before we settled the one in the north.
This isn’t optimistic.”

Everyone’s expression turned even more serious.
No one spoke for a moment.

“We have been vigorously promoting martial arts in recent years.
The country has spent a lot of resources in this aspect too, but we aren’t left with much time.” The refined and easygoing elder shook his head helplessly.

“Take a walk with me after the meeting ends,” the skinny elder, who had his eyes closed to rest, said calmly.

The other two elders exchanged glances and nodded.

While the three elders were conversing, no one else spoke.
However, when they heard the three elders confirming this issue within a few sentences, they immediately understood what they meant, and their eyes shimmered.

Based on their words, they were probably going to do something huge!

They wondered if more resources were going to be allocated to them.
After all, the dark apparitions were running rampant, and the martial warriors had suffered heavy losses.
They were having a hard time.

If they wanted to resist the dark apparitions, they needed to groom more powerful martial warriors.

Just as everyone was in deep thoughts, the refined and easygoing elder scanned the crowd before speaking in a heavy tone, “We might have won the war in Star Maple City, but it’s a narrow win.
From what you’ve said, Black Incubus Devil Lord isn’t dead?”

He looked at Dan Taixuan.
The other two elders turned in her direction too.
They placed high importance on this issue.

“Yes, Black Incubus Devil Lord isn’t dead.
My disciple was pushed into a dimensional rift by her.
She even left a few words for him.
Everyone at the scene heard it.” Her gaze was gloomy as she nodded and repeated Black Incubus Devil Lord’s final words.

Everyone was stunned.

“Your disciple was forced into the Darkland?” the muscular elder at the side asked in astonishment.

“I’m afraid so,” Dan Taixuan said.

“It’s too dangerous in the Darkland.
There isn’t much chance of survival,” the refined and easygoing elder said with a grim expression.

Dan Taixuan turned grave.
“He should be alive.
Wang Teng has a spiritual pet.
We can confirm if he’s still alive through it.”

After Wang Teng got pushed into the dimensional rift, Little White flew to Star Maple City to find him because he hadn’t returned for a long time.
Dan Taixuan saw it, and Little White recognized her too.
After some communication, she confirmed that Wang Teng was still alive.

“Oh!” The three elders looked at each other in surprise.

“It’s good that he’s alive.
There’s still a chance.” The refined and easygoing elder nodded.

“Controlling the entire situation, killing a general-stage dark apparition, resisting Black Incubus Devil Lord to the limit… All these feats are impressive.
This talent is a treasure of the human race!” The muscular elder nodded.

“He reversed an adverse situation and changed the tides with all his might.
The human race needs a hero like him.
If there’s a need, use all efforts to save him and bring him back.
We need to view his talent with importance!” The skinny elder chimed in.

Everyone was shocked by their words.
Their appraisal of Wang Teng was so high!

They were willing to use all efforts to save him.
That meant that they hoped Wang Teng could come back alive.

This was a signal that the higher authorities wanted to put him in an important position.
But thinking about it, it wasn’t strange.

Most of them were guarding the other areas and didn’t participate in the war.
However, they had received the report of the Star Maple City war.
All of them were clear about Wang Teng’s performance during the war.

Mind you, they felt that no one in this room could have done what Wang Teng did.
This young man stuck in the Darkland was extremely outstanding.

Wang Teng’s ability was equivalent to an army.
Also, during special situations, he might be more important than an army.

If he could be saved, it would be a piece of good news for the humans.

No one objected.

“I heard that Wang Teng was given the title of an Honorary Baron in the Xingwu Continent?” The refined and easygoing elder asked once again.

“During the Yang City battle, Wang Teng formed a deep friendship with the Xingwu Continent.
They seemed to have high hopes of his talent and gave him the title of an Honorary Baron.
This time, to thank him for his contribution to the Star Maple City war, they made an exception and bestowed him the title of an Honorary Earl,” Dan Taixuan explained.

“Wang Teng is bridging our relationship with the Xingwu Continent,” the refined and easygoing elder exclaimed.

“Since the Xingwu Continent is benevolent and gave him the title of an Honorary Earl, we shouldn’t disappoint our own man.
I think that Wang Teng’s ability should have reached the general stage.
Along with his military exploits, it makes sense to raise him to a major general.”

“This…” Everyone was dumbfounded.

Major general!

How old was Wang Teng?

An 18-year-old major general seemed so unreal!

“Isn’t a major general title a bit too much?” someone asked cautiously.

“That’s right, an 18-year-old major general might cause a huge commotion.
This might not be good for him.” Another person agreed.

“This will push him into the limelight…”

Dan Taixuan frowned but remained quiet.
As Wang Teng’s master, it was inappropriate for her to say anything now.
However, she believed that they would give Wang Teng a satisfying answer.

The crowd spoke up continuously as they discussed this issue.
After they had quietened down, the skinny elder finally said in a calm but commanding tone, “This is a special time, so we must make exceptions.
It has been decided.”

Everyone exchanged glances with each other.
However, no one spoke.

The intention was clear.
There was no room for discussion.
Wang Teng had already gained the favor of the elders.
If he came back, he would enjoy a meteoric rise!

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