Chapter 491: A Round Of Huge Gains!

The next moment, the little creature jumped up and stared at the perfectly barbecued meat.


A clear sound of it gulping down its saliva could be heard coming from its throat.


Delicious food!

It stared at the meat in Wang Teng’s hand, its eyes filled with desire.
He had starved for a whole day and was ravenous.
But out of its fear of Wang Teng, it didn’t dare move an inch closer.
It could only gaze at it from afar.

Wang Teng frowned slightly.
He didn’t fancy the dark apparitions, but the little creature in front of him was different from the dark apparitions he had encountered previously.
It looked amicable.

He didn’t even feel any of the unholy aura that normally surrounded dark apparitions.

Unsettled, he tore a piece of meat and threw it to the little creature.

In any case, when he was in a coma, he had stayed in its home.
That bit of food could be considered rent.

Seeing the meat flying over, the little creature lunged at it with its agile body, falling onto the ground after catching it.
It didn’t seem to feel any pain at all, only caring about stuffing the piece of meat in its mouth.

“De… delicious!” It was stunned just as the grilled meat entered its mouth.

Its throat moved unconsciously, and the meat slipped down the throat and into its stomach.
It was upset that it couldn’t savor the taste.

It might have been the best thing that it has ever eaten, even though its lifespan was no longer than seven years.

Looking at the remaining piece of meat, it treated it with more care, taking one bite after another.
It looked blessed with its eyes closed with bliss.

Wang Teng munched on his meat and looked over.
He wanted to curse at it, but looking at how it was enjoying the meat, he didn’t know why he couldn’t.

In the human world, a young child would grow up happily in the comfort of his home, but this little creature was already trying to survive in the wild.

If he didn’t know what it was, Wang Teng might have helped it.
After all, he owed it a favor.

Finishing his meat, Wang Teng’s eyes flashed as he looked at his spoils of war.

He was dealt a huge blow in this war and had suffered heavy injuries.
If he didn’t have enough loot to compensate for that, he would be in real despair.

Pulling out his attributes panel, data started to appear in front of him.
First was the Spirit and Enlightenment attributes.

Enlightenment: Imperial Realm (21/3000)

Spirit: Imperial Realm (53/3000)

Aside from his Spirit attribute, even his Enlightenment attribute had reached the Imperial Realm.

This was a great leap.
His Enlightenment had improved, reaching truly terrifying levels.
Only a handful of others had such levels of Enlightenment.

At least when he was collecting attributes on the battlefield, he had managed to pick up a few Emperor Realm Enlightenment bubbles.
This meant that there were very few people with Emperor Realm Enlightenment to begin with, much less those with Imperial Realm.

Furthermore, Enlightenment was basically an innate talent and had much to do with what one already had at birth.

Treasures that could increase the Enlightenment levels might exist, but they would definitely be few and rare.
For Wang Teng to be able to reach the Imperial Realm all the way from normal Enlightenment was unimaginable.

Wang Teng already knew that his Spirit had reached the Imperial Realm, but it was now at 53 points instead of the few measly points he had previously.
It meant that he collected a large amount of Spirit attributes in that last wave.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to have so many points.

53 points were not something to be underestimated.
The value of an Imperial Realm Spirit point was worth 10 times that of the Emperor Realm Spirit!

Wang Teng smiled bitterly.
It was already difficult trying to increase his Emperor Realm Spirit, and it would be even more so now.
After all, too few people had attained the Imperial Realm Spirit.

He shook his head and continued looking at his attributes panel.

Battlefield Awareness: 1230/9000 (9-star)

Wang Teng was stunned.
His battlefield awareness had reached the 9-star level!

Before participating in the war, he was only at the 4-star level.
It was ridiculous for him to have jumped five levels!

Even veterans might not have a 9-star battlefield awareness.
Only those who lived and survived on the battlefield for several decades could attain this level.

Of course, generals like Dan Taixuan were another matter altogether.
After all, they were skillful, talented, and had a wealth of battle experience.
Naturally, their battlefield awareness wouldn’t be low.

Wang Teng shut his eyes and realized that in the depths of his mind, there was a fuzzy memory of his combat experiences, like efficient combat skills and killer moves, increasing his combat prowess.

He opened his eyes, and his gaze flickered.
It was an appropriate time for him to gain such combat experience.
With his current strength, if his combat experience was too low, it wouldn’t be put to good use.
Now that it had increased, with a variety of strong battle techniques, his strength would multiply.

Further down was the Talent section.

Basically, everything was advanced-stage talents.
His five Force elements had all increased and were almost maxed out.
Weapon talents, such as swordsmanship, archery, marksmanship, had greatly improved.
Among them, marksmanship and stick talents had just become advanced stages.

There was another advanced-stage talent that was originally intermediate stage.
It seemed that he had picked this up during the course of battle.

The two most important talents were left.

The Space talent and the Eight Arms Devil Physique!

Space: 4125/10000

Eight Arms Devil Physique: 30/6000

There was a great increase of almost a thousand points in the Space talent.
This was naturally attributed to the numerous space attribute bubbles that had dropped when the dark apparitions were opening the dimensional rifts.

Now, Wang Teng’s Space talent was no longer insignificant.
He could now perform some spatial moves with ease.

As for the Eight Arms Devil Physique, it was from the Eight Arms Devil General, Zurz.
He was the second general-stage dark apparition that Wang Teng had slain.
He had received a lot from him as well.

However, the Eight Arms Devil Physique was far from Demon Lotus Poison Body’s level.
The difference was almost 4000 attribute points.

Of course, for Wang Teng, the Eight Arms Devil Physique was a rare talent that could increase his strength, life, and restoration.

However, it was a pity that his wind, lightning, and ice talents did not increase.

Not many people had these three talents.
His wind talent was stuck at the intermediate stage.

Wang Teng shook his head with regret and looked at the Force section.

Metal Force: 8100/9000 (9-star)

Wood Force: 7950/9000 (9-star)

Water Force: 7630/9000 (9-star)

Fire Force: 8230/9000 (9-star)

Earth Force: 7710/9000 (9-star)

Wang Teng was stunned to discover that his five Force Elements had reached the 9-star level, and they were only a thousand points from reaching the general stage.

Those thousand points would have been a huge gap for him to close in the past, but now, it was only a matter of killing a few advanced-rank star beasts.

With his 9-star soldier-level abilities, that was a piece of cake.

Wang Teng wasn’t stumped and continued looking at the other Force attributes.

Wind Force: 2150/3000 (5-star)

Dark Force: 6960/10000 (10-star)

Lightning Force: 1350/9000 (9-star)

There was an increase in his wind Force, but it still remained 5-star.

Such a power level would be considered low for the current Wang Teng.
But at least there was an increase, unlike ice Force and poison Force, which had no change at all.
It was exasperating.

Wang Teng frowned and decided that if he had a chance, he would focus on increasing those attributes.
After all, it didn’t matter if it was wind, ice, or poison.
They were all powerful Force attributes.
Not using them would be a waste.

What shocked Wang Teng was the rise in his dark Force and lightning Force attributes.
The increase was just too much.

His dark Force had only reached the 10-star level when he picked up bubbles from the Lycan general.
He didn’t expect to collect over six thousand attribute points after returning to the battlefield.

Wang Teng couldn’t help taking a deep breath.
Although the dark Force didn’t run through his entire spine like how it would when it reached the general stage, the Force level did reach 10-star.

Moreover, he had experienced a general-stage battle.
It appeared that the general-stage dark Force was real.

Thinking of this, Wang Teng’s eyes narrowed slightly.
His other Forces were at 9-star, but his dark Force had reached the general stage.
How ironic.

But that was okay.
If he was really in the Darkland, the general-stage dark Force would be the most important means of protecting himself.

Then, his gaze fell on the lightning Force, making him delightfully surprised.

The increase of the lightning Force was frightening too.
It went all the way from 2-star to 9-star soldier level, passing seven levels at once.
This was unexpected.

He didn’t think that using the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array for his cultivation would give him such huge gains.
If he could do this again a few more times, he would be able to reach the general stage easily.
The 13-star general stage wasn’t a dream!

Of course, he only dared to think about it.
He had first-hand experience of the pain of lightning Force gushing into his body.
He could die!

Moreover, he had used the modified version of the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array, which included a 13th lightning rod.
He also risked his life to attract the lightning Force, the reason why it had this effect.

The normal Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array might only allow him to reach the 7-star soldier level.

It got harder and harder to level up as one went further.
The Force attributes required would increase, so even if Wang Teng relied on the array to help him, the effects would be smaller.

However, Wang Teng’s ability had risen tremendously.
All his five element Forces had reached the 9-star soldier level.
Wang Teng was confident that he could fight with a general-stage martial warrior now.

Actually, he had already attempted it.
He killed the Eight Arms Devil General when he was at the 9-star soldier level.
Of course, the Eight Arms Devil General was hurt at that time.

Then, he looked at this scripture and battle techniques.

Among the battle techniques, the most precious one was the Darkness Clone Technique.
This was a special technique given by Black Incubus Devil Lord.
It could create clones and was an exceptionally practical scripture.

He had also received the Seven-Star Emerging Scripture from a human martial warrior.
It came with the seven-star conscious, and the power was astonishing.

Seven-Star Emerging Scripture: 100/1000 (first-level)

Besides this, there were a few other powerful and rare scriptures and battle techniques.

Golden Heaven Earth Scripture—an earth-element sky-rank scripture.

Scorching Sun Cremating Scripture—a fire-element sky-rank scripture.

Jade Sea Tide Scripture—a water-element sky-rank scripture.

Green Dragon Seeking Wood Scripture—a wood-element sky-rank scripture.

Golden Star Fist—a metal-element sky-rank fist technique.

Black Wing Devil Mutilation Strike—a dark-element sky-rank blade technique.

Nether World Ghost Claw—a dark-element sky-rank claw technique.

Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered, feeling elated.
These scriptures and battle techniques were all sky-rank.

He suddenly remembered that many general-stage warriors had died in the war.
This included human martial warriors and dark apparitions.
These sky-rank scriptures and battle techniques might have come from them.

Among his five elements, only his metal-element scripture wasn’t at the sky rank.
This was great for his normal cultivation.

The higher the level of his scripture, the faster his speed of cultivation.

Of the remaining battle techniques, the Golden Star Fist was a metal-element fist technique, the Black Wing Devil Mutilation Strike was a dark-element blade technique, and the Nether World Ghost Claw was a dark-element claw technique.

Most importantly, all three battle techniques came with their conscious.

Golden Star Fist: 650/1000 (first-level)

Black Wing Devil Mutilation Strike: 580/1000 (first-level)

Nether World Ghost Claw: 800/1000 (first-level)

The consciouses of these three battle techniques were all at the first level.
They weren’t high, but having a conscious and not having it made a huge difference.

After receiving so many sky-rank scriptures and battle techniques, Wang Teng started to look down on those at the lower level.

He was getting arrogant.

This was a huge gain!

However, to him, those non-sky-rank techniques weren’t useless.
He could know the rest of their kind by analogy, and they might be useful in the future.

Finally, there was the one and only unexpected gain—the Emerald Glazed Flame.

He had a deeper understanding of this divine fire through the war.
Even Black Incubus Devil Lord was afraid of the emerald glazed flame and had suffered in its encirclement.

Wang Teng started to view this flame with higher importance.

He could instill the Emerald Glazed Flame into his fire-element battle techniques.
That way, he could catch his opponents off guard and raise the impact of his battle techniques, killing two birds with one stone.

Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered to himself.

He loved to surprise his enemies and catch them off guard the most.

When he thought of the Emerald Glazed Flame, he suddenly remembered Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion.
He had left them at the birthplace of the Emerald Glazed Flame because he thought he could go back and fetch them after the war ended.
He never expected this to happen.

He was roaming in a strange land and didn’t know when he could go back.
Hence, he couldn’t care about those two creatures temporarily.

Fortunately, the metal armor flaming scorpion had given up its spiritual flame, so he wasn’t worried it would create trouble.

As for Dan Taixuan and the others, he had no choice.
He hoped that they trusted him to remain alive and didn’t hold a funeral for him, marking him as a martyr.
If not, his parents would be heartbroken.

Wang Teng sighed and shook his head helplessly.

He went through everything that had happened in his mind.
Finally, he let out a long sigh.
He wasn’t an emotional person, so he stopped thinking too much and closed his eyes.
He started recuperating…

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